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    Anyway, Back on topic... Party! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wD7LNDLKfWY&feature=youtube_gdata_player Oh what a night, Standing there, chanting "RBB", A guy walked over and king hit me, What a moment, what a night.
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    Fox sports make a habit of filming the RBB any chance they get, but I bet they didn't expect that. Cut back to the game a split second later.
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    Ban him. Moron. As for Yarraside. The act of protest was a good action. Going to the other side and chanting at Rbb instead of the team is just as bad as the team itself giving up. Very sad to be at the stadium tonight.. Some decisions need to be made on and off the pitch. Aloisi has no idea how to change the game or offer anything when we are down and playing his destructive mates Colosimo and Thompson no matter what is even worse. The club can either go down two paths from now on and I include the fans in that.
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    What happened tonight was an absolute disgrace, the conduct of acg is totally unacceptable. I saw them myself, shove children down the seats just to get to ando. Absolutely ridiculous. Thankyou to ando for all the work you do for the terrace! And to those singing after the cappo is taken away, you need to learn what the terrace culture is truly about
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    Am I the only one who hates West Sydney 10,000x more after tonight? I hate the RBB's high and mighty hypocritical attitude after tonight's events, claiming that we are shit supporters and they do no wrong. Their supporters get wrongly evicted 'SILENT PROTEST' when the same thing happens to one of us 'Pfft, sucks to be you'. I hate the fact that the FFA have essentially guaranteed that they will be successful through all of their funding and all of their concessions to them (Extra Marquee etc). I hate the fact that they have the media and the FFA in their pockets. I just really hate them.
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    I don't quite know what to make of the game. How Western Sydney are leading the league by a mile is beyond me, because at times they looked rattled, especially after we equalized. But we are such a frustrating side to watch and support. We play with absolutely no fluidity at all. So many times the ball is played laterally or backwards, or even when we go forwards the ball is not delivered to the right place and the receiver has to check and backtrack. It's no wonder that we cannot score. Ponderous and predictable are words that come to mind. Also so many players caught with the ball as they try to do too much instead of playing the obvious pass, and so many passes made in the air instead of along the ground. For once we fought back to level after we went behind, but in the second half we quickly became dysfunctional. JA clearly failed us tonight by continuing to play Colosimo and Thompson. I simply cannot accept that Vranks and Meeuwis would not have been better choices. As for the others, let me just say that if I were coach I would not keep any of the players coming out of contract. Such a disappointing end to the home season for the Heart faithful.
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    Surely the police can speak to Christian7 to find the culprit, that guy has sources everywhere. While we're on the topic of Christian7.......get him to replace JA, JD & SM.
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    Kind of an ironic protest. Now we have shown we are incapable of self restraint and in their minds this has proven that overzealous security is justified.
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    Not the Biggest Fan of the song but the Particular Chorus could be used for a good song. Simply I Belong with you you belong with me MELBOURNE Repeat
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    0. The amount of wins Melbourne Heart have recorded at home after the capo was detained violently by ACG/VicPol
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    i am the real yelawolf, all other yelawolfs are infearior.
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    I think that everybody was in a foul mood anyway, Ando getting kicked out just pushed everyone over the edge. Just a shit season, caught up with all of us.
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    Gotta laugh at other supporters acting all high and mighty.
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    Who was he then? Explain? Some vucktree hoarder moron from the looks of it.
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    All the fannies run home straight to their computers to voice their disgust at fan behavour... seriously guys... get a grip
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    Why are the Yside chanting to the RBB? That cunt who kinghit people should be jailed.
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    developing the away side with a couple of my "designs"
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    last home game is always interesting
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    Not to mention a brain the size of a peanut. I agree that the actions of an individual should not be generalised to the greater population. However, that said, any negative publicity that eventuates from this is still going to hurt us. The club is at a pivotal point in terms of expanding their supporter base, and some of these incidents that have occurred this season aren't doing us any favours. I would've thought that entry into an away bay late in the match would be a little harder than just waltzing in, unless that bloke was there the whole time. Anyways, that aside the performance was rather dull for the most part of the match. Cracker of a first goal by Golgol, but other than that there was no threat. Redmayne was the only reason the team didn't lose 6-1 by the end of the match. Everyone seemed to give up after the red card. Still no sense of urgency in what was a crucial match. This seems to be a serious issue. The team is incapable of upping the ante when 3 points are a must. I'm not sure whether it's a fitness or psychological issue (likely a combination of both), but they are incredibly slow on the attack. Need to fix these issues for next season. The last two games should be used to experiment, pinpoint the issues at hand, and build towards a solution.
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    already completed, next year he will be scoring every second week
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    Focusing all out energy towards the RBB? What does that prove? Surely it's a much more powerful signal to ignore them completely.
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    Fuck off WSW fans being sanctimonious. You forget what happened Round 5 in Parramatta? Glad the season is officially over tbh, what a trainwreck. Massive cleanout needed, frustrated by this club.
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    What a dead set cunt of a dog shot. Doesn't take balls, just stupidity. Hope he got fucken stomped after that.
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    I wasn't at the match today but if the security were acting as badly as everybody is describing it somebody should get a phone out and film it. You could then try and get something done about it. Sick of the wankers thinking that they're FBI agents!
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    ACG = 85% Lebanese, 15% Turkish so it doesn't surprise me that they were happy WSW scored their 3rd goal!
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    can we play the NYL team for the next two weeks?
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    Gol Gol shithouse too tbh. Sure the cunt scored a cracker but the rest of the game he was a compete spastic. Running at players and losing ball, couldn't make a simple 2 meter pass and seemed to just panic in the final third. We are a fucking joke. Not one positive to take out of today. Rabble FC.
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    If this A grade circus monkey is still at the club by the end of the year ill rip up my membership (along with my mates) and never watch a game of Football again. MUNN YOU PAY PEANUTS YOU GET MONKEYS!!!!!!
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    I'm also suprised Meeuwis issnt starting he played well last week and landed some hard tackles. I thought the only reason he was taken off was the circumstances of the game. On the otherhand. Babalj has been woeful. Glad he is dropped
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    My second team, where I was born, Deportivo Merlo. With the local tribune enlarged
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    So Heart has to compete with the F1 qualifiers in the same city at the same time, whereas the SFC v MVB game is played after the F1 race and in a different city! How convenient...
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    WSW's home is more black than red so I would say both teams in home kits. WSW should wear black shorts though.
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    Melbourne Heart you are our city's pride !
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    I'd suck the farts out of it first...
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