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    Pete Evans has a lamp you might be interested in
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    Feels like so long ago that we played a game. Expecting the same front 3 of Terra Sibon and Worm, they worked well against the Fury in our last game
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    Still got Western United, Adelaide and Sydney. Would be fine with a win against Adelaide and WU and cop a draw against Sydney. I know we’re coming back from an extensive break, there will be some rustiness. But I tell you what, I’d love to hit the ground running to end this campaign strongly. Mainly because every time I see this meme it breaks me
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    I'd just like to give this thread a bump so we can all spend some time showing respect to the King of Melbourne. I'll get us started. 22 games this season. 19 Goals, 4 Assists. We are not worthy.
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    I read somewhere that they focused on Canberra as the NSW exempt wasn’t granted in time and wanted to be out of state. The biggest cock up is focussing on flights rather then just jump on the bus on Monday.
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    This is better than prison break, apparently one player (dunno which team) didn't change his address and still has a NSW address so he made a dash and got over the border. It's an absolute circus
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    this is a forum - all that most of us do is pass premature, baseless and emotionally-charged judgement
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    Disagree with it being futile. It’s actually the future of live sport and we have a great chance now to do this. The revised Fox offer changes the equation. It won’t be easy but it can be done. What’s crucial is cutting production costs down from the $50-75K a game that Foxtel currently pays. Fox put together content that is very high quality. If FFA produce their own content and build their own platform, those costs would need to come down significantly. But it probably could still be done pretty well. This bloke goes into more detail here: https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/netflix-style-ffa-tv-streaming-platform-is-the-future-says-sports-technology-expert Also, folding clubs like Newcastle and CCM is a bad idea, especially when both have good stadia and have proven they can average around 10K. We need to expand the league, not shrink it, and we also need to be comfortable with the notion of smaller clubs, which exist in every league around the world. They don’t need to average 20K, they just need to be sustainable. But other changes can be made to help them achieve that. Transfers and loans would be helpful because that’s the way these smaller clubs can make money. Agree with stadia being very important. But I don’t know why you’d say that on the one hand and then on the other want to get rid of one or two clubs that have good stadia already.
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    The quicker the competition can set itself up independantly from Foxtel, the better. If the matches are streamed online, access can be included with the season ticket package.
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    This did not age well lol
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    I get what you’re saying but I think it’s pretty clear that Mombaerts is our best coach yet. He’s taken over a team that had no discernible style or structure for two years and has implemented an exciting, attacking style of football that has us second on the ladder. All in pretty quick time. Season’s still going too... He was unlucky to lose Berenguer for the first few months and Windbichler for most of the season. If those two play most games we’d be much closer to Sydney IMO. We lacked consistency in team selection and it definitely affected our results because our best XI took a while to materialise and really understand the system. These sorts of fundamental changes (philosophy, style, culture) take time but it’s clear that we’re improving in all these areas. I think it’ll show next season, provided we keep the core group together and get our best players on the park.
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    I think we'll regret letting Genreau walk
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    Or a good opportunity for FIFA to be able to point at something to say they aren't corrupt so that they can continue being corrupt.
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    Probably could still smash out 10 chin ups
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    Personally i think the main place that FFA cooked it was in how they managed the active areas. It became a lazy, blanket approach rather than tailored to each individual club, and in particular the other 8 clubs were made to wear the consequences of the RBB and NT continually fucking up. Even where there weren't bans there was a lot more red-tape and running things by the clubs which just made it too much hard work for the volunteers running the terraces. IMO it had a two fold effect : the terraces grew frustrated and lost interest because of what they felt to be at times unfair restrictions, and the game lost its biggest selling point to theatre going public : the atmosphere. Back around S4/S5 of City/Heart the A League was at its peak in terms of off-field product and crowds were high because people wanted to see the fuss. I regularly had mates say theyd like to come down cos they'd heard how good the atmosphere was. That's been a rarity in recent seasons. Now obv the league couldnt just let the assaults and flares go, but imo punishment needed to be dealt to each terrace as it happened rather than blanket rules being enforced ie no more pullovers etc. I appreciate that there may well have been external pressure from VicPol in particular tying the clubs and FFA's hands but nevertheless i think thats effectively where they sent the league into a lull and its just stagnated from there. I think personally i dont think on-field has had much to do with it. IMO the league has pretty well gotten better standard wise season on season, certainly if you base it on the quality of the foreign recruits brought in. Obv the Diamante thing would have been an improvement overall, but i'm not sure the non-football people care that much unless its a name they've heard of, of which we'll never get come here given the $$$ on offer elsewhere.
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    5G got them. Unfortunately their tinfoil hats weren't thick enough. RIP
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    This doesnt sound far fetched but it's been a while since we have had a prediction from a source that cannot be revealed
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    https://www.talkingcity.online/shop-1 Pick up something up and support what Talking City do
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    I'm sure Berisha and Bouzanis will enjoy each other's company.
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    I would piss in Lawrence Thomas his shampoo bottle and scrub the toilet with Broxhams toothbrush.
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    I still don't understand why we hired private security to guard the hotels where people were quarantining instead of using the ADF like every other state did? Just seems bizarre and yet all they have done now is replaced them with flight attendants? It's clear you can't trust the general public, just get the goddamm ADF in! I don't which fuck up was worst, the ruby princess or this hotel debacle.
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    Fair enough but I did say that a pre-requisite would be a negative test.
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    One lock-down regulation I don't understand is the restriction on using "holiday homes" outside metropolitan Melbourne. I would have thought that for those lucky enough to have one (not me), if you have a COV test that shows negative, it is to everyone's advantage for you to use the holiday home - you have a much lower chance of contracting the virus by doing so, and can't pass it on to others either. I would think this restriction doesn't make sense particularly for older people.
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    Well looks like we (in conjunction with some Pacific Island nation who’s name I can’t remember) have won the right to host the Women’s 2023 World Cup! Given the corruption stench of FIFA I was a bit sceptical of the whole thing, but it seems the tournament being lower profile has perhaps made merit more important in the process.
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    Regardless, it’s a great result for football in this country, especially women’s football. But we all benefit from this, just in terms of funding, infrastructure, media exposure etc. Great news.
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    A-League Hub @AleagueHub Adam Le Fondre, Joel Chianese, Brad Inman, Nikolai Topor, Besart Berisha and Rostyn Griffiths have all been linked with Indian Super League moves recently. At least three of them are expected to make the move to India. [ @MarcusMergulhao Possibly some truth to this as Gruffiths has always chased the $. hard to replace his defensive 6/CB versatility. IMO he was one of our only hard players who can put a hit on the opposition. i know he gave away a few cards but at least the opposition felt it.
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    When did you go ALP?
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    Until a vaccine comes along we are going to be bouncing between control and no control.
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    If you think that slashing the budget and running a cheap streaming offering is going to take the league anywhere you are dreaming. It will be laughable, and send the sport back to the NSL days. Yes, OTT streaming could be the future for major leagues, but lets be honest NOBODY pays the foxtel monthly subscription solely for A-league and hardly anyone will purchase this. It will be given out for free with club memberships and will signal the end of the league as we know it. OTT will work ala Netflix for TV shows - the OTT product is a BETTER product than what TV has been able to provide. Putting up armature budget level streaming for a pro-league is exactly what Netflix isnt. Stadia is key - but not the only reason for club locations. Newcastle and CCM (always the bottom for crowds) are two clubs from an area that shouldn't be sustaining 2 clubs. The catchment is too small. Even still, their smaller stadiums are still too big and are never packed, creating sellout situations etc. Thats what we need. 12K max etc. Compare to lower league English clubs etc. Your "sustainable" comment is exactly why FFA and the A-league have ballsed everything up again. No, the key should not be 'sustainable' at all - it should be putting clubs in locations to THRIVE. Take my point on Werribee - just an absolutely brain-dead decision by a bunch of brain dead people. Yea, they could be 'sustainable' (but probably not really), but a SE Melbourne team would be the only further option in Melbourne to THRIVE. The catchment is much larger, and automatically distinguishes themselves from the two other Melbourne clubs. An utter no-brainer of a decision that was stuffed up, yet again. Watch this - foxtel will play hard ball and they have now cut ties and removed all A-league content. The A-league will buckle and sign a watered down deal because simply without Foxtel (or a FTA partner), this thing is not a going concern. Fact.
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    Interesting, if that happens expect salary cap to be scrapped with clubs operating well under this year's level. Does PFA have a say in this, probably another negotiation there. I agree with you there, the FFA has massive opportunities to reset and get a more realistic economic model up and running, and make something more attractive for fans. I'm talking controlling their own media content, reduced wages, moving to a winter season, extending the FFA cup, establishing a 2nd division, supporting the Women's World Cup which needs suitable stadia, getting more $ from government, better alignment for Asian Champions League, revisiting active area policies and practices, and even possibly creating a exciting summer competition with new format & rules which results in higher scoring games. Lots of avenues to explore.
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    I agree. I think we use this as our chance to hit the reset button and go all out. I’m very pessimistic about our chances without some serious reforms.
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    You know whats also been a while, a decent fucking post in this thread, infact I would say across the entire forum. Where have all the nutters gone?
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    An independent streaming option would be futile. Bring in very little $$$ and the costs to create would be too high. What people forget is why these leagues need someone like foxtel, not only do foxtel throw the millions per year, they also create and fund the production, and associated shows/cross promotions etc. You need to massive, ie AFL to even try this and they obviously wont. Look at the NBL, without TV you are nothing. Fact is, TV is doing it tough and unless you are the AFL, Cricket or the NRL foxtel is going to treat you with contempt. Yes, they need content but they need profitable content. Subcribers need to justify the cost. Losing the EPL probably did the A-league few favors as well. It is a mess, and the product has been ordinary for a while. I have been saying for years on this forum a major issue for the league is the look on TV. No crows, very amateurish and no atmosphere for 90% of games. The grounds are simply too big, and no fit for purpose. Goes without saying Aami isnt right for us. Everyone needs to find a 10-12K or so option for everyday games, with the bigger venues for the derbys etc. It would look great on TV, atmosphere would be huge and would create buzz with hard to get tickets etc. Decisions have to be be smarter. How Werribee could possibly be entertained as a new club before the SE suburbs is just crazy. Makes no sense. Melbourne United should nearly be turfed already, a failure which wont work for a long, long time. They offer nothing. Not sure the league has the time or resources to sit through their growth. CCM and Newcastle - either they merge or fold em both and start again. Again horrible decision from the start they are a million years a way from averaging 20K etc. No future there as it stands. I feel the league needs NZ, but perhaps not as it stands. Could a north island/south island team work? would sky TV NZ support it? Can the find a better stadium that that abomination called the cake tun? Time to make REAL decisions, not pie in the sky stuff.
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    It will be on loan, he just signed a new deal at Burnley I think
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    My sense is that final ladder position is less important than momentum. We're not going to get home advantage wherever we finish, but we can go into finals in good form and on a winning streak (as well as having played fewer games than the competition). Recent form will be critical, not season long ladder position.
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    This is a perfect summation of Western United
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    All I'll say is, thank fuck I live an introverted lifestyle and outside of having travel plans cancelled and no live sport to attend, my life has hardly changed. Can't imagine what it's like for a lot of people out there, especially those who have lost their jobs. We're going to see huge spikes in mental illness soon I fear, if not already.
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    You may be correct as far as our "Skippy" population is concerned, but many of our 300,000 migrants each year come from countries where football is king and games like AFL and Rugby (U and L) are just nowhere at all. This surely is an massive opportunity for us? As well s lack of big money in the game I suggest that the professional clubs are just not innovative enough in attracting and then retaining supporters.
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    Once again, Squires sums up my feelings on this perfectly. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/ng-interactive/2020/jun/19/david-squires-on-the-return-of-the-once-forgotten-a-league
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    Do people still watch Q & A? It's become a deplorable program.
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    She is obviously an outstanding sportswoman, the first time I saw her running down the wing I knew she had something special.
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    I would have thought that the ABF would be involved with Phoenix entering Australia only - to my knowledge it does not have any jurisdiction over inter-state borders. Sloppy journalism to say the least.
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    I don't think that it is up to the National Cabinet to think this through. If they had to think through all the fine details for every activity in teh country they would never finish. The Cabinet will set the rules and leave each sport/activity/venue to work it out as to how to implement it. After all, they are closest to the pointy end so it makes sense for the stakeholders to do this.
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