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    Unpopular opinion but I love the away derbies. Feels like all the City fans in our bays - active or not - get really up for it, a true us vs the world sort of atmosphere (which is typically what it feels like being a City fan in Melbourne). It's just sort of this intangible feeling you get from being isolated in our little corner, kind of like you could go up and talk to any City fan and have a really great chat. Plus giving it to the Visitor's South End is an event in it of itself.
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    You must of missed when we won it a few years back the stadium was the fullest I’ve ever seen it and seeing the lads lift the cup was brilliant. I think the ffa cup is being undersold and it’s a really exciting competition
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    My wife and I didn't rejoin this year due to having a baby & wanting to save cash where we could. But we got a call today from City who offered both us and our newborn 5 game memberships for the price of 1 GA membership, so i guess I'm back on board!
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    Much like their supporters?
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    Just going to leave this here (Credit @jeffplz )
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    I've been taking mine since he was 1yrs old. He's definitely coming with me this season as a 2yr old. Happy to say the family will have another City supporter arriving in December 👶 Due to re-sign as well as 3 others.
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    Congrats man, i cant wait to start bringing my little one along when shes old enough.
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    My point about Florin Berenguer is that he is - according to @Bob Latchford - one of our two marquees. I don't expect him to be flawless, but I expect him, as a marquee no. 10, to stand out above the other City players, be the creative mainspring of our attacks, able to hit decisive precision passes, and at least have the confidence to have a shot on goal when the opportunity arises, not just be another player on the field. I just don't think he demonstrates enough of those qualities. I don't blame the guy either. We offered him a contract, he signed it. But I don't think we should keep looking for excuses if we don't get our recruiting right. Last night I don't think he did enough to justify 83 minutes on the field.
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    I see the negative keyboard warrior is out again. playmaker, you are the most miserable effing wankstain I have ever come across. Why the fck dont you go and support Victory? You'd fit right in over there. You are nothing but a troll I am sure of it. City won last night, be happy ffs. Metcalfe may not have had the best game last night but it wasn't that bad. Najjarine had a shocker yes, but I'm sure the kid knows it. And by the way, don't forget Metcalfe just came back from Olyroos and hardly played. His match fitness is probably nowhere near the level it was before he left. According to the match stats, Berenguer and Metcalfe both made 41passes. Metcalfe's passing accuarcy was 87.8%, Berenguers was 75.6%. So maybe Imtellingyou, the million dollar marquee should go back and play some more development games with Ramy??? Jesus, lighten up. This forum is such a fcking downer........ I'm out 🙈
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    I think the fans needed that more than the players did. Plenty of people worrying that we’d be smashed and we end up comfortably beating them. I see that Berenguer is still copping his share. He was solid, as was Metcalfe. I liked Najjarine’s game and Noone was terrific. Maclaren could score 20 this season. Brillante was best on for me. This guy is a proper defensive midfielder and is now creating chances. Having a playmaker from deep gives us another avenue to goal and either forces our opponent to press us or stretches the defence as they sit off. Good teams have many avenues to goal and that’s what we’re developing. Defensively we were good. Bouzanis was excellent and the back 4 were very good.
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    He's marquee for accounting purposes. He wasn't last year but was promoted to that spot as he is now the second highest earner with a few of the bigger earners departing. I understand the viewpoint that a "marquee" should be someone that dazzles, but Noone is not listed as marquee and is performing well. If they swapped, would anyone care? Would it suddenly be okay, even though all that's changed is how much they're being paid? Just some food for thought.
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    Is it me or is there more hate for Bouzanis than is warranted...?
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    Best coach in terms of trophies Melbourne City has ever had, best football was played under JVS, highest attendances under JVS.
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    Only thing that really matters is average attendances.
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    We're civilised, intelligent human beings, and they are neanderthal mutants. It's obvious really.
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    I have another theory. Didnt sleep a wink last night (nothing to do with the theory, just blue balls.) Generally A-league teams are made up of the following: 6/5 unshaven recycled journey men, a solid leg breaking CDM, a brilliant shot stopping (howler prone) keeper, a couple goofy centre backs who can at least head the ball, a 19 year old hack dribbler with a sick fade, a fringe socceroo returning from an unsuccessful crack at the big time and a fashion forward euro reject manager. The thing that sets teams apart is a generally talented, motivated and "extra 5%" type of player. Craig Noone is that man.
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    Not yet spoken on but I also thought Galloway had a really good game - should be a good long term pick up for us. Jamo, whose form has been pretty below average lately, was greatly improved as well.
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    Good performances all round imo. Ramy got himself into position and had some good moments, but he needs to be far better than that in fron t of goal if he wants to rust himself into that XI. Thought Metcalfe was ok, nothing special. Florin was a bit like Ramy, had some really nice moments but let himself down with the final ball on quite a few occasions. Brillante is a super signing imo. He's no frills, but he reads the play like a book and has an uncanny ability to pick the best option in transition. Obv Noone and Delbo were outstanding also. The gaffer had a terrific proper debut imo; the style and approach was really good to watch. We looked like we had all the time in the world with it and like we weren't even out of 2nd gear, whilst looking very organised at the back on most occasions. Plenty of things to be optimistic about dare i say it.
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    What a great game Thoroughly dominated WSW and deserved the win. Noone is an absolute gun, great ball control, great crosses and just overall a fucking boss. Robocop had a great game too, but the best on ground imo is Brillante I honestly think Brilliante could be our most important player this season. Covers ground so quickly, reads the play beautifully and his passing is spot on. Just such a well rounded midfielder/DM. Should easily account for the strikers and go into the final Very, very happy
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    I think we're gonna realize how unbelievably good Bart was this season, so we're gonna need our attacking players to contribute a considerable amount more goals than last season because I see us conceding on a regular basis.
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    I watched the first half yesterday and Bouzanis should be embarrassed by that, schoolboy error. Delbridge not at fault at all, he needs to worry more about his passes being intercepted going forward, as do most of them.
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    Lol who gives a shit, its a bloody friendly. Its obv nice to win but anyone that reads anything into the pure result is a moron. The clubs keep the inter-league friendlies close doored for a reason - they dont want to burn fans out early. You only have to come on here about R20 and see people sooking about the league being stale and boring as proof. The other reason theyre behind closed doors is people read far too much into them, and it can affect their consumption patterns during the season, particularly if the results are poor. Out of sight, out of mind for most people.
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    It's just a "pissing contest." The numbers actually mean little - you can't equate a 3-match membership with a 13-match membership. That's my view anyway.
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    I think you should take the $195 option, do everyone a favour.
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    I once couldn't care less about the ffa cup but it has grown on me in recent years. As someone who had NFI about the local soccer scene before the a-league it's fascinating to see how diverse and rich in history some of our local soccer clubs really are
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    Their proposed academy was knocked back by the council
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    Stadium of imotski in Croatia (according to Google translate on the article)
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    Theres no point in letting him go unless you can sign a replacement of equal or better value. There's not a lot of good Aussies around and available atm...
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    Just wait till some oil sheik buys them out..... a single plain bland colour from then on
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    Any chance of a big bid conning in for Berenguer? That kid will be a top player in a big league given an opportunity.
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    Jesus, let him settle. We're still 6 weeks before season starts and already calling him a failure. He will be perfectly fine, and will start more often than not I'd say
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    100%. To be even clearer, he hasnt been 'promoted' to that spot per se, but rather allocated to that spot as the second highest earner, which is a carry over from a HEAVILY backended deal.
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    Thanks for the inspiration @haz I'm gonna allow this to be used as a poster at games guys (free of charge).
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    I have a suspicion we'll also find out how much delbridge performances relied on having bort next to him
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    I only ever enjoy the atmosphere. I miss half the game as it dips over the oval. Still I always walk away excited but its a different type than leaving AAMI.
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    It’s unlike dean to make a mistake whilst in goals
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    I believe it’s NPL, NPL2, NPL3 then State Leagues
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    I think Florin scoring is very important. He's been really ordinary as a whole for us since he came over, but i do hold out hope that with a bit of confidence he could actually turn out to be an effective player for us.
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    Of the 8 remaining teams two of the NPL sides have to play each other, so that means one NPL team will face an A League opponent whilst the other 4 HAL clubs will play off. Hume or Moreland at home would be the dream draw, but if that doesnt eventuate youd just hope to draw one of the HAL clubs at home.
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    Here we go again... As said many times when this went down back then; perhaps, just perhaps he wanted to go and if CFG didn't grant his wish to go overseas, then one of those other clubs knocking at his door back then would've snapped him up and he would have been lost to them altogether. I don't understand why you just need to keep dragging shit up...
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    My problem is with the "cashed up club' label, when, at the same time, Bossi would be writing another article wanting more investment in the League This. Yes, it's only right that there is press scrutiny and pressure at our lack of success over the course of CFG's ownership, but attacking their investment and expecting that the team can recover from the Joyce years and become fluent in a complex style of play during pre-season is unhelpful and unrealistic. Perhaps the press should be asking why the franchise hired Joyce when his tenure undid the work that had been done by JVS rather than improving and building on it?
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    And don’t need one. Why block the path of Najjar, Wales, Najjarine and Iannucci? They’ve all got talent, they just need opportunities. The Jedinak signing is also unnecessary. Brillante is a very good player and we signed him specifically for that role.
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