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    We have to find him first. One thing at a time pal.
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    You gota love our Bruno hes a gun.
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    Failing to impress in the reserve squad, been out shined by other players in the Development team, looking uninterested. Is this an ability or mental problem? Are the Celtic development players better than him? This may be why Rodgers has not included him in his squads. I believe, he may have jumped too quickly he should have stayed for at least 1 year, better to develop in the A league first XI than in the Scottish Reserve league.
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    Bart was a beast tonight, too bad no one else came along with him
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    Just making a few preemptive excuses prior to Bruno slotting 3 past him.
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    Not totally dissapointed to be out of the cup but still hate losing. Overall we performed better but couldn't finish. A solution needs to be found for when we have a penalty. Either Bruno stops taking them or someone else stands up and demands the ball from him. His record simply isn't good enough. Our line up was as expected for a game at this time of season. Where I think we did fuck up was with our subs. Putting Da Laet further forward instead of Caceras was a mistake. Maybe Joyce simply wanted to give him game time. Anywhere on the pitch. Did Wales play that poorly? He seemed to be our only threat besides Bruno and made a number of decent forays into the box with one where he picked out Bruno beautifully. I thought he was one of our better players going forward. Fwiw there's certainly not enough criticism of Brattan on here.
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    I will fight any cunt that boos him.
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    Already getting my Berenguer shirt printed as we speak...
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    Looks like bratz has been relegated I like it!
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    Anyone get the 2 GA tix? nice touch on the scarf
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    Simon Hill interview with Joyce https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/simon-hill-sat-down-with-melbourne-city-coach-warren-joyce-ahead-of-the-new-aleague-season/news-story/2a247cdb470c7fbc3005e55a09be17a7
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    Lol anyone that thinks Wales was shit last night is retarded. He was easily our man of the match. Does he have the best cross? No, but he still put two on a plate for Bruno and repeatedly beat his man and got into the box. Clearly he's this seasons Malik to a few; 'experts' that have made an early call and will stick to it irrespective of the evidence. End of the day i dont think we played too badly, but Bruno missing a hattrick of sitters in the first 20 min is always going to come back to bite you. WSW only had 3 chances and took two of them, we had a plethora and took one. I actually didnt mind the De Laet sub; by that stage WSW had all but parked the bus and our best chance of equalising was to try to pin point a few crosses into the area. Ritchie has a bloody good cross on him, unfortunately we just didnt put it away. Agree with @rass though, Atkinson's days at RB are numbered imo. Delbridge was pretty good defensively, but he can't pass at all and the other teams know it. They played to it a bit, even if we didnt cough up a goal last night directly because of it.
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    To his credit, I thought Wales was outstanding. Bit of a dilemma here because O'Halloran also showed why he should start. Vidosic should be the one to miss out, but I think he's too important to our structure. Atkinson is also way too loose sorry and turns it over way too much. De Laet will instantly fix this when he's up and going. You can all crap on about subs, but whilst he won us the last two games but Bruno's misses are what cost us the game. Pure and simple. Should not have been 2-0 down. Very hard to break down a team like WSW when they're a couple of goals up.
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    Post all of your thoughts here. For those of you interested I've started a youtube channel that will contain game highlights, game stats, goals of the round, best tackles, general funny shit, etc. Ultimately I want to create a one stop shop on youtube with daily content (where possible) for all things A League (as well as FFA Cup, Socceroos, Matildas, etc). As there's not much on youtube other than basic game highlights and the club's shameless self promotion channels, I'm willing to take suggestions for other videos (ie game previews, mid season transfer updates). Feel welcome to subscribe to my channel via the link below (would be appreciated) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChpnzqREKDtY4YVdDIztZwQ
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    Disagree strongly, Griffiths is a gun and is twice the player Malik is. Should be starting every game possible.
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    I want red and white sausage pins as compensation.
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    Lol Griffiths getting sent off in a friendly what a mad cunt
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    Are they also going to have a statue of a salary cap?
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    TTDIM: Kombucha. Great alternative to soft drink for those trying to cut down on sugar
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    Ask yourself why you'd take anything he says seriously, and then you've got your answer.
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    First post of the actual season - I like this
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    Bunch of guys who were in row Z are absolute flogs. Every time anyone tried to start a chant down the front they shut them down. Trumpet song started. They shut it down. Not really sure what your problem is guys. When the megaphone came up you said no and told whoever had it to fuck off. If you can do a better job do it. Don't sit back and hassle the people trying to bring some atmosphere to the game. Killed any fun down the active end. Also, the main wanker of the bunch stood for 45 minutes and didn't take a single sip of his beer and it annoyed the absolute shit out of me.
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    Can't wait to see Ross warming the pine in Gosford, listening to Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO blasting through the speakers whilst the referee sets the wall as Usain Bolt lines up one of his trademark curling free kicks.
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    Fuck there is some dumb shit in this thread today. I knew that logging onto the forum today would be bad, but I've opened 1 thread and it's already pissing me off. Alright cool. What do you do for a living mate? I'm guessing if some random who clearly is not a professional in that field comes into your place of work and tells you that you are doing your job wrong and you need to change what you're doing you're not exactly going to be stoked about it either... Based on what? The fact he missed a penalty in a cup game last night? Are you serious? Fuck me dead yeah it was a shit penalty, but that doesn't mean we should get rid of him. Bruno is the best player in the league bar none. He single handedly dragged us to the quarter finals, and is going to spend the entire A League season making every keeper in the country piss their pants whenever he has the ball at his feet. Bruno is well on his way to being a club legend, and an A League legend for that matter. He's missed a few penalties now and it's clearly troubling him a bit mentally. But you know what, props to him for actually stepping up and having the guts to keep persisting. Anyone saying we should let him go or he's shite needs to pull their head in ffs.
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    Wouldn't of even been playing in that round last night if it wasn't for bruno. He's still a damm good striker, just had a bad game last night. Feel free if you're jumping off the bruno bandwagon, to jump off the city bandwagon entirely. The amount of people who turn on him after one bad game is ridiculous.
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    Indeed. Wales looked OK, it was Bruno who missed a pen and a couple of other chances. We should have scored two before their first. But we looked shapeless, disjointed and lacking in ideas all too often.
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    Seriously fuck off Wales. The experiment is over, bring on OH
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    best seats are at your house, enjoying cheap beer, tzatziki, hummus and blowjobs only peasants go to games lmao
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    There is no way Griffiths does not start. I think people forget how good he was for Perth
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    I wonder why Indians are always on the phone. Whether it's on the train, at work, while driving a taxi, while serving you at 7 eleven, etc. They are always on the phone. Must be a very social culture they have I guess, but still who the fuck do you need to talk to that much.
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    At what minute mark do we start ripping out the chairs?
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    Get a job you fucking bludger
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    Good crosses, he took the corners from both sides and most of the set pieces. Good dribbler, good positioning. There was a lot to like
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    Indonesia?? We out sourcing our twitter worker?
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    Mark my words , Frenchy and Welsh will spark up our season
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    copy, paste, and repeat for each round....
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    I don't buy this "not yet fit" stuff City puts out on players. In the case of Good he was playing up until shortly before signing for us and he's had several weeks on the track back in Melbourne. These guys are professional athletes and they don't lose fitness like the rest of us. City gets too many injuries - maybe we're "over-training" our players. By now all they need is light training, and more actual football. Bring on an expanded A-League, and more matches in a longer season.
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    TTDIM: Telstra having streaming rights for the A-League this season.
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    Every time I hear Joyce speak at pressers or this interview I like what comes out. That all changes when I see what happens on the pitch. He himself said we haid 3 teams last season or played 3 different styles which I still can't get my head around, that is we had the players on paper at the start of the year to do better but for whatever reasons they were replaced so we are entering another season in the same scenario. Basically it's good to hear his or the clubs philosophy, but ultimately it's about what is produced each week.
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    Reading that report in full seems to indicate to me that Lowy not seeking re-election is not unconditional? I thought that he was going to step down regardless. Irrespective of that, this nonsense just has to stop. It's already gone on far too long. One man, who should never have been appointed in the first place, cannot be allowed to stand in the way of reform.
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    A nothing article, but hey it makes me feel a bit better
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    Memberships up to day before Round 1. Villa's arrival in 2014 really gave membership a kick along. However Villa's short stay and abrupt departure led to a drop at the start of 15/16 but that season we had Mooy, Bruno and Novilla putting on a show and then the arrival of Cahill turned 16/17 into a record membership season.
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    What! You never got a blowjob at a game?
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    Only his penalty taking should be in question. Greatest player to ever put on a Heart/City shirt. All this talk about getting rid of him completely for that is rubbish. Should get yourselves checked some of you.
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    Agree. It's true. Without doubt it's the most stupid comment ever.
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    Would fill our quota of at least one former Adelaide player named Bruce in the squad after the release of Kamau.