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    Is that where you get the full service, then leave and hope the Germans will foot the bill?
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    We know more about what's happening at Biggiesmalls than we do at Bundoora.
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    God you're thick. People were giving Franjic shit because he was probably on around 2 to 3 times the amount of money Muscat is and was signed as a squad regular with a Socceroo and strong A-League pedigree, what he ended up producing were performances no better than a bog average A-League right back, most fans deservedly expected more.. Nobody expected Manny to be anything outside of a squad player last season, and regardless of what you claim he copped plenty of stick on the forum, most of which was deserved. Everyone is aware Muscat struggled last season, your daily posts on the subject aren't some kind of amazing revelation on the topic. What most people are capable of understanding though is that just about every fullback (and the majority of defenders in general) have looked bad in the defensive systems that JVS and Valkanis implemented. Experienced A-League campaigners like Zullo, Franjic, Rose and Muscat all looked poor and Garuccio has since moved on to Adelaide and had much more success as a fullback there than he did with us. In the A-League you're going to have weaker spots in your squad, it's the nature of a salary capped league that also has strict VISA rules; you can't just fill your squad full of top level players, it's practically impossible. What the better teams do is have systems where their weaker players aren't exposed and are adequetley supported by their team-mates, that's where solid coaching is so important hence why we've failed to be strong or consistent team in just about every A-League season we've competed in. There's no Australian rightback out there that we can get right now and fit under the cap that's better than Muscat and we're not going to use a marquee spot on it, so there's no point sooking about it every 5 minutes, he's likely going to be our starting right back for now, and if he's as bad as he is last season we've brought in a guy in Schenkenveld who is apparently more than capable of playing there. Might as well get used to it.
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    21/09/17 A note to let Forum members know that from now on I will be posting FRG meeting notes on here on behalf of an FRG Member. I will put up the notes from the meeting on 28th August 2017 when I return from a short holiday in about 10 days time.
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    full greek sounds like something you ask for in a brothel
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    Fucking oath. Scoring 13 goals in 26 games in all competitions last season was absolutely disgraceful, I was personally embarrassed for him, especially when he headed that ball into the net in the Cup Final. Please call it a day Timmy, before all our memories of you are tarnished.
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    TTIM that dickhead at a party or funco and the speeches are about to start that does the finger whistle to get everyone to shut up.
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    Very happy to have McDonalds on board. We've been run by a bunch of fucking clowns for so long it's good to have one as an official sponsor
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    I have a different spin, besides the obvious time saving factor, running or even better riding down a platform and JUST making it is worth the risk. Whenever I do it and make it my self esteem goes up to a level where I longer want to kill myself. Also, I reckon chicks respect men who run, you risk the humiliation and or injury but if you make it you can look at everyone on the train and think "fuck you all, you wanted me to fall over and rupture a testicle, yet here I am sipping my McCafe late with a plastic bag on my shoes so I can put my feet on the seat". Thats super alpha, pheromones n shit.
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    Hear everything you say, and I'm not questioning you at all. But I think we have to ask, rhetorically, why does this club seem to repeat itself season after season? With all the CFG resources (and I don't mean money, because we're on a budget), why are Sydney the best team ever? Why are they at full strength, when we have key players injured? If it's true that we still have players to come, why are we so late to complete our squad? Why do we repeatedly recruit shit players from Adelaide? I don't fucken care about tee-shirt competitions, who eats what at Biggiesmalls, Daniel Arzani's prowess at a computer game, or Munn at a Women's Conference in Singapore. That's all peripheral bullshit as far as I am concerned. I want to see our A-League team competing for top honours, not just with Wellington for the wooden spoon. FFS fix it once and for all. Rant over.
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    It's good to see cfg are still respecting the club's history
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    http://dailyfootballshow.com/kevin-muscat-backs-melbourne-victory-youngsters-to-succeed-in-senior-ranks-354/ OMG CFG DO SOMETHING!!!1!1!1!!!1!!
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    Probably the Melburnians.....
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    Plenty of Polaks in Melbourne we just don't like crowds, the weather, the price of food at AAMI park, birds, public toilets, crossing roads, people of non european lineage, public transport, wearing other footwear besides slippers, trees, wet grass, air... and the planet earth in general. We tend to stay home a lot as a result.
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    Zlatan officially re-signed with Man United. What an absolute joke this club is. The lack of ambition shown by the board is a disgrace. Yet another transfer for a decent player falls through and the club are too busy paying teenagers to play FIFA and organising dinners at Biggie Smalls. I for one am sick to death of it, CFG clearly don't care about Melbourne at all they are just using us as a mini-Manchester clone to sell sky blue shirts and harvest our young talent. I am calling up the club to cancel my membership as I type this. Another failed season coming up. I AM OUT.
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    Not targeting anyone individually with this post, but for me it's more reflective of how piss poor the support in this league is rather than the league itself. It's not exclusive to our club either, a large number of football supporters in this country seem to be more than comfortable to throw in the towel on their membership (or simply never sign up for one) unless the club is being run exactly as they feel it should be or is constantly pulling silverware. People are so quick to blame the governing bodies and clubs in this country for the lack of growth in the league, but at the end of the day if you're not willing to put your money where your mouth is and support your club in the stands and in the membership stakes then you're only stunting the growth of your club and in turn your own national competition.
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    Unless they're going to run it professionally this time around, I'm not bothering to go anywhere near it.
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    Was at a friend's house last week and I was complaining about how much tax aussies pay on ciggies and said "it's not the governments place to tell us what we can and can't do" At this point my friends ideolistic lefty gf states "I disagree." so I asked her where they got their authority from besides being at the end of a long line of arbitrarily accepted rulers since colonisation. Much to my surprise she agreed with me and conceded the point. Blows my mind that anyone thinks government intervention as anything other than a last resort is a good thing.
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    Oh please. You mean the guys that more or less saved the club and got us out of wheelie bins. I just can't fathom the stupid shit that is said on this forum. I'd say plastic full of shit fans need to go first.
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    Supporters demand a signing for signing sake and wonder 'what's wrong with this club' Club signs a nobody, let's call him player X Supporters come to conclusion that player X has rubbish playing history Supporters whinge and complain about club for not signing someone better Supporters whinge louder and more frequently about player X and the club during the season Season ends and player X is moved on/still under contract Supporters whinge about the club needing to bring some quality in this time/ being stuck with player X Sometime into off season the club hasn't made a signing Supporters demand a signing for signing sake and wonder 'what's wrong with this club'
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    That name definetly sounds familiar to me. Let's just say I Noah guy
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    Mate have you learnt nothing. Regardless of the circumstances a loss is loss especially in pre season. Also any time Muscat is played the poor result is his fault. Common sense and logic has no place here. Consider this a formal warning.
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    If this post gets 1000 likes I'll get a mooy head tattoo
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    We all know why he's really there...
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    After being as sick as dog aall week and wanting to die to now kicking back at a barbie on my 3rd beer and contemplating hitting the scotch. My only problem the guests don't arrive until 4pm.
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    IMO any calls for Wazza's head are completely unreasonable until it's beyond reasonable doubt that he's incapable of using the players at his disposal to best advantage. I doubt that he's had any significant input into the signings made so far, except for Carrusca - responsibility for the others lies firmly with Petrillo and CFG. He's not responsible for past signings either - such as Bouzanis on a 3-year contract, the exchange of Mauk for Malik, for the signing of Kamau etc. etc. He's not responsible for not signing an injury-replacement for Brandan (originally forecast to miss almost all of 2017-18). He's not responsible for the retention of Montemurro and Valkanis as assistant coaches. And so on and so on. Like many others I'm concerned about the performances so far. Conceding goals from penalties and free-kicks just outside the box, and our inability to do much creatively going forward. But IMO we have to give time for things to settle, especially if these three rumoured additional signings do eventuate. I hope I can remember this post and stick with Wazza until half-way through the season at least. The A-League can change very quickly, as Adelaide showed in 2015-16.
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    His weak foot is 4 stars? I call bullshit.
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    Can't talk for anyone else, but the reason I am not exploding is I am too exhausted. It's almost got to the point where this type of thing is comforting. It's the one thing in my life that is consistent and no matter what happens I can always rely on us playing like a team of people that lied on their resumes and somehow managed to bullshit their way through the screening process.
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    Oh please, fuk all this doom and gloom bullshit. Yeah the first half was a shambles but changes were made and apart from a ridiculous goal, the second half was much better. Sure, there's still a way to go and some players, just don't look up to it, but the intensity improved and the game was fought out till the end. For such a wonderful team at full strength, how many chances can you recall Sydney had in the second half? I'd rather this happen now in all honesty. There's more players to come, some amazing creativity in Carrusca on the bench and amazing depth and experience in the squad. Ludicrous that people are writing the season off already.
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    Goatlock is back in Melbourne currently
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    I'm one of them. I think I've missed 7 home matches in 7 seasons. All unavoidable misses. I've been soaked, frozen and damn near fried. Wouldn't stay away even if you paid me.
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    It doesn't matter if supporters are not excited or confident. Time and time again its been plainly aware that pleb supporters like us really don't have a clue. Now, in this league we can't just go out and buy the best player for every position because of the salary cap, so thats why the Head Manager of each team makes such a difference in this league. IMO Muscat and Bouzanis are completely acceptable Aleague players to have in a starting XI, what matters are the coaches we have. Personally, I have no idea how we will go this season because Wazz is a complete unknown. But, our squad is on par (if not deeper than last season) and we were all saying last season we had a squad good enough to win the league so really, who the fuck knows. None of us do thats for sure.
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    TTIM - when I reject people's add multiple times on insta but they keep on trying... @Hellenic Hero
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    It's really hard not to feel bad for Ange as for years we've cried out for a better standard of football, the sort of football that can match high quality teams on the international stage and we've seen evidence of this philosophy in the World Cup, Asian Cup and the Confederations Cup. Regrettably, he's had the undoubtedly worst Australian talent pool to select from since I started watching football and it's sad to see that his vision probably won't see its way through to the end as a result of it. Yes, his tactics in certain games have been questionable but all along he's said that he doesn't just want to qualify for the World Cup, he wants to do something meaningful in the World Cup and if that means a possession-based, high-risk game so be it. But aside from Cahill we haven't had a world-class out and out finisher since Viduka, and it kills you at this level (case in point, the Thailand game). TLDR: Ange isn't that bad, the players fucking suck
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    Yeh we get it mate, you don't rate Muscat.
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    For the biggest club they have a lot of shit sponsors
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    Hard to say because we dominated Newy so much when he came on. But he seemed solid, had good pace for a big guy, headered well. When on the ball he looked comfortable to take time on the ball and find the right pass, made a number of quality penetrating passes through the centre to Kilkenny and Brattan.