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    Confirmed probs should have added I didn't make this, found it on ze twitter
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    I have read this 3 times already and still have no idea what you mean.
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    ITT: Hellenic Hero enjoys beating a possible child abuse victim at the only thing that allows him to connect with his father.
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    "Improve our defense" *defense is improved* Moaning ensues "Engage with the fans more" *club engages on social media* Moaning ensues. Honestly, some of you are so impossible to please that its fucking hilarious. We've brought in two tough, solid additons to our back four and rather than praising the positives people will grasp onto whatever negative they can find and beat the club with it. As far as the announcement, it was a bit of fun on social media, should the club go back to being silent so you can all cry about that again? I look forward to the day we win the Championship, not for the celebrations but so that I can come on here and read the mental gymnastics people will undertake to somehow spin it into a negative.
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    Wouldnt be the first time the Greeks have been bad with numbers and economics...
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    about as good as Australian left backs get at this level, and a massive improvement over Rose. very happy
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    We can shoot dbol together Wazza is a machine, was screaming swearing and everything. "No hollywood shit Bratsy, stop fuckin about!"
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    Hi everyone I am looking to do something to help raise some money for charity (maybe one that is affiliated with Melbourne City?). Anyway, there is clearly some tension between @cadete and I. I propose det and I to fight 1v1 either Boxing or MMA with legitimate rules. Happy to set up the event, get some grog going and make a day of it. Would also be a great chance for everyone to meet the man that is behind Strider. Not sure how much det weighs but happy to do a catchweight bout. What do you guys reckon? Let's give back to the community and raise some money. Excellent prequel to the Mayweather McGregor fight. Your friendly neighbourhood Strider
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    Whatever is wrong with you is no small thing
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    Lucy Zelic to Melbourne City confirmed? #LucyIsRGB3399FF
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    Some points from the game today: The fact that we played almost a full strength XI really impressed me. Alot of pre season games we seem to field lots of trialists and younger players and to see Wazza field such a strong team I feel shows that he means buisness. Additionally the fact that he made his subs so late in the game, i think players are really going to have to work hard for minutes. Really liked how vocal Warren Joyce was throughout. Could hear him getting angry when players tried to do too much. "Stop showboating" directed to Luke Brattan was a highlight. Was barking instructions to players the whole game. Jakobsen with the arm band a solid choice. Extremely vocal on the pitch. Massive positive. Hope he keeps the arm band for the season. Bruno scored 5, and assisted a few. Was a lot less selfish then from last season. Did miss a few easy chances and got annoyed with himself which i liked to see him wanting more from himself. Jamo got forward well i think. Felt at times was missing the final ball however. Solid not spectacular. Hopefully just pre season rust. Genreau was very positive and watching him was a highlight for me. Looked very dangerous when taking players on and running on to balls. Souvas 10/10. Need some heart burn tablets now though. Too much garlic and onion gets me every time.
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    This hellenic hero Is another elieanid Isnt he? Ive been back reading the forum for less than 24hrs and hes already giving me the shits
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    Stop trying to make this about yourself
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    One thing has not changed, we still get a new annoying South fan just like in every season of MHFC and MCFC on here spewing the same shit about how they should be in the A-League.
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    I dont even think you are a person, I assume you are computer spamming virus created by @Tesla in 2011 to plague the old YSIDE forum... It appears he was tempting to create the ultimate Alpha Brah Version of himself as he was a Gym Rat back then but obviously something went wrong in development so he has never owned up to creating you and cant be bothered fixing/destroying the virus. (Understandable Really). This explains both why you are still into the 2011 Misc Scene and using its language alongside why you know all about everyone else on here but none us have a fucken clue who you are.
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    my dad could beat up your dad lol im seriously embarrassed for some of you cunts lol
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    With him, Sorensen (it would seem) and eventually Cahill staying around post career we'll really start to build a club culture with people who are interwoven into the fabric already. That's the sort of thing that actually builds and grows football clubs, love it.
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    That was a very long story to explain something even I know and I don't speak a lick of Greek.
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    I've read some real bullshit on this forum, but this is very close to the most retarded thing I have ever read... Shelvey is a 25 year old Premier League midfielder playing at a massive club in Newcastle United where he is a key player and made the Championship team of the season last year. I know you're trolling (at least I fucken hope so because otherwise you are a deranged lunatic) but seriously stop posting this bullshit ffs
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    I expect him to reduce the length of Bela's trip to games so I don't have to read about it on the forum anymore
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    So let's look at it this way, it's a salary capped league. He's come in as a low salary "aussie" defender. Like for like he's basically replacing Rose. Improvement imo
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    ... and if that happens, hopefully they take you with them so we no longer have to read your dribble on this forum.
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    We also calls these "melbourne city games"
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    Why? He just finished with the Socceroos and would have been worked pretty hard. That 60 minutes against Chile was exceptional and if he can give us that regularly no one can complain. Give him a couple weeks off. He is not the sort that would risk dropping off physically. I suspect he'll be back late next week but I don't see a need for him to rush back. Rest of the squad is training, 2 or 3 senior players coming later isn't a problem for me.
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    I was there. Final score was 2-0 to City, but I find it a difficult match to assess. We fielded very much what I'll call an "experimental" side. I was disappointed with all of the "senior" players except Kilkenny and perhaps Bruno and Fitzy. Galekovic didn't have a lot to do, but looked very competent as we would expect.The back line was very ordinary indeed - Muscat, Malik, Tongyik and Jamieson. Jamieson came off in what looked like a precaution - he may have suffered a minor strain. Malik was poor - the guy turns his back in the tackle, which I hate. If I was reffing I'd have the guy off the field pretty quickly. Brattan did not impress, and someone's asking what position we'd play Mauk in if we sign him, and there's my answer to to that - sign him instead of Brattan. The two youngsters Genreau and Najjarine - I take it that the latter was wearing 28? - worked hard. Genreau is bulkier and more effective at this stage. Najjarine is very light - good skills but easily knocked off the ball. We weren't as effective at moving the ball quickly as against Oakleigh, mainly because of Tongyik, Malik and Brattan. Cavallo, Crowley and a couple of other youngsters came on in the last 10 minutes- Bruno and Brattan went off - and only then did we really overrun Bentleigh with two goals to Fitzy in the final five minutes. We deliberately got there early, to have a good look at the warm-up. I'll say this. If we don't give the boot to the assistant coaches such as Valkanis and Montemurro then Wazza is going to have a hard time winning anything. These guys took the warm-up, and there's no discipline at all. No focus. Most of the shots at goal went high and wide or past the post, and these guys just stand there talking. So surprise, surprise, what does Brattan do during the match - as mentioned above puts the ball into the car-park. And doesn't care a fuck about it. Best thing was that in the end the youngsters stood up, ran like hell, chased back and tackled, cut the Bentleigh defence open and got us over the line. IMO Wazza will be pleased with that.
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    @sheepdog - Seriously...... (Admins, feel free to ban me from this forum after this). mate, you can be Leban Stringer (considered by some the most dangerous youth in the casual scene currently)....you could be Dean Balalti himself, Alen Kontrovic, Woody, Jason Hernandez from good old Horda, You could be David from Nomandi, You could be Mitch or Andy from HCS, you could be Michael K from HSC...... I AINT FUCKING SCARED!!!......you know how to find me cos looks like you know who I fucking am. Look being where I am for over 3 years, whatever I do, you cannot make everyone happy, youre always open to criticism no matter what, this is why "I & S16 do what we want" we dont care, we never did...... but for me personally I am not the best fighter, I know Im a short ass......I maybe that, I do stand by ground and be with my own mates who I call my own family when it has mattered, Ive proven to them and that's all I need to. Unless your name is [Former Yarraside Member] (Love ya buddy, no homo, see ya when the season starts ), Ninos Damo, Michael Tohme, David Younan (feel free to look up those names on the net etc etc).....Im scared of them because I know good they are at the art of what they do. Im scared of them....... There is not a lot things I'm scared of these days....especially being where I am in football and having to be put in certain situations where I have been outnumbered, battered, bruised, plenty of stories that half the lads in here have been through over the years etc etc. Sheepdog, you know how to find us......this is coming from Dr himself as well since you notably called him out. "This is the last post, posting as elieanid on here" and will be on here as a different name/alias" this is why im making this post, a good one before I leave....... Im out.
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    I stood right behind Wazza and the bench last night, I can agree with comments regarding his constant communication with the players YES he was wearing shorts every kick off was greeted by Wazza commanding the players to get on the ball and win it back I was surprised that it was only at around the 30min mark that he dropped the first F bomb, must have been on his best behaviour all I can say is that there will be no passengers in the team, no one strolling around the park. Every player got a serve from Wazza at some stage( that said he was very positive when player did as requested) the first 10 mins was a hard fought tussle, we took total control after that, which was to be expected Some really nice one touches and interplay , to be expected against "lower class" opposition, how will this translate against A league Teams? Even in this environment Deano managed to make some fuckups I have a quick chat with Eugene , He will starting the next pre season match, I mentioned to him that I hope he hasn't come to us to sit on the bench. it was nice to see the lads back in action oh yes , it was good to see Jako with the arm band, no disrespect to Bruno but I reckon it will free him up to play "his game"
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    Seriously no one reads half the shit on here, and you're not mentioning who you are.....you know how to find us when season starts.
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    Nah, I have my own battles once season starts. Silence is golden right about now........
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    Redders having his greatest game ever is probably the best thing that could happen(expect from a Sydney perspective). If he manages to go into the season as first choice then that can only benefit the rest of the League. Form is temporary but shitness is eternal.
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    Would think what is being paid for is an effort by the waiter to make the experience welcoming for repeat business and is something that can be mostly multi tasked so little time is actually "wasted" And as a side note; TTIM - people who can't show basic grace / acknowledge kind acts by others nor do a small act of courtesy for example saying thanks when someone holds the door open for you, actually prop the door open a moment so the person behind you can come through too, letting someone into an intersection when your vehicle is stationary, offering a person your seat on public transport when it's clear that they are in need. What it comes down to is a basic acknowledgement that the people around exist, and that you don't have to be a complete selfish prick. Like it or loathe it you are in public (meaning we all have a shared space). Or in other words stop being a cunt and just play nice.
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    Well the jokes on you if you thought jvs was a good coach
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    Except for axing Bruce in January, I'm upset that I agree with everything in this post and we can't have a fight.
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    is this thread going to turn into screen shots of instagram posts Troisi has liked?
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    on my way home from the salt mines one evening ( standing as per usual, I sit on my arse all day) 2 obviously pregnant women were standing, I asked a couple of guys to offer their seat to the ladies, one did , but the other said "she chose to get pregnant" mmm not a happy old grumpy bastard, so I said " your Mum chose chose to be pregnant, but maybe she shouldn't have bothered" guy was seething, he got up to give his seat to the lady, and gave me filthy looks on the way home But I got stung one day had to go to the big bad city to see a client, hopped on at Southern Cross for the trip home, there were a few vacant seats so I plopped my fat arse on a seat opposite an absolutely stunning young lady. Long dark hair, Spanish looking, skin tight gym pants, I'm trying hard not to perve. She keep noticing me glancing, eventual she uncrosses her legs to reveal a huge mound in the groin area,then crosses the legs again. I gulp hard for air and bury my nose in my book. thankfuly I'm getting off in a couple of stops
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    @[LIBBA] and I just had a chat to the big man, asked if he's captain this season. His response "yep, it looks like it"
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    On what planet does Cahill to be marquee make any level of sense whatsoever?
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    I'm only going if we can argue about 'who is the more greek club' some more
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    Because they saw Horda do it... HM08.
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    Im still waiting for them to play the other Melbourne City
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    Victoria: The Communist State. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/state-open-to-buying-more-private-businesses-to-save-jobs-says-daniel-andrews-20170704-gx47ci.html
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    Hold it upside down at the next derby?