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    TTIM: Clubs thinking they have to incorporate their home colours into the away kit.
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    sorry but i totally disagree with you. delbridge has a lot to learn in both phases. he got caught to many times not tracking back or ball watching at the back post (he did make some brilliant interceptions however). Bart was at times our only genuine forward ball playing player. not really sure how you could not see that if you watched every game. All of his passes were effective. he took space and played forward when the timing and opportunity was there, nearly always. Good and Delbridge would hoof it down the wing after three side to side passes (no patience). When players dont present for him (jmac, wingers, we had no 10 all of the season as well), he cannot hit a cutting pass. Doubt you watched every game if you couldnt make sense that we were trying to build from the back every game but had no real idea about movement or creation of space in the final third, severely limiting the ability for a player like Bart being able to create play. It is a symptom of the team when a cb can take 10-20 meters of space in a field and still have no options to play an effective pass. If Bart had the quality in attack that we will have this season, he would have been even more immense period. I wont have anyone tell me otherwise that Bart was playing for the whole of our team in many games last season.
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    I'd like that 30 seconds back please
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    Ignore stats and simply look at personality alone. My theory of only bringing in cunt foreign players has shown to be true. Nice guys absolutely fucking suck coz they miss their grandmas, while those with bad attitudes, mullets, domestic violence rap sheets and drinking problems kick arse and take names. 3 most important stats we should look at are: total number of career red cards, total number of tunnel fights and of course most importantly, total number of relationships with strippers.
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    So our signings so far is Craig No one And a Red Herring, You couldn't make this up even if you tried.
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    I actually think its a good strategy for a couple of reasons - first that the members hear about it first thing, making them feel 'valued', and second that by doing it first thing, the news cycle has the full day to run with it. You can still do pressers, interviews and the like for the remainder of day, indeed you might get better coverage because you can fit more radio interviews etc in. Whether we have the conviction to do the second part of that is to be seen, but imo i think its a good way to go about it.
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    Like the people on here who start a post with. As a foundation member.. or I am a foundation member so...
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    I swear Playmaker is just here to troll on this topic. “The super scout who brought us the delights of Koren, Budzinski and Flopperin” Delbridge is not the defender Schenkeveld is of course - he might develop into this. Bart is only here to get his body right and is a genuine starter in the Dutch league if he is fit. Didn’t Bart win several club awards or fan forum votings? I think we aren’t alone thinking Schenkeveld has been class for our club. Your stats are leaving lots of critical parts out of it - such as did we remain possession after an interception? Schenkeveld wins balls often cleanly by running attackers of the ball and returns possession. Delbridge however intercepts with a big tackle, toe poke or heads the ball out of play or in his own goal! Only looking at their first touch you will see a big difference. Its not even a debatable topic really. People who struggle to admire, recognise or see the need of quality defenders have little understanding of the teamsport
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    What I want my centre-back to do on list of importance: 1. Stop the opposition scoring 2. Stop the opposition scoring 3. Stop the opposition scoring 4. Get away with a dirty foul on Broxham in a derby 37. Have quads like a power lifter 52. Take a shot from 40 yards that hits row Z just for comedy value 86. Make a key pass
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    it was a beautiful thing whilst it lasted. Everything he did, he did good; he made the shitkickers of the league (like Simon) look like fools they are, he wanted to win everything, he took no shit from anyone, helped Haz and Good develop further, was great to chat to after games and at events, and was a class above the league. I only recall one genuine mistake in his time with us that cost us a goal. Other than that, he was constantly in beast mode. I really truly hope he doesnt play for another A-League club.
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    Think this is a really solid signing, made the K League team of season last season, a league that is probably better than ours Obviously this probably confirms the end of Bart, but as a replacement he seems pretty good
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    Bought some new Puma boots for my son today. Puma has released limited edition City boots for both Melbourne and Manchester.
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    Couldn't agree more. If we could get him on a marquee i'd take him in a heartbeat. He'll save as many goals as any attacking marquee will score.
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    Seriously, I heard from a reliable sauce that Sam Kerr's younger brother is on our radar. Wayne.
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    Kit is junk. Bring back the red and white.
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    bart... you have to be taking the piss right. for a playmaker, you must not have watched bart play much
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    This will go down as a monumental error. This bloke will score 10 plus and have 10 plus assists next season.
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    Fuck I hope he looks like that on the sidelines hahaha
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    We've got approaching half a dozen youngsters knocking on the first team door this season. Metcalf, Genreau, Abdulahi, Najjar and Najjarine to start with, are all there or thereabouts. I'm excited to see them, and excited to see what Le Patron can achieve with them.
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    Game confirmed for Wednesday July 31 at 7.30pm, also we will be the main telecast game on fox
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    Grand final winners in the past with marquee defenders? 0 as far as I could see. Coaches that have won titles in the aleague (your Anges, Arnies etc.)... number of marquee defenders?? 0 as far as I know Goals conceded last season? No real difference or improvement compared to the team's above us. Compared to what an attacker of equal standing in the league as Bart as a defender?? I choose the striker of equal standing every day. Australia's stock in defenders compared to strikers or top quality number 10? No comparison. Well documented even at NT level that we can't produce top strikers. Point here is we have many strong defenders to choose from. Last season? Proved no matter how well you defend scoring goals is key for entertainment, winning, basically everything. This teams priority needs to be attack. This forum? The whinging about how defensive we have been over 2 seasons. Granted Joyce the main issue. But now we want a marquee defender after all that? Pot. Kettle. Black. I've got more if you want it...
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    I’ll go out on a limb and say that Berenguer will be much improved next season. The guy suits the 8 or 10 role and playing under a French manager who can speak his language and who actually understands the tactical side of the game will be a huge help. I’m pretty confident in Mombaerts getting the best out of Berenguer.
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    Yes. Unless your membership number is lower than mine, your opinion is invalid to me. That is clearly how these things work.
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    I'd ignore bt50 mate, he's the biggest bandwagoner on here. Clearly just follows the club due to all our success
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    Has a sick YouTube montage, 10/10 signing
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    Turkish Super Lig side. This is great for us that he issnt going to Sydney
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    I prefer my South American wingers to have dirty mullets. All will be forgiven if he feigns injury to get Broxham sent off in a derby.
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    Jesus Christ. This post was brought to you by Budweiser. $2.50 USD happy hour will do that.
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    I am a member of Melbourne City/Heart. They happened to be owned by CFG. I don’t consider myself a member of CFG
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    https://www.a-league.com.au/news/we-want-win-style-mombaerts-unveils-his-plans-his-city-transformation Still bringing in a wide player and a creative midfielder. Presumably the two Uruguayans are those two players.
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    Sorry to say, no one is reading this post. #juicypalejugs
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    I'm liking the red!!!
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    Id be pretty stoked if we had all of our VISA signings done before pre season
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    He'll play a mean one note guitar solo and piss off rednecks in Alabama.
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    Wazza was always in shorts and footy boots which irked me, Eric looks to roll with a suit which is already a tick from me.
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    Four year forum ban if you're wrong.
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    Bart is easily marquee worthy anybody who thinks otherwise clearly undervalues the importance of having a top defender in your team. With Bart we know what we have and given our history of finding attacking marquee players (all flops) I rather stick to Bart - I'm sorry.
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    So what he's a defender? Positions irrelevant when you have one of the best players in the league. Clearly the best CB in the league and more than worthy of a marquee contract. Change my mind
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    This will always be such a low for this club. When he scores at AAMI (I suspect he will) I will be there to applaud him no matter his colours. I suspect he will be very respectful about it. With the lineup Perth have Bruno should thrive. I hope to see him have another stellar season - he deserves as much.
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    Rubbish. He's a defender. He shouldn't be marquee.
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    I moved my fridge today to fix the shelf above it and found all the Melbourne Heart/City magnets on the side which was up against the wall (so I forgot about them) so I thought I put them all in a row to see how they've evolved over the seasons...did we get magnets for the first two Heart seasons 2010/11 and 2011/12? If so, does anyone still have them? I like how CFG kept some red in the first season they took over...then it went all navy blue
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    IMO it's "wait and see" - as with a lot of other things - Manager, another Assistant Coach, a GK Coach, Schenkeveld, Good, Brattan... Genreau...you perhaps could add in there Bouzanis and Birighitti. As far as Genreau is concerned, he's contracted to us; I can't see any value in us loaning him out again unless it enhances our prospects of getting a fee for him, or him returning to play for us a better player; - and as for us selling him before next season - well, he needs to find a club prepared to sign him first. More generally, IMO if we want to make the A-League a better league, one thing we need to do is to get fair dinkum about contracts. At the moment players feel that they can walk the moment they want to, and that doesn't help the clubs make plans at all.
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