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    FWIW, I reckon Joyce is going ok. Yeah there may have been some things he could have done differently, but all in all, the team is good shape. I think he can only choose who he sees is training the hardest, is suitable for the job that week and with caution to changing a winning side. I also think he won't buckle down to TC's pressure and will continue doing things his way. On some of the matters of concern here on the forum, I can confirm Brandan, Ross and Timmy all trained today. The only missing were Bruno (doing work inside) and Carrusca. Brandan looks ok, but in game scenarios it is obvious he is very rusty and judging by some of the sprints, he's still a way to go before being fit. But he's probably not that far off breaking into the game day squad - won't happen this week however imo. I reckon we'll see some interesting changes this week that should please a few of us on here. Scratch that - most of us on here are happier thinking the world would end, so no doubt would find issue in anything we do, unless we win 14-0 every week. Oh and Budzinski is getting fitter week by week and running much better than what he did when i watched him train before Round 1.
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    Come on Bela, we're doing alright. 2-0 win, La Rocca hit the post and Mauky missed an absolute sitter. Minimal injuries, a powerful bench, Killa not even on the bench, and six talented Scholarship players waiting in the wings. Of course, anything can happen in football. But right now things look pretty good to me.
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    Haha man there's been some hilarious posts in here. If we have even a below average A-League striker tonight we win by at least three. Took an absolute howler of a mistake for the Wandertards to score and Ross butchered about 4 clear goal scoring opportunities. At this point Bruno can't get healthy quick enough because outside of set pieces Ross is an absolute hack.
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    This is nothing. I grew up watching Walsall. You think this is tough? This is my team, win or lose. Always next week.
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    Who woulda thought that when Aziz missed his goal for the visit0rs in the Grand Final against the smurfs, that rather than sink into obscurity of NPL as the visit0rs hoped for him (as if Muscat missing the penalty didn't cost them the game), he would be playing in a World Cup qualifying team for the Socceroos
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    I suspect @silva10 thinks a trip from England to Australia to watch Melbourne City is a bit much.
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    I reckon he has stepped it up again from last year, he seems to improve each season and this one's no different.
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    Can finally say it... Eat a bag of dicks Italy you entitled, overrated, cheating, arrogant cunts.
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    Did you really censor swear words in a post about how you refuse to censor swear words?
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    Trumpet legit best thing to happen this season
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    Better still, you go off and support the mariners and then we'll all be happy.
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    Just shows that he's not really that committed to getting the approval of a random person on a soccer forum. Pretty pathetic imo.
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    sheesh what a grumpy bunch... not pretty, yes, not creative, yes . did we draw, NO, did we lose, NO. the old Heart/ City would have lost that 3 -2 FFS, we are 4 wins, yes awful to watch at times, I'll admit, but you win the league by not conceding, Popa did it with WSW, built from the back, Arnold did it last year. i said it before the season started and I'll say it yet again, if Wazza can give this squad some steel and backbone and not concede soft silly goals, he'll have my backing.
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    Not sure how much of this Cahill stuff i believe and how much is hyperbole, but it's certainly an unwanted distraction. At the end of the day, and i say this as one as one of Timmy’s greatest fans (hell he was the reason I started following Everton back in the mid 2000’s and he’s a legend of the Roos setup), but if he is going to try to go down this path of blackballing the club, I hope we tell him in no uncertain terms that he’ll be staying here and seeing out this season unless a transfer fee of a fair significance is met. Letting him take the money and run after last years front ended contract is an absolute no-no for me, and if no one is going to meet our required figure then he stays. If he wants to play up and cause issues because of that, he can sit on the sidelines and rot. It’s a problem solely of his own creation. And no doubt if we play hardball then the wolves in the media will come for us for hijacking Australia's world cup aspirations, but imo its incredibly important that the club stands for something and doesnt give in should that eventuate.
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    \Just went to McDonalds and showed them the promo on my phone, showed her my membership and told her we won. Got my Free Big Mac. Sometimes grey clouds can have silver linings.
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    He has 20 minutes and did fuck all. I get this Koren feeling starting to seep into the equation. Although he didn't score a hat trick on debut he really needs to show something in his next run. Simply not good enough.
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    I'm done. 8 years of misery is enough.good bye.
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    Orite fuck it, ill go. Besides the waterfall Iquazu is boring as fuck. EDIT: btw you guys might be happy to here I had a horrible night sleep due to those racoon things smashing the tin roof above me, then this arvo I shit myself while chilling by the pool when a couple of giant tegu lizards were having sex/fighting next to me. Couldn't even relax after that coz I was paranoid one would run out the jungle a bite my cock off. Thongs also broke while walking down the street and the supermarket had fuck all food so I literally ate 400grams of cheese by its self for dinner and now I'm constipated.
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    The actives should initiate a 'Cahill is a wanker' chant with an appropriate TIFO.
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    This forum is fucked! A loss and the sky is falling in, and 4 wins in a row we are world beaters. It's always going to be somewhere in the middle.
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    Didn't think Joyce did much wrong last night tbh. His starting 11 was an eleven that has been good all season and proven to be effective, including last time out against these guys. We were atleast on par with them in the first half aside from two LaRocca stuff ups. At halftime he changed everything up, something our previous managers wouldn't have done (I believe Aloisi submits his substitutions before the game) and we dominated the next 20 minutes until yet another stuff up cost us a goal and all momentum. After that there was little he could do, but he still tried to be more attacking and iuse what options he did have left on the bench. The big test is this week. The players and formation no longer have earnt their spots, so now we see if he looks to have another plan and an ability to execute it.
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    And she was totally hot and apologized to me afterwards. Then I banged her. BTW did I mention she's modelled for playboy. Then we ate pancakes. It was totes cool.
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    When will he "be fit" then? It's round 6. He was at man city for a couple of weeks, then came here and now we are 6 weeks in. So he's had what 9 weeks? On top of that it's not like he's some morbidly obese dude taking up exercise for the first time, he's a professional footballer. He should have been right in 2 weeks, not still not fit enough* to play 30 minutes of football after 9 weeks of full time training. * I'm not sure the problem actually is fitness.
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    Some weeks I feel my trip from Collingwood to watch city is a bit much.
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    The only reason I think Larocca should be dropped is our midfield functioned better without Jako in there i feel like Jako should play in the back 4
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    Just finished watching the replay. Some of you cunts have lost the plot.
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    Google Translate really needs an overhaul.
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    1. I thought it was our most entertaining game of the season. 2. We should have won by at least 2 goals 3. I rated Maliks perfomance besides being involved in costing us a penalty 4. Budzinski doesn't come on more often cause he goes missing 5. Fitzy again just missing a goal 6. Ross. Unbelievable misses tonight. 7. The terrace doing the victory chant yet again is embarrassing as a supporter
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    I imagine this is what it would be like if Yoda smoked crack then posted on forums.
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    I feel like I must of been watching a different game to some of you. I don’t get the negativity. We were desperately unlucky not to get a point or 3, we simply lost the game on Fitzy not tracking his man. Even then Wilkshire completely duffed the finish but got lucky. We had the majority of chances, I can’t really remember them troubling us other then the goal. Despite his error Fitzy is far and away our most dangerous weapon at the moment. He’s a limited player but not sure he lacks vision as others have said, his decision making is good and he’s the only player who penatrates with the ball & makes incisive runs. Could of easily had a couple of assists tonight if McCormack wasn’t on his heels at times. I thought Kamau also had a very solid game as well. His close control has definitely improved and for the most part, his defensive application is terrific. Sydney are a very well oiled machine but I feel we’re getting there. Good times ahead.
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    Can't believe the hate for Kamau tonight. Has been covering Muscat's arse defensively all night on top of getting up and down the wing all night. Plus for the shit Muscat's done all night, he's only on a yellow. Imagine if Kamau wasn't dropping so deep
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    Er.sun Gü.lüm (ü is pronounced like “who”) you A N G L O S
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    This forum is so similar to the Simpsons, where the everyday characters completely over react to normal situations and turn into a mob.
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    I can feel the opinion of the fans change today. He's set us up, he's after money, and you wouldn't put it past him to have conspired with uber flog Aloisi. Grovelling apology Tim, or train alone until you don't get picked for Russia. Quite right playmaker, drain the swamp until we've got rid of anyone pulling in another direction. If necessary play the kids. But on no account give in to this.
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    TTDIM: This report from Japan. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-17/japan-train-apology-for-leaving-20-seconds-early/9161456
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    The way the term 'homophobia' has been transformed to be used to label people that have an opposing view to the gay/lesbian community.
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    Watching McCormack tonight reminds me how spoiled we have been the last couple of seasons with Fornaroli. With the chances tonight Fornaroli would have easily had 3 Actually thought Malik and a number of others looked much better once Carrusca came. What a difference a proper number 10 / creative outlet in midfield can make!!!
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    *very quietly whispering so as not to be attacked* I prefer the sky blue to the red and white now. It’s grown on me. I am a shill
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    Too good, terrace won't know how to do it (see basically every decent chant on this forum). The terrance IQ just isn't there
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