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    CFG will purchase a number of low cost Hawks. We will use them to deter the Seagulls, once they have become effective they will be moved onto Manchester the be sold around Europe to the highest bidder. We will then start again and continue develop birds for CFG to sell for a profit.
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    https://www.theguardian.com/sport/ng-interactive/2018/dec/07/david-squires-on-keisuke-hondas-impact-at-melbourne-victory LOLz, Squires nails it. He's been reading this forum
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    "The biggest City-aligned media outlet, podcast Talking City" we've made it baby.
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    That article irritates me. It makes it sound as if fans have been impatient or unrealistic. I've supported Joyce and wanted to give his new broom the benefit of the doubt. I've liked his support of youth and recognised that last season's third place was a modest step forward, albeit sometimes imperfect and frustrating. It's not merely that he has fallen out with Fornaroli that's changed my position. It's that we look way off the pace this season, and we are displaying all our worst historic habits once again. We are slow and predictable, dull, lack pace or flair, and on top of that look friable in defence. We look nowhere near winners, top three, or even top six. We've gone backwards, certainly compared to those we should measure ourselves against. And its not just Joyce. I also gave the CFG takeover the benefit of the doubt despite my misgivings about loss of identity, and particularly colours. And where is the red and white strip this season? Dropped like Bruno, with no explanation there either. But for all that we are solvent, this regime feels bloodless, inept, lacking in ambition and interest, and tin eared to its fan base. Losing Bruno is a symptom, albeit one which crystallises these wider concerns. Like others have said, it's not just the monkey, it's the organ grinder. Either way we're sick of the tune.
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    Yeah Bruce Djite is fucken terrible. People have rocks in their head if they think he is better than Bruno. In fact there is not one thing Djite can do that Bruno couldn’t do 100 times better. I still can’t believe the stupid flog is getting rid of him. Bruno is the type of player you build a team around. Yet Joyce has done the exact opposite of that.
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    City to put on the display of the season. Perfect football and a 4:1 win over Glory. Supporters to flood Adelaide away the following week in a fever of excitement and expectation, only to suffer the ignominy of a 2:0 loss where we don't even place a shot on goal. Thus it ever was and ever will be. The Book of City/Heart Verse 7, Chapter 11
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    If we start winning matches of football, this 'rift' will look like the result of a principled stand of a tough manager who is helping to build a strong, committed culture. If we start losing matches of football, this 'rift' will look like the result of a stubborn stand of a petulant manager who can't accept criticism and doesn't know how to manage personalities. Winning changes everything.
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    I'd like to point out that thus far Bruno has acted with nothing but complete dignity. He could have posted sly comments and hints on social media (Hi Timmy), but he hasn't. He could have given an interview to put forward his slant, but he hasn't. He could have slunk away and hidden from view until January, but he hasn't. Instead, he attended the game with his family to support the club. And thus far, we have Wazza Wanker sledging him in interviews, and City Group pulling out the eraser on Bruno, even to the extent of cutting him out of many telecast moments at the ground.
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    Wales is always looking to attack, hence why he turns it over and makes bad choices often during the game. i like him as a player because he does have a bit of an x-factor, and plays with freedom and adventure. With experience he will become more and more dangerous. He has been involved in a lot of our most attacking moves thus far this season.
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    I find these kind of articles interesting but clueless at the same time. All we need to do is compare where we are at and where Popovic in his first season has Glory. Wazza has had over a season to bring a blanaced squad that should now be firing on all cylinders. Look over at the tards. Muscat has had a cleanout and brings in Neidermeier, Honda and Toivonen. Fuck me, why didn’t we recruit Honda like player???? Basically Joyce is a shit coach and it’s time for journos to call it out.
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    There is every chance he has lost the dressing room. It was good when he came in and ripped out the soft underbelly of the playing group and tore it to shreds ... the club needed that, but it cant be an ongoing tactic in this league. If Joyce is too demanding of the players every time they train, he will suck the life out of the group, and the squad will be split,with those that are trying to take their chance (and they will do exactly what he wants) vs those that are established and want to enjoy their career as a footballer. His style does work well with players trying to break through, those seeking a second chance, and young players trying to establish themselves. But players that know they are good enough should not be constantly punished, and required to prove themselves 100% of the time. A balance is needed and an astute level of man management required to get the best out of a team, and Joyce seems like he is too far to one side to have any level of sustained success. It doesn't seem he can change his style, which means the playing group will have trouble recovering ... the guys did not look like they were enjoying themselves at all on Saturday night. They were playing with out any passion, it was more like hopeless desperation and fear. I was really hoping it would work with Joyce, but it hasn't, and I doubt it will. The club cannot expect the fans to be happy with Bruno being isolated ... I was prepared to accept him being dropped if the reasons were sound but Wazza's explanation was disrespectful to Melbourne City supporters, who deserve better from the club. Unless there is some genuine and honest messages coming from the club about the team, Bruno and Joyce, then Joyce must be finished and sacked immediately.
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    Has anybody thought about the idea to report Warren Joyce to the immigration department? Surely there is a breach with his working visa; Current employment activities are not considered skillful The employer has not attempted to source locally and failing to do proper due diligence Role is negatively impacting Australian economy
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    Loudest chant of the night for a reason fuck knuckle, learn to appreciate talent.
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    I just cant fathom why people want to have a damning opinion one way or the other when they don't know all the facts.
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    We havnt tried to be "Melbourne" yet as far as im concerned - We still do the citizens bollocks (i know its all for charity but surely we can find another way to do this that isnt connected to Manchester) - Stop the flights and tickets to Man City games as give aways, why not just give flights away using Etihad airways - Instead of Sheikh Monsour (whatever the bloody name is) giving a end of year assessment of the club and team get bloody Scott Munn to do it, get him to do something! There will be plenty of other things that pop up through the season that will be a link to Manchester, for eg the Premier league trophy. Sure it might have been pretty cool to see but the link is there. Im probably gonna sound doom and gloomish here, every year is the same and its becoming more of a chore than a pleasure to go to games. I have no idea how to fix this but i would suggest that amongst the hype of being bought by a trabillionare came the hype of big name Marquee players and exciting scintillating football, now apart from the Novillo, Mooy and Tuna season and the David Villa season for 4 games i dont think the club has lived up to what people thought it was going to be. I guess its like watching a movie just waiting for that great series of scenes that will make it a great movie, we just havnt seen any good scenes yet.
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    Lol slightly different calibre of player
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    Ode to Melbourne City Football Club Complaints from fans are never-ending - About attacking and defending. It's not forward balls we lack - It's just we play them square, or back. Nothing wrong with our transitions - It's just we're in the wrong positions. Win, lose, or draw - you can be sure - Joyce, Petrillo, even Munn, will feel the axe before we're done.
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    Fan interviews are back by popular demand.
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    Ok, I'll say it. Sorry it won't conform to the agenda the majority have on here. One of the more entertaining performances I've seen from us, definitely this season. ..and for all the hope that Joyce has lost the players, well sorry there's no way they would've come out and played the way they did if that was the case. I really enjoyed tonight. Yeah it's only one game and we've all been through this hope before, but we can only judge tonight for what it was - which is a pretty emphatic response to an extremely dark week. Well done all.
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    I can't find the specific thread just at the moment, but keep those e-mails rolling in in reply to "Your Guide to Sunday's match" etc. They are being read. I just had a call from the club asking me my feelings about the reply I sent. Whoever called me (Marketing Manager I think he said) said he had more calls to make on the same subject to fans who had e-mailed in. Main points I made: 1. The club has the appearance of being in turmoil at the moment. 2. There appears to be no conflict resolution process at the club - this is only the latest in a long line of similar stand-offs with players. 3. Joyce's attempt at explanation in the post-match presser was not adequate. 4. Agreements made in the off-season about training standards and selection are all very well, but circumstances change and agreements need to be flexible. Especially for a player such as Bruno, who I called "talismanic."
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    Fuck it. Despite being totally underwhelmed so far this season, I am making the 160km round trip on my one day off OUT of the city. And I expect all you ferkers to do the same. Get behind them. And yes, if what we see sucks, let HIM know. See you there. Be loud and/or possibly angry. Love that Walsall story too!
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    So here you go. This was my take at the end of last season. More of the same. To be honest I’d be happier if I had to issue a grovelling post of apology.
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    1.Joyce is a fool for wanting flat out every day. It makes no sense at all. Elite athletes sure as hell don’t do it, they tailor training so that they peak for the big events. Why leave your best work on Bundoora? 2. Skin folds. Give me a break. What was Ross’s skin folds? I want goals from my striker not 14:20 5k time trials FFS. 3. I was banging on last year about “the club” not being able to manage conflict. Looks like I’ve got some company in that view point now. 4. Joyce Out.
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    I hope we lose every week until this dickhead is replaced.
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    Without being too glib about it, Foster would probably end up being as bad as the current administration as he definitely puts everyone in the "Best Friend" or "Worst Enemy" camp.
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    Fully understand. I've given this club my money since day one. I simply cannot walk away from it now regardless what happens. And no club will persuade me to switch even if the stadium was built across the road from me. There is no doubt CFG is not making City appealing and even scaring away what we already, but I still have hope (only just) things will turn for the better of this club whether it takes 1 year or 10 years. Doubt many share the same feeling as me which is understandable, so CFG better act sooner rather than later otherwise this club will simply cease to exist.
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    This shit thing as well is that with so much expectation pre-season and at the beginning of the season, then when it starts it all turns to shit, then having to endure a long wait till the next season....and then this all repeats itself.
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    I suppose I’m still in but my enthusiasm for the club and the league more generally has been waning for a while now. I find the league stale and boring and our team especially so. I was optimistic before this season as I thought our squad was one of the best ever assembled but that was misplaced. We’re full of hard working, vanilla footballers and we’ve isolated our only marketable player and striker. We’re led by a stubborn, uninspiring Englishman whose approach to football belongs in the last century. Our owners are frustratingly inscrutable and I can’t shake the nagging feeling that we now exist as a PR exercise and a small, money making venture. It’s clear that we’ve got ambitions in a revamped league because we’ve taken a big role in this congress reform and will probably have an even bigger role in an independent league. But will CFG splash the cash and buy us success domestically and continentally? Will they keep farming out our good, young talent? Will they be a little more transparent? How many fans will leave for Team 11? A lot of questions and a lot of frustration.
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    I think what is also a massive caveat that we always forget is the uniquely hardness of our pitches. Exclude La Rocca and Malik but if you look at De Laet O'halloran and Berenguer all apparently soft tissue (it's my assumption based on no impact breaks/tears). That every season these visa players break down. It's not until the second season if they last before they play consistently week in week out. Exceptions in their first seasons were Bruno and Bart which in itself tells you a little about their resilience. It does my head in every season the same shit.
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    I too believe Joyce's training must be over the top and putting excessive pressure and strain on players to meet his standards. This time of the season all players should be match fit and in my opinion training should be keeping them ticking them over not pushing them into injuries.
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    IMO there's not a great deal of evidence to support this view. In general terms the quality of our marquee players since the takeover has not been outstanding, and this is one area where we could outspend all the other clubs if the owners really wanted to dominate the league. There is no cap on the allowed spend in the coaching area either; we could have brought in a whole football department of world-class manager and coaches, together with a top CEO and other back-room staff, if we wanted to, but again the owners have not done that. We did see expenditure on City Football Academy, first for men and later for the women and junior sides, initially giving us an advantage over the other clubs, but I cannot cannot see the recent statements by Marwood saying the the focus in the immediate future will be return on the investment already made in Melbourne as holding any likelihood that the purse strings will be loosened any time soon.
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    What's supposed to be a joy, has turned into nightmare. It's simply not sustainable over the longer period. The club can't exist like this despite the foreign rich owner.
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    Yes. He does talk about commitment a lot. That's fine, I'm sure we're all for that. But in the parts above underlined in bold it seems to be the crux of the problem. Bruno does not believe in the things Joyce says. He does not believe that whatever Joyce is implementing will benefit him or the team. And so far he's been right. Bruno has struggled under his system. It doesn't work for him. He's grown frustrated. And Joyce insisting that players have 'got to beleive' is not how it works. Not when you're dealing with your bigger stars. You can expect a Lauchie Wales to say yes for everything Joyce has to say but players like Bruno, Kilkenny, Brattan etc. have to be convinced. And if you don't convince them you'll lose them. His last comment in that article sums it up. Joyce's way. Or no way. In my experience working with top athletes in another sport you can have that attitude with younger players. But you can't have that attitude with experienced players because they'll tell you to fuck off. You need to be firm and a strong leader but you also need to gain their respect. You can't expect it will simply come as part of being a dictatorial manager.
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    In other words it will be a good opportunity to see where we are at.
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    Well its clear the club is not handling it well and its about time we saw some cracks appear under pressure. The whole censoring the Fornaroli footage at the ground is just sad and amateur. I know I am a broken record but I just cannot fathom the club would be that daft in moving Fornaroli on. He is the exact type of player we have been crying out for since the Heart days and he is a player you build an XI around rather than what Joyce has done and created some shitty style which isolates Fornaroli and he becomes way less effective.
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    I agree. A very good performance considering what had preceded the match. We showed a lot more enterprise than expected, just some sloppy passing in the final third letting down our attacking moves. Defence was very solid against some very neat play from Newcastle - lovely work from Bart throughout, Delbridge solid, and the two backs willing to get forward., and I thought the midfield was pretty good all round. I'm very surprised at the criticism of Baccus - IMO he was central to everything. Usually I'm the first to criticise slow build-up, and IMO there wasn't much of that tonight. I thought the weakness for the team was the LW - Vidosic looked completely lost and was indecisive in position and in his passing - very poor match from him. Three cracking goals. Particularly Wales' - did well, kept his head and a nice finish when we needed the extra buffer. Attendance 6,013. Seagull factor: zero. Don't think anything was solved tonight, and the club needs to work very hard to make up for a very poor week off the field. The attendance was OK considering what has transpired, the shit KO time, and changes in service on at least two train lines. The rusted-on fans kept the faith, and the lads put a lot more into their play than we've often seen. Three good and deserved points.
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    Saddest thing for me is that three weeks ago, we had a massive crowd against Sydney with a golden opportunity to make a statement, both on and off the pitch. Only two games later (1 win and 1 loss) and the sky has well and truly fallen on us. Anyway, we'll be there - can't wait to see junior walking out with the teams. Hope there's enough people there to make it a great experience for him.
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    Haz Everyone wear Red would be a good start. Doesnt have to be Heart merch, just red in general. I dont mind this, actually what i feel would be the most effictive way of standing together in this quagmire we find ourselves is that we all need to be on the same page and be one unit. So the Melburnians have said no chanting for 23 minutes then rip out a Bruno chant, maybe more can be done......... -I like the wearing red idea i think it has legs -instead of "if you love city chant" maybe after the Bruno chant it can merge into support for the players "if you back our boys stand up If you want Joyce out stand up" Im not sure this needs to be seperate thread but it seemed if we mentioned stuff in one area then good ideas wouldnt get lost.
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    I've rummaged through the cupboard and dug out my Melbourne Heart "Foundation Member" scarf. Didn't know I still had it. I shall wear it with pride.
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    I recommend everyone listens to Clint Bolton's interview on SEN from earlier today. https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=307775
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    Haven't posted in a while, but thought this was the right time. I'm firmly on the 'Joyce out' train, but not because of the issues surrounding Bruno. I thought he should have been dropped, to bench anyway because of his form, but after he finally scored, I thought we should give him another go starting. But yes, if he was forcing a move (I would have let him go in the off season) or not up to fitness levels (depending what you read since there's been numerous things reported), he should be dropped. No player is bigger than the team. Why I'm on the 'Joyce out' train though is simple, I've been a member since the Melbourne Heart era and I supported this club with all I had. But now, I don't even feel excited about watching us play, his brand of football, the players we've lost because of him and I don't see it getting any better. I'll support the players 100% every time, but Warren Joyce has lost me. (I wrote this quickly, so I may have left a thing or two out.)
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    I’ve ridden a lot of lows with this club but now I’m thinking I’m done.
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    We all turn up. We don’t sing “Happy together” but stand in silence. That would be something.
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    But this is a bullshit comment. There is nothing lacking in Bruno’s desire, he leaves nothing behind on game day. With Novillo, Mooy and Bruno we had the most potent attack the A-league gad seen. That was a combination we haven’t replicated. Where is our equivalent Mooy/Honda type midfielder that can pull strings and feed Bruno. Poor recruiting and now some people blame Bruno. I say bullshit to that. We have no clear plan. At least the Tards have a style of play and they recruit accordingly.
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    I dont mind Bruno leaving at seasons end on legitimate end of contract. He has given his heart to this club and can leave with his head up high. What I cannot stand for is him leaving either in similar circumstances to what we have seen with others, or because he has been unjustly shown the door. What I would rather is that Joyces management come under scrutiny; Fornaroli is played and surrounded by a decent team culture; a system that suits all the players is implemented. Either Joyce gets fucked off, or he eats some humble pie and changes this bullshit tinkering that is winding back the progress that we have made over the last few seasons. I know we have not reached great heights, but I still felt we were making progress. Now we are back to squars fucking zero. Its a shame.
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    I think its time to put animosities aside. Congratulations Tim, our greatest ever Socceroo.
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    https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/a-league-expansion-first-order-of-business-for-new-ffa-chair-nikou So two of Pearce's preferred candidates got their tickets on the board, including Nikou as Chairman. Anyone who doubts CFG are here for the long game (with an eye on becoming a powerhouse in Asia), should consider the effort that would have gone into toppling the Lowy dynasty, and instilling a board that will most likely favour a re-cast competition that aligns with CFG's ambition.
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    It's a good success/fauilure barometer. The more seagulls at games the lower the crowd the shitter we are. Less gulls signifies success. 10< Gulls: Championship winning team 10-50 Gulls: Contender 50-100 Gulls: Average Performers, maybe top 6 100-200 Gulls: Outside top 6 200> Gulls: Fucking shit bottom of the table
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    Everyone already forgetting last week already haha A win is a win but I would like us to do the same against a better side.
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    I jump on this forum each week and seriously just shake my head at what is written and the expectations of people on here. For all the 'we should have done this' and the 'they made us look better' and in general, negativity around us - no one bothers to pay attention to how other teams setup against us. Apart from Victory to a degree, the other teams we have played are content to sit a wall of defenders back and give us the ball, knowing it will be hard for any team to penetrate. Unless you have the unparalleled technical ability of a Man City in your league, playing against teams that are disciplined and defend this way is not easy, making these types of games quite frustrating to watch. Obviously the key is to play the ball quicker so as not give the other team time to set up their defence, which I thought was a clear intent of our game last night, so ticks there. Sure, the response will be 'well that's the manager's job to work around' and that's true. ...but he made a huge statement last night not starting Vidosic and dropping Brattan completely. Playing Berenguer and McGree more advanced and most importantly, centrally was also a very good move that helped the ball movement and attacking play. So I think he should be given credit for last night's performance. Not sure what people expect, but I walked away content from the game. The win was one of the most comfortable in ages (WP never looked like scoring) and bar a couple of 5-10 minute patches, we controlled the game. Despite the frustration around his play, Bruno got on the scoresheet which will massively boost his confidence. Berenguer finally got some good touches and looked decent and De Laet showed why he is marquee status with the class and technical ability of that finish a joy to watch. The crowd was ok given the weather and other terrible incident and active I thought, did a good job too. Given last week, it was a good response from the team and leaves me feeling there's hope yet after last week's shit.