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    For all the shit we give CFG and what seemed to be the complete disregard for our history. This is the single greatest thing they have done for the real fans of this club, the ones who have been here for 10 years
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    Its a great gesture from the club and one that will hopefully unite some of the fans that dropped off because they thought the Heart era was disrespected, whether thats true or not. My personal feel was the club made some dumb mistakes in the first year but ever since, and especially in the last 2 or so years have been very respectful of our history and have made active efforts to engage the past. Obviously some people were hurt by the colour change and will never accept any peace pipe offerings, but those types have made their choice and hopefully will move on if they havent already (some definitely haven't). But there's plenty that are just in that in between phase and if this is the start of something bigger and better then we as a club, and as a wider fan base are all the richer for it. I hope it doesnt become a 'we should go back to the red and white at home' thing though, because that would be getting a little bit of rope and running a mile with it. I'd hate to see the club reluctant to do things like this going forward because every time the same types dig up all the old skeletons and make it more trouble than its worth. Nevertheless, here's to making history and seeing Curtis Good lift up that big fucking toilet seat in our foundation kit.
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    Big difference between taking over a team in great shape and taking over a Joyceball rabble. Everything about Erick reeked that he knew his shit. Ok CVs aren’t everything, but his was golden. Then he transformed the side. My own view is that If Cabrera hadn’t left we would have got those 7 extra points plus got over the line in the grand final (as we were so close already). Its not just where you finish, it’s what you start with as well.
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    FFS, this is such BS. Should be at a pub in Sydney right now, 15 scotches deep, getting pumped to support the boys.
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    Grant was onside. Beath is a fucking shit ref. Unless he's standing directly behind Redmayne there had to be reasonable doubt that Wales interfered at all. He wad 3 or 4 metres away and didn't come cost to impacting the shot. And while I'm at it he clearly chose to ignore giving Grant a second yellow for a black and white yellow for lifting his shirt over his head. Fuck you Beath. Fuck you.
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    CONGRATS to the boys and Le Genius for an EXCELLENT season in very trying circumstances. The best team won but it took a moment of brilliance by Bratts and the bogan, and a moment of blindness by our defence. Fact is: We were never a true threat in front of goal. But it was a tight contest. Thanks Tommy Glover. Great performance. Onwards and upwards next season, and let's just hope EM stays. See you soon.
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    The ultimate irony: that the traitor who left our great city is the only one of us allowed to go to our first GF! Well played Phantom.
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    Yes apparently our scouting department has been following him for several years now. They watched all the YouTube highlights and are impressed with what he can bring.
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    Not sure I agree with the narrative developing that our visas failed, or aren't good enough or even should be axed immediately. For me this season was the first I can remember all of them actually contributed noticeably, okay not so much in the grannie but overall, and because I'm talking about overall the entirety of the season then I would say all of them minus Susaeta all helped the team make the grannie and finish clearly the second best team in the league. Individually I think everyone's expectations are skewed, but that's opinions. As a follow up you need to look at the oppositions visas and see they really didn't do a huge amount in the final either. I felt Berenguer and Luna were below but they were also had defensive roles on Ninkovic, and Noone was battling Grant, which maybe Grant won in stoppage time, but overall I think all these blokes should do another season.
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    TTIM: Football fans. Reading the fallout from Celtics elimination in the Champions League qualifiers, there's a repeated line of the fans deserve better.......you greedy cunts have won 9 titles on the trot and numerous cups in the past 10 seasons, you deserve fuck all. Fans that follow their club through constant misery, they deserve better not some pompous cunts who enjoy constant success and spend 10 times the amount of a majority of their competitors.
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    Surely one of you guys know a Greek construction worker, or a Serbian hairdresser, or someone that can smuggle a few thousand of us into Sydney by Sunday
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    - 31 goals from 108 appearances in the A-League predominantly as a winger - Current Socceroo - Still only 27yo He had an average season at Victory (still scored 8 goals) but so did the rest of their squad and at his age, a return to his best form isn't improbable. Colakovski and Abdulahi have hardly done enough to warrant regular starting berths so I don't rate this a journeyman signing in the slightest, especially as he can provide huge upside in a position we have struggled with. I agree that 1-year was the way to go though given his aversion to loyalty and the general uncertainty of the league.
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    highlight is seeing JMac live up to expectations, putting the Bruno debacle past us + Erick galvanising the team like never before + beating Sydney + return of red and white strip for a couple of big games + the club's youtube channel in particular the pre game, half time, and post analysis shows, very quick summary of game but a big step in the right direction in their attempts to communicate with fans + liked their end of year awards show as well + i like that paddy has done a solid apprenticeship, is very good in the locker room with the lads lowlight is a general one in that we still haven't taken that final step + as soon as we're talked up a bit we come up short + a pity erick couldn't win one for us
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    Three Melbourne clubs 1,2,3. Three NSW clubs 9,10,11. "Once is happenstance,.Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action." (Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond.)
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    Thank you to everyone who voted during this very long season on the week to week MOTM posts. This year was by far the tightest count we have had in the 5 years I've done this In somewhat of a bitter-sweet announcement, now we know what's happening with him, and also a slightly surprising winner Congratulations to the 2019/20 Forum Player Of The Season NATHANIEL ATKINSON
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    Wales was offside and in the 'wrong area'. Can't say conclusively whether it affected Redders or not, but i think disallowing the goal was probably justified. Really harsh on us, but i think that's football, not an error by the ref. Glad Le Fondre didn't get the penalty but if the same thing had happened to Maclaren, we'd be furious about it. Could easily have been given. Don't want to see someone sent off in a grand final because they momentarily lift their shirt. Would have tarnished the result if we'd then equalised or won in extra time. Was the briefest of indiscretions. Everyone's having their say, so there's mine. In short: Very proud of the season. Not the most entertaining Heart/City season, but real progress was made. We had our chances to win the grand final and didn't. That was down to us, not the ref and not even really the opposition. Why Noone didn't pull the trigger from 18 yards in the first half i don't know. 3 half-chances from headers from Curtis Good he'll wish he can have again. Too few players had real hunger. Atkinson did, possibly too much, but many others were passive when the grand final was there for the taking. I'd want City to keep our starting back 5 (+ Galloway). Put Glover on a 5yr contract. Keep Brillante, Metcalfe and Maclaren. The rest can leave because i think we can recruit ample or better replacements for Berenguer, Luna, Noone and Wales. Keep the youth and give them some serious minutes. Most of them will fail but 1 or 2 won't and that's what a youth system is for.
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    We can analyse who did what until we're blue in the face. But in a year when we havnt been home for 9 weeks, we lost in extra time after we had a disallowed goal. Sometimes I think why do I bother with this team and club, but when I'm sitting on the floor just about crying when the final whistle went, I know why I do I'm so proud of what we have become this season, in no way shape of form is this a failed season. It's disappointing as fuck. But now we have an ACL campaign to look forward to, and hopefully this is the last absolute kick in the ass we need to push that one very small step further.
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    Hell yeah, J Mac is the man. Wins the penalty and like ice never looked like missing. He is quality ...as is Glover. Our bookends won us the game.. I think we are a very good chance to win the final. So up until the plague, I missed only one home game .. 2020 can so and suck a dick, cos now I'll miss our 1st GF ... but if we win it, who fkn cares
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    Go back to bed and don't wake up until you have the right answer
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    Nabbout confirmed, check out my thread. Much cooler then @Harrisons
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    I'd be wary of the way its being framed tbh. For example a club might pay its wages monthly on the 20th, and the journos can say that said club hasn't paid anything to its players this month. It's not factually incorrect, but its also intentionally misleading. It could be unintentionally misleading too. ie Journo simply asks player if theyd been paid this month, player says no. No one has lied but people assume eg. There's also the factor of the salary cap at play and paying players 100% only for the cap to be cut could be problematic in terms of then complying with the cap. I don't know all the factors at play, and i'm pretty sure no-one does but i suppose i'd be wary of accusing anyone of anything, or presuming their intentions without a full set of facts at play. It's certainly possible we are screwing players down, but its equally possible, perhaps more likely based on our previous positions, that we are just making sure we don't find ourselves in a spot where we can't get out of.
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    Ouch Melbourne City have become the first team in A-League/FFA Cup history to complete an iconic "Runners up" treble. FFA Cup Final - Lost 4-0 to Adelaide United Regular season - 2nd place Grand Final - Lost 1-0 to Sydney FC
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    https://www.melbournecityfc.com.au/news/lachlan-wales-departs-melbourne-city-fc Wales is gone, off to WU I'd assume
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    New episode up now. We will go into off season mode now with periodic updates and episodes when news comes to light. Please check out our facebook page as we will be having an interview with Patty K next Thursday evening in conjunction with the Cityzens Giving for Recovery podcast. Hope to see you all on the stream next week.a a link would help Available here www.talkingcity.online Subscribe here Spotify 🎧 https://open.spotify.com/show/6XtmZeu522aayn2YtC4IRx Apple 🍎 podcasts https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/talking-city-podcast/id1162527964
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    Setting his future up. Look at it this way boys. He's now one less club away from coming back to play in his true home...
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    They’ve finally got it. The penny has dropped. When the chips are down, the supporters who give a fuck about this club and will stick by it through thick and thin are the “red & white brigade”. for mine, whilst I was hard on CFG (a lot) having their financial strength through this CF has been a God send. Hopefully this season is the point where CFG and the true fans can come together and win lose or draw , playing the Grand Final in our colours is a bloody good start.
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    The thing that i'm most impressed with is that we didnt play overly well, particularly in an attacking sense, but we toughed it out where we'd have previously gone to shit. Our defensive resolve has never been this good. There's a definite mental shift occurring irrespective of Sunday's result, and we are finally on the track we should be. It's a grand final, and its football so nothing is ever certain, but i reckon we are well up for this. 1-0 from a Luna goal and our first toilet seat incoming.
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    Never thought this thread title would actually become a reality
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    So into the grand final after one season. Not several failed attempts with an everlasting list of excuses. Almost as if a manager can actually make a difference
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    As I understand it the present legislation limits a state of emergency for a continuous period of no more than six months, and that even within such a period the SoE has to be renewed on a monthly basis. AFAIK Andrews wants to remove the "six-months continuous" limitation, but does not wish to change anything else. I take note of all the comments on the matter of lockdowns, and the alternatives, and the potential impacts of the various responses to the coronavirus pandemic. All of us have experienced the immediate impacts of the restrictions, but how many of us have had the virus ourselves or in our immediate family? Until last year death had always been an issue for someone else rather than me personally. My father died in a different country; my mother died in a different state - both many years ago now. My wife died last year. It's not her death that I cannot handle, it's coming to terms with the fact that she will never come back. Fool that I am my heart still hopes the see her come through the garden gate again, but my head knows that she never will. The numbers are not just numbers - they are people. Real people, just like us. For me it is not an option to "live with the virus." It's not acceptable to have 20 deaths per day. In no way am I a supporter of Premier Andrews, but IMO it is right and proper to give the government, and future governments of Victoria, the necessary legislative powers to to minimise the death and other health impacts of the current situation, and any other pandemic that may occur in the future.
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    Aloisi unlucky imo
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    How long have you been following this club? EVERYTHING could go wrong. We don't need a football coach. We need an exorcist.
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    hi received a call last week about renewing, told them i would wait until after the first game to see if the players make any political or any other virtual signalling protest i go to football to get away from all this crap, if they do i,m done, i know the difference between good and bad don't need to be brainwashed into other peoples views
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    Player payments are really nobody's business aside from the club, players and agents so I'm not going to bother speculating there. In a more general view from the outside, it really does seem as though the A-League will be heavily stripped back next season. If nothing else, I can only hope that this gives everybody with real agency in the game in Australia the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate the league and shape the direction its to head in for the foreseeable future. For one, while the spectator involvement is so limited with Covid-19 doing its thing, I really hope the A-League heads actually develop a proper, well thought-out strategy to combat the startling decline in interest/attendances - particularly in active support, and bring it back to the amazing levels we reached in times past. I just found myself on a YouTube binge of old A-League highlights from the 2014-16 era and the atmosphere of the games was absolutely remarkable for our little league, a time when the Melbourne derbies really meant something and the passion had nothing manufactured about it. People can argue about money equating to quality all they want but the A-League has thrived with far shitter players plying their trade before the likes of Diego Castro, Ninkovic, Fornaroli, Janko, Diamanti etc. made their way over here. Even before the Del Piero/Heskey/Ono season of 2012/13, the league still had its heart and the atmosphere and support was alive. To focus solely on the lack of money circulating around the league as the primary cause of the league's woes at the moment is ignoring the other issues at hand. I just want to see some effort put in to return this great competition with truly, captivating rivalries, stories, heroes and villains back to what it was and then beyond to what it could have been (from an off-field/in-the-stands perspective).
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    I just asked Chris Beath and he assured me that this is purely coincidental.
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    Luna was fantastic once he got up to speed before the lockdown. He was clearly underdone at the restart considering he'd spent 80 days indoors whilst in Mexico and another 14 day quarantine in Melbourne upon his return. I'd happily keep him and Windy and use our 3 Visa spots on wingers and a creative midfielder.
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    ^ how can you not say redmayne is already looking at that shot and think wales was a distraction
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    Well, just proves what we've always know; this fukn comp is so Sydney rigged it's laughable. The only surprise for me was dickfondler not getting that pen and Harper not on his knees for the prized gobby straight after. Fuk you Sydney and your weasel faced rat fucking coach. Keep going City, you deserve to be in front.
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    In Rd12 played in our away/white strip, but it would be epic if we could play our first GF in Red & White ❤️💗💖
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    City member living in Sydney and managed to get a ticket to the semi final and grand final (hoping we make that one!) Excited to see live football! Any other City ‘expats’ living here?
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