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    Considering the following : - the league is stale and crowds are down - all teams beside Sydney are average and without ross we won't be able to mount a challenge - McCormack is highly marketable and banging in the goals All signs point towards keeping Ross being good for the league as a whole. On this basis I believe the FFA will reject it.
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    Really disappointing outcome for us and for McCormack. It now seems certain that Villa wanted a loan fee such that we were going to breach the salary cap thanks to FFA's "Lampard Rule." I wouldn't mind if Villa had an alternative future for him other than giving him a holiday. He's their player, but it just seems bloody-minded on their part not to let him finish the season with us. Thanks Ross for everything you did for City and us, the fans, and all the best for the future.
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    I reckon we should close this thread and consign Cahill to the general "Where are they now?" He's not worthy of his own thread on a Melbourne City forum.
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    If that was his final game, Ross joins the extremely small club of former Heart/City players who left whilst still being universally loved by the fans. Thanks for the incredible memories you big beautiful haggis-eating bastard
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    How long was your girlfriend hitting up Luke on the side?
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    You probably need to ask yourself why would the Nix and CCM even care about playing some crap NPL team that can't even win their own league?
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    His exclusion of Wazza in his statement just proves that he is a dick. All respect to you if you don't agree. Surprise surprise, a certain member runs their mouth like the keyboard warrior they are the minute an influential player leaves the club. Of which the apparent "problematic" behaviour of the exiting player is exactly what the same potty mouth keyboard warrior does time and time again on the forums. Who would have thought !!!!! To open up the discussion about players being "dicks", i dont really see how he is being a dick - he is / was simply offering his opinion (no different to here on the forums btw) each time he spoke, and even then he (1) always bled for the team, (2) stepped up / put in whatever he could for a 90 min shift, and (3) put his head down / didnt complain publicly / got on with it this season when Wazza decided to bench him. Hence Kilkenny won our player of the season last season. Personally, I always found Kilkenny friendly and very happy to talk to fans / do photos. Hardly the act of a "dick" He did play close to the edge, as did Brandan, as does Fornaroli and a number of other players for City and at other clubs - part and parcel of the game. To paint Kilkenny with a negative brush is to do so for all players, Generally I'd say each to their own (on one provision) since most of us have our own little nuisances. The only provision is that each of us is able to objectively take and talk the good with the bad, since the way we see things isn't always the best / most right, what works / is seen now is culpable for change over time and is not the only way of reaching a certain outcome. And if Kilkenny is such a dick / is such a big deal (even though from other responses on the forum here is to say Kilkenny's not much of / at all a dick), how the fuck could you possibly defend McCormack playing for this club when he joined - FFS he was chased outta Aston Villa by the coach for (at least in the eyes of Steve Bruce) for being a fuck nut in training and in his lack of professionalism?!?!? Seriously, not every person at every club or work place will get along. Not every player (even when exiting) will act like Cahill or like Fornaroli. Get the fuck over yourself. And as an aside I for one will wish Kilkenny good luck (other than against us ) and all the best
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    TTDIM: Dogs. Seriously dogs are the greatest creatures on the whole planet. No matter what they will always love and cherish your existence like nothing else. They are always so happy to see you and they want nothing more in life than to be your friend and make you happy. One of my two dogs passed away today after a long illness. His medication had stopped working and we decided it was time to let his suffering end and let him rest. We adopted him about 5 years ago from a shelter after his previous owners beat, tortured, starved and finally abandoned him. When we met him he was a terrified little bag of bones who wouldn't fall asleep for days on end as he was in so much fear of what was going to happen to him. Throughout his time with us he blossomed into a happy, kind, excitable little bundle of joy and became my best friend. As tough as today has been, I'll always be happy with the knowledge that we gave him a second chance and a loving home for him to grow old in. I cannot recommend adopting a rescue dog highly enough. It's not always as easy as buying a puppy from a breeder, and not as fashionable, but there is nothing quite like bringing a bit of happiness to a lonely old dog.
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    I'm sure the last seasons player of the year should be thanking the coach who refused to play him even in the most dire of circumstances. The fact he was shelved without any opportunity to play and prove the coach wrong yet he didn't make any murmurs to the media, shows he was a pretty good pro.
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    Great job guys. When I was head of the FRG, I personally enjoyed grilling Scott, and found him to be honest, and straight down the line. He really does put in his best effort for City. Honestly, if he was no good for the job of CEO, he'd be long gone as CFG only employ high quality operators in their top level administrative roles.
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    Including their contract lengths and salaries.
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    ACL would get 100% more interest if games that didn't include A League clubs were broadcast in Australia. I would love to be able to watch the rest of Asia, but with the lack of broadcasting I have no idea who's any good until the Fox commentators tell me that an A League team has a tough draw.
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    Now now there is absolutely no need for that, i am sure if you were ever in a similar situation you would do the same so pull your big head in what makes you so special?
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    Simple solution, eat 15% above your macros, lift heavy 4-6 reps and do compound exercises. Then you violate the dogs
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    as someone who plays a lot of fifa and football manager, I know a bit more about how a team should operate champ. If the goalkeeper isn't running from one side of the field and scoring at the other, you've got a problem
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    In addition to the identity question above, Why this Instead of this
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    What happened to the sausage stand?
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    How's Dastyari saying he got booted for "much less"... Because actions bordering on treason are much more forgivable than sleeping with a co-worker.
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    The part that I find anmoying is that I don't think he had fully hit his stride and that all parties would have benifitted from extending the loan.
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    Hitler would have made a shit World Cup manager. Easily defeat Poland, Netherlands and Denmark early in the rounds and soundly thrash France in the quarters. 3 nil up at half time against England in the semis and he’s destracted by the upcoming final against Russia, so pulls 3/4 of the squad and prematurely starts a second match before the first is finished. Plus Blitzkreig is a crap style of football.
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    Yeah maybe if you hadn't been so "comfortable" in training you would have been on the pitch more you colossal fucking twat
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    Not sure, the flow was impeccable, laughter was natural/abundant, analysis spot on and multi-faceted. Only gripe was letting a bald man speak
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    Always hoped he'd return here one day. That Brisbane game at home when we changed every chant to Tando chants's for the 2nd half and he grew taller with each minute will live on as one of my fondest City/Heart memories.
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    My husband and I were dressed and ready to go out for a lovely evening of dinner and theatre. Having been burgled in the past, we turned on a 'night light' and the answering machine, then put the cat in the backyard. When our cab arrived, we walked out our front door and our rather tubby cat scooted between our legs inside, then ran up the stairs. Because our cat likes to chase our budgie we really didn't want to leave them un-chaperoned so my husband ran inside to retrieve her and put her in the back yard again. Because I didn't want the taxi driver to know our house was going to be empty all evening, I explained to him that my husband would be out momentarily as he was just bidding goodnight to my mother. A few minutes later he got into the cab all hot and bothered, and said (to my growing horror and amusement) as the cab pulled away. "Sorry it took so long but the stupid bitch was hiding under the bed and i had to poke her ass with a coat hanger to get her to come out! She tried to take off so i grabbed her by the neck and wrapped her in a blanket so she wouldn't scratch me like she did last time. But it worked! I hauled her fat arse down the stairs and threw her into the backyard....she had better not shit in the vegetable garden again." The silence in the taxi was deafening.....
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    The desire is prob the more exciting part than the reality; he is clearly settled and wants to stay here. First true club legend confirmed.
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    Hi, opposition fan in peace. Just want to share the preview I do for the Jets forum. Sorry about the formatting - the transfer of the preview from one forum to the other isn't 100% clean. A-League 2017/18 Round 17 Melbourne City v Newcastle Jets FIXTURE FACTS Overall – 22 matches between the two teams. Jets Wins - 9, City Wins - 10, Drawn - 3 In Newcastle – 12 matches. Jets Wins - 7, City Wins - 4, Drawn - 1 In Melbourne - 10 matches Jets Wins - 2, City Wins - 6, Drawn - 2 Average Home A-League Crowd – 9378 Average Away A-League Crowd - 7197 Goals in Fixture Jets – 32, City - 43 In Melbourne - Jets – 12, City - 24 1st Goals in Fixture Jets – 11, City - 11 Cards in Fixture Jets - 62 (61 yellow, 1 red), City 38 (36 yellow, 2 red) Recent Form (A-League) Jets - LDWWL (7 point from last 15) City - LWWDW (10 points from last 15) Leading Scorers Jets - Andrew Nabbout (8) City – Ross McCormack (14) Last Result - Newcastle Jets 1 (Nabbout 32') - Melbourne City 2 (McCormack 40' pen, Muscat 86') at McDonald Jones Stadium, A-League, Round 9, Season 2017/18 FIXTURE RECORDS Jets Biggest Win Jets 3 (Goodwin 56’, Zadkovich 52’, R Griffith 87’ pen) – City 0, Round 19, Season 2011/12 at Hunter Stadium, 11/02/2012. City Biggest Win Jets 0 – City 4 (Jaliens 18', Novillo 47', Williams 63', Ramsay 87') at AAMI Park, A-League, Round 21, 14/03/2015, Jets 0 - City 4 (Mooy 43', Fornaroli 56', Mooy 59', Fornaroli 62') at Hunter Stadium, A-League, Round 10, 13/12/15 and Jets 0 - City 4 (Cahill 12', Fitzgerald 65', Fornaroli 75' pen, Fornaroli 81') at AAMI Park, A-League, Round 23 18/3/2017. Leading Scorers in fixture – Jets - Ryan Griffiths (6) City - Bruno Fornaroli (8)
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    At the risk of starting this argument back up again, it amazes me why this bloke is still being criticised. It is so obvious how much hard work he is doing off the ball, harassing the opposition when they have it, trying to cause turnovers. He's been doing this since he forced his way back into the team months ago. He was fantastic again on Sunday night. It was also awesome to see Budzinski doing the same - I thought both he and Brattan stood out for their pressure when not in possession. Understandably, Budz petered out but it was definitely an encouraging sign for the rest of the season. Also, it's astounding that people are still finding fault with a performance that saw us flog a team by 5 goals - 3 more than any other effort this season So after thinking about this a little deeper, I have come up with below what I believe are the reasons why all this criticism still exists on here: a/ You have never played football before. b/ You have absolutely no idea what happens on the ground during a football match. c/ You believe that the only time your players are any good is when you are winning every single game by a total of no less than 10 goals and the other team does not register a single shot on goal. Everyone from the board down to the dude that reads out the teams should be sacked when the above does not occur. d/ The player's ethnicity does not match yours or that of your heritage. e/ You are most likely blind or retarded in some way. f/ Your partner must have been boned by said player at some point in the past. g/ You don't understand with Kyrgios playing the Aus Open at the same time, you had fuk all hope of getting a huge attendance. h/ You still hold a grudge from the takeover and red is your favourite colour. i/ All of the above It feels like every post of mine of late is a backhander to someone on this forum, but my mind just fries at what I read on here at times...
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    Playmaker wearing a lot of pressure here, I reckon. He doesn't want to have backed another Koren and as such is making over the top emotive calls based on next to no data. In my opinion, we still haven't seen enough of him to know if he's any good. This is frustrating at this point of the season. I can't say he's shit at this stage, but to suggest he's now living up anything close to his marquee status is laughable.
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    https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=175283 Scott Munn comes into the studio, essential listening.
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    Here is a photo of their defensive set up ... you can see why they are so hard to breakdown
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    Hmmmm you could play that game 50 times over and the possession stats would be the same, even greater towards Man City as they'd have 11 out there. Out of those 50 times, Man City would win all of them. So yeah your example highlights how effective the counter is on this occasion, but is it really that effective if it works only 1 time out of 50?
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    That's the problem. The source is dry.
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    As it's you Strider, I'm 99.9% sure this is a pisstake, but just in case it's not, please do yourself and everyone around you a favor and talk to somebody. Whether it's a mate, a family member, a significant other or a co-worker, just have a chat man. Seek some professional help. If this is serious, which I'm pretty sure it isn't, you'll be okay if you take steps to get help. If it isn't serious then haha lol
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    I was thinking surely after what happened last night when he was out, his knockers would realise the role that Malik (and his ilk) play in a football side. Then I looked on Facebook......
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    We should trade him for that Redmayne fella, hes pretty good and I like how he motivates his team by clapping.
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    He's actually not very text book religious. He see's the belief in a creator as a necessary building block to a successful morally stable and responsible society in which hierarchy plays an integral part. Yes he speaks about the bible a lot in some of his lectures (I've listen to hours of them) but he doesn't preach the word of god like a priest. He explains the importance of the bible like its a guide to understanding society, history, literature and nature of humans in general. Super high IQ, complex guy and I think its a mistake to simply say he's too religious. Id say he's very philosophical and sees great meaning in things that the average person would not, he could probably turn 'Hansel and Gretel' into a 10 hours lecture about how it mirrors the Italian Renaissance and that breadcrumbs are the meaning of life. My dad is a super catholic, church going, god fearing, textbook bible guy so I know the definition of too religious. I find it hard to connect and discuss religion/god with him despite considering myself a fellow believer and catholic... I guess, more in a "cultural' sense. I think the bible (especially the old testament) should be treated like a series of poems, tales and rough (very rough) accounts of historic events there to inspire or guide us to finding your own philosophy on the gift of life. Eg Noahs Arch = Call a plumber on Monday about that leak, not the following thursday afternoon at 4:30pm when your ankle deep in water and the Mrs is losing her flaps.
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    So this. Bruno's last season was so frustrating as the service to him, due to crappy wingers and no CAM, was nowhere near the year before (Mooy and Novillo). It meant it was easy for opposition teams to double team him - he had to roam deeper a lot of the time just to get a touch. Arzani brings that Novillo style of play where he takes on defenders and quickly cuts in. By continually beating your man on the dribble and moving centrally, it forces one of the centre backs to shift across to cover, leaving that pocket of space where a smart striker like tuna can exploit again - and was so often used successfully in his first season. A similar player on the other wing would make it obviously harder for defenders again.
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    There's another aspect of the Mix signing that people here probably aren't aware of. MLS is actually even more obtuse with its bizarre rules and restrictions than the A-League, and one of those is that players often get signed to contracts with indefinite ends due to a bewildering array of extension clauses that can often be triggered without necessarily having everyone's agreement, and which often are not publicised anyway. Furthermore, players are technically signed to the league not to individual clubs, and the league simply allocates them to clubs based on details of the transfer. Mix was signed by NYCFC for their first season back in 2015 on very high wages as he was expected to be a centrepiece of the team, but by the end of their second season it was clear that Patrick Vieira didn't rate him and he would have to go. They wanted to sell him but couldn't find any takers, so used a MLS rule which states that clubs can terminate any one player's contract without being hit by salary cap penalties (mutual termination clauses etc) but due to MLS rules his contract wasn't terminated with MLS itself. MLS could have made him available for signing by any other MLS club but it was decided ultimately to loan him to a club in Sweden, probably due to lack of interest. All the NYCFC fans assumed that that was the end of it...until it wasn't. Stories kept popping up that due to MLS rules he was still somehow bound to NYCFC and they would have to put him back in the squad if they couldn't transfer him. Under those circumstances, and with no-one else willing to take him, it suddenly makes a lot more sense that Manchester City agreed to sign him for free. Also he definitely isn't coming to Melbourne, as all the reports state that he will not be sent to another CFG team. To all intents and purposes it seems that CFG have basically done a deal with him where they will let him train in Manchester for a while and find him a new club if he will agree to get off NYCFC's salary books.
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    Signed for Millwall. Good luck to him, hope he gets the minutes he needed and he get picked for the Socceroos. He always tried for us and was a decent contributor last season my only gripe was his behavior and the way he left this season.
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    Best of luck Neil. my favourite player. A footballer’s footballer. To watch his positioning in a match was to watch near perfection- always in the right spot, nearly always taking the best option. A lesson for any young player on how to play as a defensive midfielder. Could never understand why our current gaffer wanted to play a defender ahead of you. Seemed insanity. thanks for the pleasure of watching you in action, I have no doubt you’ll make a big impact where ever you go. PS no point hanging on to quality if you won’t play it, moving him on is best for everybody.
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    I am a huge Killa fan, but the issue with pairing Brattan and Killa is that they both tend to occupy the same space rendering one less useful (I think this was part of the problem with Brattan dropping off a fair bit last season once Killa moved out of the CB/CDM role). It could be that Wazza rates Bratten better as the deep lying playmaker and feels that the other CM should be an ouright defensive mid. I will be sad to see him go, but if he isn't in Wazza's plans then we need to get rid of him ASAP to free up cap space.
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    Wait a sec @MXG. So you have a go at @Embee for his intelligence which his comment, but then reply with " By the way, nothing can compare with the time you spent sucking his dick here. Or may be not just here" and " Is Luke's not big enough for you?". As Archie Thompson once said... "Sometimes you just need to give a bitch a backhander"
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    My 5 year old boy comes to most games, and its hard to get him to pay attention to the match, but he quickly picked up on Arzani. Without any prompting he became interested in the game, hoping that Arzani would get the ball and he was fascinated whenever he was in the play, and he thought he was our best player. Its true that the whole crowd buzzes everytime he goes near the ball... its a genuine expectation that something will happen, and its fantastic to watch.