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    In other news I went to see Melbourne Storm for something different today. 16 thousand in the stands. Dead and dull atmosphere. Made me proud of what we do with 8g in the stands. What needs to be done to grow support for the club? Its going to be very slow - probably generational. You chose City for a reason, if you feel those reasons are justified to stick with City, then stick to City, promote City, be present and be part of the foundations that (I Hope) are going to last for many generations to come. About culture: do not trivialise it. Culture grows, it is not manufactured. It will only grow if we feed it right. We live in a Victory dominant city. We are the lesser team. But not Forever. Keep the hope alive, keep supporting and project this passion another 5, 25 and 50 years into the future. Thats right son, I was there to see the Aaron Mooy. I witnessed the clubs greatest striker, Bruno Fornaroli. I was there when we won our first FFA cup. I was there when we won our first A League championship. I was there when we won in Asia. I was there... History is being written lads. We are part of it. Be proud.
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    Then you would make two players less effective. i get the whole nostalgia surrounding Ross. But we are fucking lucky to have Fornaroli. A player with his class loves the club and loves Melbourne are very rare. I remember back in the heart days we were screaming out for a long term player to be a club legend and we finally got it, so savour it
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    Given the all clear apparently. Great news.
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    For many people, India is excellent preparation for the toilet seat...
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    Just members in for free? What a fucking joke! What about those of us who were passionate dedicated FOUNDATION members of this club back when it was Melbourne Heart who no longer buy memberships out of spite because we can't move on from the past and cling to literally anything that reminds us of a simpler time when my club had real community roots based in council wheelie bins and my wife didn't fuck other men!?!? Huh? What about us?!? This club has sold its soul for some sky blue facilities. And what do they do for us in return for us letting them invest heavily in our club and build a solid base for us to build a solid future upon? A spit in the face to those of us loyal to the origins of this club. I will not be attending this game and I will be sitting here in my red and white kappa turtleneck rashie Heart shirt pouting until Scott Munn himself comes and sucks my penis to make up for this travesty. #CFGOUT #BRINGBACKTHEHEART #KEEPTHEREDANDWHITE
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    I like it. Why make huge changes to something that already looks great. White collar makes it even better imo. Oh and most importantly. Its not a Man City clone which means its highly likely that we avoid navy socks. I am hoping for white, but not holding my breath
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    There's no use crying over spilt milk. It certainly seems that they've trumped every ace we've played in recent times, especially tipping us out of the ACL position at the end of last season. But much of this is our own doing. We've had good squads - certainly in the four seasons since the takeover - good enough to win silverware, but everyone on here, in CFG, and elsewhere knows that we have consistently underperformed. Victory is just one of the other nine clubs, and Honda just one player in the league. We need to harden up and deliver on the field when it matters. That's all.
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    I've now moved on so lets get this shit done so we can sort out who we bring in. I'm going to hold my judgement on CFG until we find out who is coming in to replace him, if anyone at all. Doesn't have to be a fuckin big name like a Honda (even though he would be perfect). Just someone who propels this side from being there abouts to winning the league. Gimmick marquees can go fuck themselves
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    Oh boo fucking hoo you crybaby pussys, go support victory then and join in the wank fest . They've signed a good player but I swear that one player does not make a team Unless that player is Jason Hoffman 😍😍😍😍 Have some faith in city.
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    Man I hope you're not talking shit... The savior has returned!
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    It's great to see merch improving year by year. I personally love seeing the club targeting all demographics surrounding the club, especially the youth who've been involved for so long, and will grow up to be the legacy of our fanbase! https://premier.sportsubs.com.au/aleague/melbournecity/products/productdetails?productid=10070 If you can't click the link,
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    Tbh i think what he means is that if the club disclosing details of who we are signing, the terms or even who we are talking to jeopardises in any way who they are able sign, then its plainly stupid to do so. The club owes a duty to its members to get the best deals done possible, not to ensure they know every little details of what happens behind the scenes. I'm sure every person that calls themselves a City fan, myself and presumably @n i k o included, would love to know who we are talking to and who we think we have a realistic chance of signing, but its flat out reckless and negligent to do so at the expense of the playing list and us as fans need to be able to comprehend that. If you want an example of where something like that has backfired, see what happened with Michael Essien and Victory a couple of seasons ago.
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    Honestly there are so many dumb fucks on here I'm going to spell it out about the Arzani transfer so everyone can attempt to get it through their neanderthal skulls. 1 - Arzani has for a very long time been one of the highest rated youths in the country. He spent a long time at the AIS and was always going to do great things. He grew up in Sydney and played for Sydney FC's youth team. Why would one of the highest rated future stars of Australian football leave his home city and home club to move to Melbourne? Because we have the best facilities and a clear career pathway into Europe thanks to our CFG connection. If you honestly think he would have left Sydney to come play for La Trobe Uni cow paddock training, wheelie bin ice bath using Melbourne Heart you have a hole in your head. So without CFG, he wouldn't have been here in the first place. 2 - The best young players leave the A League for Europe. It happens at every single club. Has nothing to do with CFG, it happens, and has happened all through the league's history. This may be scary for some of you dense fuckers to think about, but it also happened at Melbourne Heart. We sold players like Good, Behich, Babalj etc to Europe for waaay less than $500,000. 3 - Who cares what arbitrary number they put on the transfer? Nothing changes in our bank account. It's the same organisation. TL;DR: Arzani only came to City because of CFG and he would have left with or without Manchester because he was sick of playing in front of you cunts too stupid to grasp these facts, and I don't blame him.
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    Can't believe they've got another one up on us. Drain the Swamp. Munn Out.
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    I think the black kit looks great TBH. Don't give a crap if it's 3rd kit, 8th kit or how often it will be used; I'll seriously look at getting one.
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    Football incident, nothing in it.
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    if you think about it, the full 120 minutes, half time and the brattan injury, those brisbane fans sat for around 3 hours without witnessing a brisbane goal and conceding at the very last minute in a very dull game Get absolutely fucked you cunts
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    Can this cunt just hurry the fuck up and fuck off to the Scotland Pub League already so we can move on. Over seeing his name now and thinking how we've lost him tbh.
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    The problem with signing an African player is that even if you negotiate past the stupidity of FFA’s seemingly endless salary cap restrictions and squad limitations, you still need to get past this bloke ... . .
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    What did one tampon say to the other tampon?. Nothing. They're both stuck up cunts.
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    I think you two would make good mates.
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    I partly agree, as you said.... 1.You try to keep your talent. 2. And if you can't you need to replace them as best as you can. But why the mention of resources? This is my point. Resources has nothing to do with these two points you've made. They are separate entities in that they are not really dependant on each other. As you say you try to keep the talent. If you can't you replace them as best as you can. As to what benefit? Again slightly different outlook.... -CFG has made a profit which makes us viable as a club. This is important because our owners consider this important. Pretty simple. -As a club? Be known for attracting talent that will spend more time here than Arzani and could help win us the title. Arzani is definitely an outlier in the landscape. Most young talents won't spend 5 months in the senior sqaud then be sought after internationally. Most will spend that extra season with us. A perfect example of that is Mooy who stayed here with us an extra season and moved up into a marquee position. -One more benefit is hopefully in the future we will have a lot of former City youngsters in the national team. To me it would be a source of pride in this club that I have not experienced yet. Imagine. Melbourne City. The club that takes youngsters to represent the NT. That's a great image to have.
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    Not going to lie, if we'd signed Honda and then he'd agreed to manage the Cambodian National Team and said to the media he was planning on retiring before he was approached by the club I'd be pretty bloody concerned right now... (Now that I've said this he'll win the Johnny Warren medal and the golden boot)
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    Update: flags, banners, etc are NOT banned for next season.
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    Thank you for asking. Firstly, I find it sad - well I'm almost disgusted really - when I see poor turnouts to our games. ...but it's an issue that I believe has many factors which include: - success or lack of more to the point. People more so these days only follow success and don't have patience sticking it out. This is the same in everything in our culture from politics to sport unfortunately. They want winners and they want it now and carry on like idiots when they don't get what they want. People sadly feel entitled and believe clubs owe them everything, including success. Sorry, but life isn't that easy. - game style. Hard to watch some of our games at times. - identity. Even though I personally don't subscribe to the mini man city thing, I acknowledge it's a real thing for others. - being second to market in a city where most of the football(soccer) loving public have already sworn an allegiance to another team. ..but mostly I believe the way the game is run down here is the main problem. Poor scheduling, inconsistent rules, etc - the A-League is run by incompetent, selfish people imo. For mine the justification of this belief is that turnouts were down for every club, not just ours. The big supporter clubs like victory and WSW really suffered. Re the plastic feel; well I don't feel that way myself. I'm happy with how the club engages... But I do acknowledge people feel it is a plasticky club, mini man city feel. My whole argument when I first joined on here was about how I thought people bonded with the red and white because it was symbolic of teams they already passionately followed overseas. So for mine, the mini man city idea is just the same thing and something that will always be associated with new it bought out clubs. Hope that all made sense!
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    Spot on, I don't see anyone mentioning the facilities at La Trobe for the men's, youth AND women's teams when they bitch about the lack of money coming our way for Arzani and Mooy, a convenient omission. Personally, I smile a little every time one of the self-loathing, holier than thou types that constantly shit on the club decides to announce they're done with the team. Not only is it a gross over-assumption of their own importance but the less we have of those types the better IMO.
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    Ummmm, speak for yourself yeah? Please don't go putting your words in other people's mouths... But hey, I for one am rapt with your rant because hopefully it means one less tool on this forum.
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    Yeh but you haven't met @Shahanga
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    He hasn't done anything yet. How could he possibly be considered to be doing as well as mooy?
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    No i meant downhill skier haha, only does things when they are easy; disappears at any sign of a challenge. Tbf the two are fairly similar in a sporting context. Anyways my dislike of Rogic as a player is fairly well known, most overrated bloke to pull on the shirt in my time watching the team.
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    Tbh I think the whole premise is a load of shit and KingofHearts is having you on because he thinks he's a master troller.
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    Ranked 47th in UEFA. Not where I expected he'd go - I thought more likely to The Netherlands - and Glasgow could be a bit of a culture shock. But he's one of "ours" so let's wish the lad all the very best and hope that he can realise his dreams in due course.
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    They have about 7 direct Man City loanees, picked up points against Atletico Madrid twice and a squad worth more than 10x ours. Not worried
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    I don't see anything mediocre about the young players we had last night.
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    You want to support Victory then?
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    No. There already have to be three in the senior squad. That's enough now that there is the capacity to have a further 6 Scholarship players outside the cap. There are already too many rules in the A-League IMO. Every new rule creates further inflexibility and discourages further investment in the league.
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    I think you're being unreasonable Bela. There's a chance that if you nominated the five matches that you want to attend at the start of the season that the club could handle the administration, but then it's got to find someone else to fill that seat for the 8 matches that you don't want to attend. But to want a ticket that enables you to rock up to a reserved seat on the 5 occasions that you decide to do so is not reasonable IMO - not for any venue or any form of entertainment. As for the club being flexible - it is. That's what GA tickets are for. You're cutting off your nose to spite your face. Either buy an active membership for the full season, or buy a GA ticket when you decide to go to a match.
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    I probed but was told only that I would find out in due course. Asked about McCormack but was told only that they wish he were back at the club. Obviously players were told to keep a lid on inside goss which is fair enough. In good news the boys all seem to really gell well. The old and younger players. Seems a good vibe down amongst the players and I think above all we are going to see a season shaped by culture. Some really good people down there. Maybe this is just my pervasive pre season optimism soon to be shattered, but I like this team. I think it is going to be nearly entertaining as our 15/16 season.
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    Mr Walker's gone to ground after some brutal trolling by @[LIBBA] and @Embee.
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    He's considered (correctly imo) to be a downhill skier that beats up on the crap teams but goes missing against decent opposition. Given he plays in a pretty good team against crap teams week in, week out then a lot of Aus fans think Celtic has been poor for his development.
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    I would imagine this is how we scout players, someone names a random country and everyone is off to transfermrkt and comes back with someone Our next country is....... BOTSWANA and go
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    I find it amusing your post mentions the pyramid system yet in the same breath completely shows a complete lack of understanding of how one operates