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    Thank you to everyone who voted throughout the season After 28 games the votes have been tallied And the FORUM PLAYER OF THE SEASON FOR 2018/19 FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW IS BART SCHENKEVELD
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    Mooy was the reason Bruno had that amazing season IMO
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    My email to the club after reading he's most likely getting an extension. Yes I may not have written it great, and may have missed a few things, but I hope it gets the point across. To whom it may concern, I've supported this club since I can just about remember, throughout the Melbourne Heart days until now. I've been a member for years, not missing one game as this club became something I loved, but as of right now, I don't think I'll be able to say the same thing come this time next year. This was a club I was proud to be a part of, and at no point I ever thought it would get to this part where I write an email about my dissatisfaction with the club. I know this club will not comment on media speculation regarding managers, but all us supporters can do is read it and talk among each other about it. - Yes, this speculation I refer to is that current manager Warren Joyce will be offered a new contract for next season. I among many, will more than likely not be renewing our memberships if Warren Joyce is retained. We all love this club, but besides a couple of aspects, it doesn't seem that the club feels the same way about us fans. There are many aspects as to why I won't be renewing, such as the negative, 'anti-football' play style. I agree that we need a strong defense, just about every supporter will agree with that. But this season, we aren't even getting results with this game style. So far off the mark from the top 3, and not too far away from clubs outside of the top 6. Another reason is regarding youth players. Yes, granted we will lose some because of competition/better players in their place. But how many do we have to lose? Especially when some are better than their competition/ready to play and don't get any opportunities. The main reason though, is the players that are arguably the best in the league for their position being exiled. For example, crowd favourite Bruno Fornaroli was exiled from the club which led to the manager playing players that aren't strikers in that position. Also Neil Kilkenny was exiled, not given a shot, and he has been just about the best central midfielder this season. There are many more reasons I could give, but this email is already long enough, and it probably won't even be read. The supporters of this club are voting with their feet, many are not showing up, and many more won't next season, including myself, if Warren Joyce's contract is extended. It's time for City to show if their fans mean anything to them. From an unsatisfied Melbourne City member.
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    Can we please get some ethnics back in the team
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    First and foremost I think there's been some fantastic intiatives by the club that supporters have felt proud about. They have hit the mark at times during our history and it felt like we're going n the right direction (despite underlining issues both past and present that would always sit just below the surface and threaten to counter these positives) But what connects and makes supporters feel like they are part an actual club is where CFG have failed. In rough order why Melbourne City has lost its supporters and is not a club anymore... 1. First and foremost a lot of people on this forum are ex Heart supporters. Right there is the biggest and issue, challenge, difficulty, hurdle...whatever you want to call it. 2. Sorians promise not to become a mini Manchester, failed...city voice, Manchester third kit in first season, city blue now for home kit, Oasis post match song that is still being played. Many other points I could make. 3. Losing the red and white. And worse yet playing in a replica Manchester City third kit. 4. Another broken promise of David Villa. I don't think this impacted our season, but it's the promise that is the issue here. Fast forward to last two seasons and the coaching and player issues... 5. The removal of top and loved players within the team 6. The references to bottom line and and financial stability to fans 7. The lack of ambition for the sake of financial stability (I think used as a tool to not prop up the league, but resulting in us fans suffering) 8. The poor decision in appointing Joyce 9. Supporters having no connection to the current crop of players 10. Using other clubs goal theme songs 11. Attempting to sign the one of the most hated players in our history and thinking fans would actually accept it I haven't even spoken about results and style of play. Quite frankly I can stand up to all the shit talkers about results or style of play, but I have no defence against the way the CFG has removed almost every element of what a true club stands for.
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    1st change has to be sacking Joyce, I could be handed a free membership and a limo to every game and I'd still be wanting to find an excuse to not go as long as that Mong is there 10th year for the club, it really is their last chance to get it right
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    All those kids running around, playing exciting attacking football... First time smiling at a City game for a long time. 8 players under 21 at the end there, so great to see!
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    I would prefer Monday 10am coach departure.
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    Actually this is the perfect game to see where we are at.
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    I don't know about breaching the cap, but we ought to be prosecuted for fraud.
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    Nah just needed to play against teenage defenders.
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    If he brings back the Sausage Stand then he has my tick of approval
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    Joined: March 9 2019 ..... Give it a few seasons mate. We were all positive once too
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    I wish the club would just stack the starting XI with big players and the depth is just slotted in with youth lads
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    What an absolute shit show of a season. Hopefully this misery will only have two more weeks to run. Then we can all get back tom complaining about the 6 month off season
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    I reckon miracle of miracles fan action had a role in sanity prevailing here. The members boycott of both attendance and renewals meant in the end CFG had little choice than not to renew Wazza’s contract. we actually had a win!
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    Haha fantastic, don't let the door hit you on the way out you fat fuck. Good riddance Will be renewing my membership now
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    Thanks Joyce, I respect what you attempted to do for City but you weren't the right fit.
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    First Liverpool, now Joyce. Thank you Lord.
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    Yeh i think that was what we were trying to do with Harrison; get talented youngsters some first team football and make ourselves a genuine option for young loanees. We're a far more attractive proposition to fans when its one of Europe's budding stars vs a European journeyman. Part of the trick is making ourselves a viable option in the eyes of these youngsters, which only comes as more come down here and succeed in doing so. Now i appreciate some people think its taking the place of our kids, but i disagree with that. If we weren't signing a Shay, we'd be signing a 30 something visa player instead. Ultimately our kids will be given the opportunity when theyre deemed ready, and the age profile of our visas are totally irrelevant when it comes to competition.
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    I guess Strider has already gone to Western United.
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    Upmost respect to the travelling fans at Adelaide, gonna be a long ride home
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    See ya Wazza A clueless Idiot that has destroyed the men's team and the supporter base
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    If this is true this club is fucked in a way I never thought it could be. Joyce signing on, shit football, Wanderers goal song, Manchester song after games, boring players, offering Berisha a multi million dollar contract (massive massive fuckwits), getting rid of Bruno. And this is just scratching the surface. Fucking small rant over. Cunts.
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    I may be in a minority, but I think away to Adelaide on the back of a 5-0 win is the better of the two options. Either way, I think the odds are against us, but this isn't necessarily the worst outcome. It also sets up the possibility of an all Melbourne final??
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    It’s enough for me to take pride in that these kids are City grads. This was one of Hearts founding principles so I’m glad it’s finally bearing fruit
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    Yes! I was in the guard of honour and also went post game ... post game was great, got to smash in some goals and kick around with the City volunteers and a few City Players (Bachus drilled in a ball to my 6 year old, who amazingly controlled it). My daughter and wife won about $200 worth of quality merchandise (including an awesome pollo top). Had a chat with most the players ... Shayon said he wants to stay (took that with a grain of salt). Metcalfe is a really nice kid as well. Joked with Bart about how much he loves playing against Simon ... he’s response was “Yeah, he likes to play footy!” .
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    I think you’re being harsh on Petrillo. Berenguer fits our philosophy, culture and style of underperformance, mediocrity and laziness perfectly.
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    Change blue to red. K thanks
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    We could definitely do worse. Prefer a quality 10 though if im honest.
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    Thought training was just reduction in skinfolds?
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    Tip rat perfection. Those were the days.
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    I think the membership change is an excellent decision. Something really needed to be done about the wings of AAMI
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    FFS, we are Melbourne City FC, not Melbourne Some Paddock out in the Backwaters of the North FC. Instead of spending fuckloads on building a stadiuk they spend the same amount on building a squad to attract fans so that we can fill our home ground in Melbourne...
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    Yes. Very happy. will be renewing membership x 4
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    At least they were our ice bins. We could sing about them, joke about them, revel in being the poor little downtrodden brother of Melbourne. In other words, we had a club.
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    I actually think he will get a 1 year deal. Most current supporters will be there round 1. This forum will become to hard to continue too visit due to the endless negativity. I genuinely hope all 3 scenarios don't eventuate.
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    Depends what you want to learn if it's running a marathon, 10,000m, 5000m, 1500m 800m 400m 200m 100m then Joyce is your man. If it's football then popovic the go.
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    Just got a "final survey" email from the club. Time to unleash on Joycestick
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    If Perth sign everyone they've been linked to they will have a squad of 75 and will be shelling out four times the cap.
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    A goal to savour, whether against a bottom side or not. How often have we shouted for the players to move the damn ball forward at speed rather than the snoozefest that we've often seen. It's this kind of play that will get the best out of Maclaren. Young Idrus pretty much starts the move by breaking free of Matty Simon and threading a pass to Wales. Lovely work. A touch by Wales to Idrus running down the line. Nice. He sees Shay inside and passes to him. Good God, we're running forward. They forgot the script! And Shay pokes it to Ramy. Excellent work by both Shay and Ramy who sees the opportunity. And then the execution. Class. Question: How is it that we can pull off something like this but spend most of the season shackled by cautious, ponderous passing? Answer: Brattan, Baccus (and Vidosic) were sitting on the bench when this goal was scored! Baccus and Brattan are midfield handbrakes.
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    This is the sort of shit that turns me off. The way to demonstrate all this togetherness and commitment is to perform on the fucking field, not with some smart-arse posts on anti-social media. The club doesn't get it, do they? They just don't get it. Even when they've fucked up yet another season they just don't get it.