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    I swear to God if we don't sign anyone in this transfer window i'm going to get really mad and write a really mean post on here and than continue to watch us as normal
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    Absolutely perfect signing I think What's the worst that can happen? He sucks and we're in the exact same spot we are now The best? He stars and loves it here, and although he will go back to spurs. Who knows about the future if things don't work out for him in UK I can't see any downsides to this, its almost a no risk throw at the stumps
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    Bart is objectively speaking one of our most talented players on our list. If marquee money is the difference between him staying and going, please throw every penny we have at him - irrelevant to the fact he’s a central defender. It could be possible that some people are undervaluing how many scoring situations he prevents. He can beat any striker in the league one on one with his pace and strength.
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    My highlights of the night include Berenguer getting hit with the ball in the warm up DeLaet winning a corner The beautiful passing sequence that went from our corner flag to Galekovic The game changing sub of Larocca on for Griffiths The final whistle
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    Time to flood the club with emails calling for Joyce to be stood aside. Let the assistant coaches step in and bring Bruno back into the team. My email will be sent tonight. Joyce is a one man wrecking machine but Petrillo as Director of Football should also be considering his position.
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    Little kid in the crowd gave him a Manchester City shirt to sign and he just gave it back and walked away. Brilliant
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    I think allowing transfer fees within Australia will be a big step in encouraging clubs to sign/develop younger players.
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    I look at it this way. Each club has 11 matches left. We have 27 points from 16 matches, which on a pro-rata basis will give us 45-46 points. Perth would have to have a dramatic collapse in form for that to be enough to overhaul them. Another way of looking at it is that Perth are 10 points in front of us, meaning that we have to get 11 more points than Perth do in the remaining matches to overhaul them. My conclusion: we won't be Premiers. You can do the same thing with each of the other clubs. Given that in addition to the matches that you mention we have to play Phoenix (A) , and Adelaide twice (H), my conclusion is that we will finish somewhere between 4th and 6th, more likely than not in 5th or 6th. I agree completely. It's absolute bullshit to say that it will take 10 years to transform Melbourne Heart into a team that will be competitive in the A-League and hence go into the Asian Champions League. By saying that, or something like it, CFG are admitting their own incompetence. If you look carefully you will see that this season we have taken another step backwards right throughout the club.
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    Absolute rubbish. A situation entirely of the club's own making. Failed to sign enough forwards before the season started, instead signing a plethora of midfielders and defenders. Added to the defensive midfielders in the January window while terminating Caceres and O'Halloran and suspending Fornaroli. All levels of management failing to resolve the Fornaroli situation, despite the player continuing to train and be part of the club. Failing to use all the options available outside the salary cap (such as Mature Age Rookie). Failing to promote the club's own youth striker. Just more sky blue bullshit from City Football Group.
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    No point talking about this until Joyce is gone, the club will not go anywhere until he is removed
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    I find it sad that people are satisfied with the loss, which typifies the low expectations this club strives for. And all because we have a incompetent manager, play youth that are substandard, and leave our best players off the pitch. Another mediocre season all due to our match winning players being ostracized. 1st shot on target at the 60th min. No creativity up forward, and when shots were taken after 70 mins they were poor shots. Pretend strikers do this not real strikers. Real strikers convert. Horrendous performance which just confirms our deficiencies which exist by choice. Even though we have 4 wins from the last 7 matches of which 2 were playing against 10 men and the other 2 which were hardly convincing, people have to acknowledge that it would have been totally different if we had a quality striker MOH and de Laet in FB position. Another season down the drain. Sad really, seeing that we have/had the players to be well ahead at this stage of the season.
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    I think the club should also consider installing Joe Palatsides as Acting Head Coach for the rest of the season. He is by far our longest serving member of the club's coaching staff, and has plenty of experience, and IMO he'd be a healing influence during what are very troubled times for the club.
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    This City team reminds me a lot of my adventures at 3:00am at a nightclub as a young batchelor: A fair chunk of desire, lots of time spent fumbling and poking around at the edges, but very little real penetration.
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    And looking at Kilkenny destroy the league makes my blood boil. Looking at you Wazza!!!
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    Wow i can literally see the change in attitude as you type.
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    If they come in with more Chants to do with our players and less to do with victory and muscat I reckon it’ll be better
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    IMO you've got your rose-coloured glasses on there. We are no better than last season. At this stage last season our record was actually slightly better - Won 9, drawn 2 and lost 6, for 29 points - and we were third on the table. So we are showing no significant improvement in results. We are certainly not "entrenched in the top half of the ladder" when we're hanging on to 5th by a point. We've lost to the two bottom sides. The Fornaroli Stand-off is absurd. It overshadows everything as far as I am concerned. And it's not an isolated case of Joyce freezing out a player. These things are a betrayal of the trust season-ticket holders put into the club. The turnover of players at the club is ridiculous - no-one can build a stable club with this going on. I don't really care that Andy Harper might be a "Victory stooge." Although I can't stand the man I'd be happy to see Kevin Muscat say exactly the same thing about Bruno's situation. Because it's the truth, and it stinks.
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    City have responded to criticism from fans
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    Still would have preferred an inform Bruno.
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    Yeah. Someone he knew playing for the Accrington Stanley U-11s about 20 years ago.
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    I'm confused. How is Warren Joyce a "speed hump" in Atkinson's career?? Joyce gives him regular game time week in week out. He's on a pro contract until 2020 and he's played something like 25 games or more in the A League. The kid has been given opportunity after opportunity (A League every game, Young Socceroos, Olyroos camps). Sorry I must be missing how Joyce is to blame for Atkinson's career hitting a speed hump. Surely any slide backwards in performance has to be Atkinson's own fault??
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    I 100% think we are trying to chase two good players, a striker and a winger. I also think its far harder to get them (good players that is) in January than most people realise. IMO the club isnt prepared to just sign anyone to appease fans short term, they'll only sign players that they think will play first team football, and that fit to Joyce's work ethic. Whilst signing anyone might appease fans for the next month, if it gets a month down the track and theyve signed some prima donna that doesnt want to work like the rest of the team and undermines Joyce's ethic he has instilled (and lost our best ever striker over), then the PR is going to be 10x worse than not signing anyone at all. (Don't get me wrong, thats highly undesirable!!!) I think the other factor is that there is far less players available in January then there is at the end of the season, so the club might be conscious that signing a player now, which would likely be at least an 18 month deal might hurt you in terms of a better player for next season. For that reason perhaps the club is searching for loan deals until the end of the season, and then they are probably at the mercy somewhat of the other club and the comings and goings of their transfer window.
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    I have no idea what made CFG appoint Joyce. For me it has Marwood's fingerprints all over it. Joyce's style is the total opposite of the style of play the club should be playing. I hope the club gets rid of him before the derby, but it is very unlikely.
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    You missed the most important one! The greek construction worker.
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    Theres no better protest than not rocking up at all. Ok so we have the Serb Hair Dresser confirming but we still need the following: Indian Uber Driver (Hybrid Camry, still smells, 4.4 rating) Lady in Burka on the Sunbury Line (must have 16 kids name Mohammed, all spelt differently) Southern Italian Cafe Owner (must have photo of his hometown on a wall and drink limoncello) Unemployed Croatian in early 50's (must smoke meat in shed, extra salty) Polish Handy Man (must be extremely Catholic but hate the current pope) Washed Up Post Festival Real Estate Agent Skank (tight skirt, red lipstick, doesn't talk) Inner City Range Rover Kindy Mum (must "dream" of moving to Paris while not discipling ugly little children) Demin Dungaree Chapel Street Poofta (must sleep till 2pm, work part-time in marketing and only drink moscato with brie and coles brand water crackers). Average Joe Anglo with two first names (Works at Telstra, just married 6/10 high school Mrs, house & land package 200kms from the city, can actually watch Test Cricket) If I've missed anyone please feel free to add to the list.
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    Why do we have to sack him? He didn't sack Bruno - just sidelined him. So sideline Joyce, and put Kisnorbo in charge for the remaining eight matches. Then do as @Dylan suggests, commence the search for a new manager now so that he can come on board in time to decide on any players we want to keep, and who we want to try and add for next season. On that latter point, I'd say that the team looks dispirited and beaten just now. I would be adopting the approach that anyone who is out of contract on 31st May will not be offered a new contract unless there's a very good reason to do so - based on on-field performance rather than this "training" obsession that Joyce has. We're following that oh-so-familiar path that we've trodden before. The club needs a circuit-breaker.
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    I never usually post comments, but I've had enough. #JoyceOut
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    McGree out? No way, especially if we're losing Bratts. One of the best younger prospects in the league. We're lucky to have him. In contrast, you can keep Bouzanis. If Galekovic hangs up his boots, I'll be happy with Birra and a young keeper. Otherwise I'd largely agree. We want a shit hot senior 14/15 (at most, maybe only 11/12) and then a bunch of promising youngsters.
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    Wrong. Newcastle have the advantage. We have Wazza remember?
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    That's the way I see it. Essentially, we acquire roughly 14 players that are effective and experienced and then have about six players who fulfil the youth requirement. So going off our squad this year, we could cut players like Vidosic, La Rocca, Griffiths, one of our GKs and then have Delianov, Pierias, Metcalfe, and Najjar as senior players to round out the squad. But if we do go down that route then we need to nail our foreign and designated players. And that extends to picking the right kind of players that won't break down in addition to managing our players so as to minimise their chances of soft-tissue injuries. The Germano Treatment Centre needs to close.
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    A poor game for the (home) spectator and a real retrograde ejaculation for the 'new attacking' City lineup. It was a 6 point game for us, at home. Still, 5th is about our true level under Wazza Positives: We didn't lose we played a real striker, and he scored. This draw makes it harder for Wazza to keep his job Negatives: No midfield tonight, we missed Griffiths or Baccus, and so provided poor service to the forwards Good is a good defender, but not a midfielder Berenguer Jamieson, poor crosses (when our whole attacking plan relies on crosses) and poorly positioned for the first goal Hard to judge Harrison on this performance, but not a 90-minute player It's hard to see Maclaren doing well in this team structure, we move the ball forward far too slowly, and, for a player that thrives running into space, space is compressed and packed with defenders. We rarely create an attacking overload, and, our attacking play is very predictable - take the ball wide, cross (badly) into the box. We have little variation, rarely attack centrally. All the same problems Bruno faced
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    Fantastic logo and name of the group. IMO the decline in active support reflects what's happened to the club this season. It'll take off again when there's something worth singing and chanting about. Along with others I too would like more songs and chants relevant to us and our players, not negativity towards other teams. And if it's all kept simple then many more people will join in when they see fit. But well done so far boys. You have my admiration for what you do.
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    I really don't get the angst most have with Baccus. We should have known exactly when he came in what to expect. It would have been a completely different argument if his name was actually Forwardus and not Baccus.
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    If the board has any brains the coach of Melbourne City on Tuesday morning would have striking options of MacLaren, Harrison and Fornaroli.
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    Success of the team lies in working together. It is the responsibility of a manager to make sure his players are utilised to their full potential. This is where the whole ‘Management Skills’ come into the picture. The most important aspect of the job of a manager is “People Management.” If you are not good with the people you are managing and you cannot expect to get the best results. The manager must be able to handle all sorts of personalities if he is to be successful. We all know of the temperamental superstar how would Joyce manage: George Best. Diago Maradona, Roy Kean, Eric Cantona, Vinney Jones, Luis Suarez etc. He would have them out the door because he has no man management skills. He is not a manager he is a PE teacher “do as you are told or you are out the door.”
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    I genuinely wouldn't be surprised to see this happen, except Maclaren turns out in Sydney colours and fits mysteriously under the cap.
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    Jamie Maclaren to debut for Melbourne City against Sydney FC David Davutovic, Herald Sun an hour ago Subscriber only Boost for Corica as Sydney FC bag Gucci Ryan, Mooy return to EPL action Socceroos striker Jamie Maclaren will be unveiled as a Melbourne City player in the next 36 hours, and could debut in this weekend’s mega Round 17 clash. Maclaren and a second visa signing, a versatile visa forward who’s played in England, are expected to arrive on Wednesday and could also be unleashed for Sunday’s six-pointer away to Sydney FC. City Football Group have not ruled out adding a third attacker, as City coach Warren Joyce attempts to beef-up his undermanned attack ahead of the Thursday night’s A-League transfer deadline — his last chance to bolster before finals. Maclaren would be a huge boost at a key point in the season. (Francois Nel/Getty Images) Having played without a recognised striker since Bruno Fornaroli was banished three months ago after a sensational fallout with Joyce before Scot Michael O’Halloran was released, the coach is eager to unleash his new-look frontline after waiting patiently for reinforcements. Maclaren returned to Europe to tie up loose ends after starting all five Asian Cup games for the Socceroos, the last of which was last Saturday’s 1-0 loss to hosts United Arab Emirates. City’s attempts to offload Fornaroli overseas have proved fruitless, with lukewarm interest failing to materialise into concrete offers. Birighitti has been pushed out by Galekovic’s form. (Robert Cianflone/Getty Images) Fornaroli must be released by Thursday if City want to bring in another marquee player, although they appear to have safeguarded themselves by negotiating a back-ended deal with Maclaren, ensuring he’s inside the salary cap this season. Maclaren, 25, will effectively replace defender/midfielder Osama Malik on City’s 23-man roster. City would have to release players if they plan to make any more January signings. Frustrated back-up goalkeeper Mark Birighitti has told City that he wants to leave, but the club are standing firm. 10 WAYS TO FEED THE MIND AS YOU AGE SPONSORED CONTENT Socceroos-capped Birighitti wants to play and feels that he should be released for the opportunity to play, after he rejected offers from other A-League clubs to sign on the eve of the season. Play VideoPlay 0:00 / 0:00 Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Fullscreen
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    Thursday 10am....
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    Jamo wears his heart on his sleeve, can be frustrating at times, and makes the odd bad mistake, but he is also good for at least 1 goal creating moment per game. Plus he makes an alright captain. He also goes out of his way to give time to supporters. At the Perth game, after the game he told my kids that their support was really important to the team and said if they come to the next game, he’d have a gift for them. After the WSW game, he sought them out and gave them a signed ball.
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    IMO people are indeed being unduly negative. You can only play against the team the opposition puts on to the field. By the end of the match we also had plenty of youth on the field - Atkinson (best game from him for quite a while - loved the way he outmuscled Kamau), McGree, Wales and Najjar. Thought the latter gave a nice little cameo - moved around well and pulled the defenders with him - just what we need in the front line. Double yellow cards are a feature of football - every club gets one at some time or other - and you have to take advantage of them and that's what we did. We could so easily have given up last night, but we kept going and ultimately prevailed. We needed the points and we got them. Also I think for the first time this season we were properly entertained with some spanking goals and plenty of near misses. TBH I thought with 7 minutes to go we were done for, but what a finish it was. What a pity that only 5,159 were there to see it - our lowest crowd since the takeover. Seagull Index: Low.
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    And if they want to continue plucking our young stars, how do they expect them to develop under a system that doesn’t let them express themselves.
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    A relatively good performance from us, I was expecting a 0-4 pasting. We were never, ever going to score Positives: we didn't lose Catenaccio reinvented We did start with 2 attacking players Jamieson narrowly avoided going into the Joyce bad books after he nearly accidentally scored Defensively well organised Atkinson was finally taken off I've recorded the game as a non-medication alternative to temazepam Negatives: CFG team sets up for a scoreless draw at home with 9 defenders. Shameful. Offered nothing going forward. Nothing. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Negative. Nil. No creativity whatsoever, minimal players committed to any attack, no attacking overloads created, no shots on target for the match Joyce will be pleased The worst negative is that this performance was way better than what I expected
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    We found a cure for insomnia. A win for science.
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    Holy shit. This has to go down as one of the most boring games in a league history
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    I was also there last night. I found what Scott Munn found to say especially interesting - as its a perspective we don't really hear from. Munn discussed how the club is for more teams in the a league, how they're pro an independent A League and that meetings about what that an Independent A League looks like are currently underway. He spoke about how a lot of frustrations of the fans, are also frustrations for the club i.e. player turnover. He talked about how its difficult to get players to sign longterm contracts. Something else I thought was most interesting is that he talked about how they look at where City fans are most prevalent in the North and as a result, thats where they specifically spend a lot of the time trying to grow and gain fans. He said he wasn't that phased by West Melbourne because membership wise we've never been that strong in the west - he also did specifically say that it didn't mean we were going to give up on trying to grow members in West Melbourne. Munn talked about and acknowledged that the club isnt as connected to their members as they used to be in the Heart days, and that they're trying to honestly work at being better in that space, and that the event itself was an indication of that. Sorry if this is impossible to read, I'm trying to recall everything I found interesting in a sporadic order.
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    History tells us it's more than that. Munn, Petrillo and Joyce need to be purged.
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    Given the fabulous entertainment last night, a lot of the comments on here are incredibly negative. It seems a lot of people forget that WSW's results have been a lot worse than their recent performances. This was a team that was deservedly 3-1 up against Perth with only minutes to go last week. They had pace to burn and caused our previously rock solid defence a lot of problems. Meanwhile, apparently, our system doesn't work offensively but we scored four goals. Go figure. Folks, we'll finish fourth, we won't win the Toilet Seat, but I'd rather get there with a few more games like that. Last night was a proper, entertaining contest and I'm bloody glad I went.