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    I will lock this thread after this post. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and words at this difficult time. It means a lot to me. On Sunday afternoon my son and I are hosting a small afternoon tea at home for close friends of my wife - this was her wish instead of a funeral - and so I will not be at the match. I know that we are supposed to remain anonymous on here, but I should be at all the remaining home matches this season, so if anyone would like to come around to Section 19 behind the southern goal to say hello, I'm at the end of row DD next to Section 20. I will close by saying that I received every sympathy from the club when I wrote to the membership team concerning my wife, and I don't think we know, and therefore we can't appreciate, how hard Ryan and his team are working to bring the club closer to its fans, and perhaps we can remember that into the future. Thank you all once again. JW
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    The club can't win in the medias' eyes and are quite an easy target. Top of the league - Media Reaction: Where are the crowds? Sign Australia's Melbourne-born first-choice number 9 - Media Reaction: Not a big enough name. Plays experienced players - Media Reaction: Need more Youth. Plays the Youth - Media Reaction: Just a Youth Farm for CFG. Signs proven A-League players - Media Reaction: Recycled hacks. Signs overseas player - Media Reaction: Who? Sign Zlatan. Wears Sky Blue - Media Reaction: Should have kept Red and White. Wears Red and White - Media Reaction: No crowd there to see it anyway. Beat Western United - Media Reaction: Meh WU beat Victory - Media Reaction: A new Derby is born! The only way to shut everyone up is the win the toilet seat.
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    Remember the photo blog website The History of Melbourne Heart? I credit them for getting into sport photography myself and have taken the initiative to collaborate with Matt Mcindoe from Talking City, to develop a new digital library platform for the current era of Melbourne City. I will be amongst City Terrace with a film camera (and at times, at pre-game meet ups) while Matt will be working along the wing to capture the action and the terrace itself. Hope you will all enjoy the work throughout this season and remember to bookmark it! https://behindthelensmcfc.blogspot.com/
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    HeartFc management plan. 1. Forfeit next game, do the kokoda trail. 2. All players delete instagram. 3. Full sparring at the gym once a month. 4. Full ban on fades, if you cut your hair more than once a month you get a week off. (Skin heads are fine) 4(a). If you shave a line in your head or eyebrows automatic ban, GTFO. 5. If you don't bleed or draw blood from your opponent at least once a month, GTFO. 6. If you fuck a pass up or cop a goal don't look down. Automatically sent to Africa if you do. 7. Fuck those trendy 3/4 jackets, ripped jeans or womens baggy t-shirts. No designer clothes, no hipster shit, no fashionistas! 8. On that note. Manager must wear full track suit with boots on, throwing the odd water bottle would be nice. 9. You have a shit game, you get dropped. Don't care who you are, you earn your spot. 10. Someone must start a punch on in the tunnel every season. Don't care why. 11. Posters of Roy Keane, Oliver Kahn, Vinnie Jones, Jaap Stam and Gattuso in the rooms. 12. Don't shake opponents hands in you don't want to, don't do interviews if you don't want to. Tell them to fuck off and cop a fine if you have to. I'm no tough guy but I know when I see piss weakness. We are the definition of piss weak!
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    Hey guys, Good news! Talking City has been approached to do a weekly SEN show so the boys will be live on SEN every Tuesday 7-8 in season. For this first episode we are running tonight (Monday at 7pm). hope you can tune in and even call in and join the conversation.
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    Just watched JMac goal again, and something I missed at the time was Bouzanis running length of the pitch and absolutely giving it to Berisha and Mcdonald on the way past. He really is one of us at times
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    Bart has played the full 90 in Panathinaikos' last 4 games, only conceding twice in those 4 games, prior to Bart starting they'd conceded 8 goals in their opening 3 matches. Watching Southampton being violated by Leicester, there's no doubt in my mind Bart is better than every single defender in the Southampton team.
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    This thread reminds me why I left the forum for a year
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    Yes you do. The colour of our kit for starters. Put us back in red-and-white if you want to be seen as "a stand-alone club."
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    Win toilet seat: CFG's proxy clubs do damage to legitimate local teams
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    This McGree fella seems like a bit of an individual, scoring goals and trying to cut open defences with his passes. Too risky, he should be trying to maintain possession at all costs by passing it backwards. I'm with Wazza on this on, give me Baccus and his high passing success rate.
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    Serious the original poster needs to take a deep breath, wobble his head a little bit and then have a nice lie down for a few hours in a comfortable chair. We have a top 4 squad. Yes, that's right a top 4 if not 2 depending on injury quality squad. From my calculations last night was our first loss this season in a "proper" match. Proper depending on your opinion, but in a game that had results and consequences. Yes we lost badly and that could take a while to recover, but to suggest we are bottom is just overreaction hyperbole. I posted a while back we should have 11 plus points by the end of rd 5 and by then we should have a good idea of the rest of the League and I can't see us not doing this. The final was always going to be difficult away, I didn't expect to be that shit but seriously some need to chill.
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    Every world class keeper in history was an ugly, grumpy, smelly, scary or just some medieval diseased looking scum bag. Oliver Kahn looked like the viking village drunk, Mauel Neuer looks like a school shooter, Lev Yashin looked like a hitman, Fabian Bartez looked like homosexual hitman, Gordon Banks and David Seaman looked like paedofiles, Sepp Maier looked like a cannibal, Jens Lehmann's look like his mum cut his hair, etc etc. Dean Bouzanis looks like one of those fags on a poster in barber shops.
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    As pointed out by someone else, this guy doesn’t have a thread yet, so I’m fixing that. Borm in late 99, he’s just turned 20. Been associated with the club for about 5 years but more specifically a scholarship player since 2017. Like most here I like the look of him. Going forward seems to have game smarts, has a decent cross and knows where the goals are. Defensively does the work. Now he’s still young, that means a few things. Firstly he’ll be inconsistent- frankly we’ve seen that already this season. Secondly he could go off the rails quite easily, if he reads this thread and thinks he’s made it and doesn’t need to work hard anymore, for instance. Thirdly a forum member earlier on the year said we should only play him when he’s ready. For kids if you don’t give them a chance, they’ll never be ready. Now some won’t take that chance but some will and that’s why you do it.
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    IMO you can put that down to the weather, which was dreadful all day. When I was having a bite to eat before leaving for the match it was wet and windy and just 7 degrees down here in Bayside. With much of level 1 at AAMI exposed to the rain, only the rusted-on fans are going to attend in last night's conditions. And I suspect most who did last night were from the Heart days. It really was wonderful to see the boys in our true colours again. We completely dominated, perhaps held it in defence a little too long at times, and missed a whole lot of chances up front, but overall it was great to see. There's so much young talent at the club coming through that the days of having a weak bench seem to be over. Some great individual performances last night as already pointed out by others in this thread. My only adverse criticism would be Bouzanis' kicking. Finally, on a personal note if I may, a big thank you to the Forum lads who came over to see me at half-time. It meant a lot to me, and I hope to catch up with you all again at some stage.
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    Agree totally. I understand why he got dragged and our right side doesn't look as complete as the left, but as much as Najarine looked lacking he was also where we looked the most dangerous. I'm still confused slightly with Wales in midfield. The left side lookes complete with Noone and Metcalfe and the occasional run from Jamieson but like the derby the rightside is a little clunky. Najarine needs a more experienced central midfielder inside him, I think. I would like to see him get another crack with Brillante. Griffiths to me deserves another start maybe not in the cup but definitely next Sunday, but a Griffiths holding and Metcalfe left and Brillante right might be more balanced with Najarine Maclaren and Noone up front. Imagine when the Uruguayans find form (and show they arw half decent) and Berenguer returns, we seriously have a decent list. As far as crowd numbers goes, who really cares? Does it matter if its 7.5k 10.5 or 20k, ultimately its about if you enjoyed the game. If you yearn for crowds than good luck to you, but for me personally I enjoy a Sunday arvo watching the best level available, being able to get a car park within walking distance. Not waiting more than 10 minutes to get in. Being able to get couple beers without waiting (normally 2 if I'm driving) and having a piss without a queue. Not to mention having to listen to mundane uniformed conversations from obviously less intelligent people than myself nearby. Crowds are only good for the first 5 minutes and then they are really annoying. Be careful of what you wish for.
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    Put your time to better use and make some quality City Simpsons memes.
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    Unless SEN decides we're useless, yes
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    This is why I am encouraging you to be quiet...
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    Did anybody, like me, feel last night a sense that we'd got our club back? Great football, fabulous active support (I mean it guys, bloody magnificent), red and white. Big message for the club. Recognise the history, bring back our colours, and the old band will reform and rock the place like we always did. Bottle last night and label it vintage. We are red and white.
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    One of the most complete performances I can remember and in the red and white
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    2 things, Full strength beer and bratwursts.
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    @haz You need to chill on Wales. Yes, he's had some shocking games but today wasn't one of them.
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    The Germano Treatment Centre is full. There are no more couches left for Jonaton Germano, besides, if he were to step inside his own treatment centre again, the presence of a Germano inside a Germano would collapse the universe into a quantum singularity
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    Edit: someone else made this
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    You are forgetying season 1 when we took 10 ppl to Gold Coast away.
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    I can see why Wazza had no interest in playing Genreau, he plays too many forward balls and is a great attacking addition to the team. Great assist, and great finish by Maclaren
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    I'm based in Newport. If Melbourne based supporters (N, E, S or W) think that Geelong is too far away to make the effort then A-league will never grow. I was down there for their game against Perth. Can confirm that GMHBA Stadium provides reasonable viewing (for an oval) and the chicken and waffle chips deserve a Michelin Star.
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    Windbichler 100% plays in front of Good when he is fit, he was brilliant today
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    I'm still trying to figure out what the Tards identity is other than they were the first Melbourne club to get a license and were fortunate that FFA/FFV had a stake in them initially and were able to use their database of players to recruit fans.
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    Great work guys.....but one huge glaring error at 45:00.....Bart ZERO goals. Bart scored the goal that produced the single greatest piece of commentary in A-League history (which the a-league website geniuses cut off) https://www.a-league.com.au/video/bart-schenkeveld-wins-it-city
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    Just got home, so some more thoughts. We were excellent all over the pitch. A few shout outs- Curtis was a rock, Brillante- wtf were Sydney thinking? How did we prise him out of there? The bloke is incredible at breaking the opposition down. I was stoked to see Luna score. Actually I though the first half chance might have been easier, but not if he’s one footed I guess. Hopefully that goal will give his confidence a much needed boost. No JMac. 6 goals in 2 games, 6 different scorers. Active- Heart era like. Just killed it. Finally I thought CFG would have to leave for us to play in red and white at home again. How sweet it was.
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    Deservedly, top of the ladder. Positives: Excellent performance across the pitch, Le Patrone has transformed the team. For the first time ever, we are varying our pace of play: slower buildup, the quick attack. This has been made easier with good movement off the ball that opens space in attack, shuts down opponents and closes passing lanes in defensive transition. It brought tears to my eyes to see us playing such positive, attractive football in red and white. Dominant midfield tonight, Griffiths, Brilliante and Metcalfe controlled the game, usually played the useful pass - forward when necessary and back when we needed to slow the play. Good use of subs, maintained the pressure on the field, attacked until the whistle Crowd was loud, particularly active. Well done. Negatives: Sloppy goal to concede Should have scored more goals from the number of excellent chances We're collecting quite a few yellows, we'll pay for that mid-season as quite a few players may miss games
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    Also an interesting replay and TV comment on one foul that Piscopo won. Essentially he ran into the City player and then threw himself to the ground. That's not to say some City challenges weren't worthy of sanction, but the overall impression was of one eyed refereeing, which ignored poor Wellington challenges (their German bloke could have been off for two challenges, both of which arguably looked card worthy) and some canny play acting. So I've limited sympathy for the hand wringing over the penalty. It was a poor refereeing performance, but City were by far the better side and deserved the points.
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    Just for reference, here's every single home game we've had over 10k (not counting home derbies). Predictably, there definitely appears to be a correlation between winning and crowds. Also, recognisable names seem to help, as seen by the large amount of games over 10k when we had Cahill. MHFC 10/11 Round 1 vs CCM: 11,050 - First ever game 12/13 Round 2 vs Wellington: 11,007 - Derby win in previous game 12/13 Round 22 vs Sydney: 13,752 13/14 Round 27 vs WSW: 10,003 - Last game as Heart MCFC 14/15 Round 2 vs Newcastle: 15,717 - First home game as City + David Villa 14/15 Round 4 vs Adelaide: 13,083 - David Villa 15/16 Round 13 vs Sydney: 10,140 - 3rd on ladder at time 15/16 Round 16 vs Wellington: 10,825 15/16 Round 27 vs Adelaide: 11,454 - Last game of season 15/16 Elimination Final vs Perth: 11,273 - Final 16/17 Round 4 vs Adelaide: 10,053 - 3rd on ladder + Tim Cahill 16/17 Round 8 vs Wellington: 10,644 - 2nd on ladder +Tim Cahill 16/17 Round 12 vs Perth: 11,269 - Tim Cahill 16/17 Round 14 vs WSW: 10,731 - Tim Cahill 16/17 Round 21 vs Sydney: 10,706 - 3rd on ladder + Tim Cahill 16/17 FFA Cup Final vs Sydney: 18,751 - Cup Final + Tim Cahill 17/18 Round 5 vs Sydney: 11,034 - 1st on ladder following 4 game win streak 18/19 Round 2 vs Sydney: 12,086
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    So Jamo misses in front of goal then loses his player at the back post all within 1 minute.
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    TTIM: when the final step of a recipe is "enjoy". Fuck you dont tell me what to do with my food
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    If we're championship winning quality team we will win this game with or without MacLaren.
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    God love him, but on present form he couldn't strike a match.
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    Agree with your whole post above except for this. You can't give any blame to Harrison for what transpired from Metcalfe's incompetence, as he did what he is meant to do, he ran in to defend the ball which is correct, did a perfect slide tackle and got the ball which is correct, the ball rebounded off the player and hit is arm which was out of his control and totally unlucky. Up to that point the CBs were dominating. Harrison and Good were doing a great job.
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    Just got in. Worth the trip. Extremely surprised that it didn't rain during the game on the way up it was bucketing down. Didn't mind the ground, not as bad as Marvel (which isn't hard) and a decent City turn out. If the crowd was 7k, we must have been close to 3k. Will go again. Of course a win always helps.
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    But Brillante isn’t here for the creativity, surely we know what to expect from a defensive midfielder? There are 5 people in front of him who are assumed to be creative.
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    A big thanks to Matt, Renee and especially Jo for being so welcoming to me, i flew over myself and they were especially kind to me throughout the day! We were smashed on the pitch but I did appreciate the nice touch. Let’s hope we genuinely step it up in the league, tonight was a shocker! SHT
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    Alright blokes? I know I disappeared for a while but I'm was always following the scores (and praying for Joyce to get the sack) and I'm back and joining you for this one.
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