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    You underestimate our incompetence
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    This is going to get your lots knickers in a twist but in no way he should be sacked. Pretty clear that our weak mentality goes further than the manager
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    Cabrera is definitely gone, and Rojas is indeed the number one choice to replace him.
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    This is what I’m afraid for as well in where we stand. We are fortunate that the other teams besides Sydney aren’t running away, hence a little lucky. I do expect that Perth will push through now. Just seen this on social media, thought it was funny.
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    Not my best year as you all know, but thanks to everyone on here for helping to keep my spirits up a bit in recent months, especially those who came over to Section 19 to see me in my darkest hour. Would have been a lot worse without you.
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    Without knowing Jack (pun intended) about Jack, he can't be worse than Winbichler in terms of output. For whatever reason Windbichler hasn't been able to get onto the pitch and therefore is a confirmed waste of a visa spot. To bring in a 24 year-old with a few international caps (okay Scotland aren't great at the moment) he can't be that shit. So the way I see it, firstly it's great business by CFG to be able to bring in a fringe player from an elite club, which I doubt any other team in our League could do and secondly it clearly shows that in the long term we are learning from our mistakes (Aaron Hughes). Anyone who opposes this loan signing should really take a second look.
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    I'm an unashamed Delbridge fan. It's not only his highlights that grab the fan's attention, it's that you can see his absolute commitment to the cause in every match. That's what we loved about Bruno, and I think Delbo comes close as a defender. City desperately needs some continuity, and Delbridge is the type of player who provides that. I for one would love to see him become a "club stalwart."
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    This is one of the most fascinating debates I see on the forum Delbo seems to be either you think he is fantastic or is average and a liability. There seems to be no in the middle for people. I think he is fantastic and one of the better aussie CB in the league where some people would release him at end of season when his contract runs out The combo of Delbridge and Good is solid enough but if this new guy comes in and is a star, I'd prefer to see him partner Delbridge but that's just me
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    wow, what a signing. can't fault the club for this one, very ambitious and won't even be that upset if he doesn't turn out to be a world beater - I'm just glad we've finally had a decent go at signing a visa player with a good pedigree.
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    Under 30 and cant grow alpha stubble. Don't see him fitting in at WU at all.
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    FWIW I think replacing Carbrera with Rajos is a big upgrade
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    Banned playmaker for a week for being completely off topic and I don't like him. Let the rest of you be warned. Take the bs elsewhere or thisgrumpyfortress strikes
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    You're drawing a conclusion on a player (who's been deemed good enough to play 3 games for Scotland) based off of that 20 second twitter video?
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    Berenguer is a Ninkovic like player, like Joyce is a Guardiola like coach
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    That rule only applies for Aussies at Wellington. Kiwis are considered VISAs for Australian based clubs.
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    fucking hell dude, did you get empathy lessons from ScoMo?
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    Not providing a heroes welcome for Bruno would be helpful too. He's the oppo now.
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    Start Griff for Florin and let him and Brillante take turns in kicking lumps out of Castro then bring Florin on late once they're both on yellows so he can have a turn kicking Castro. Get Luna and JMac take turns to kick Kilkenny. Once they're all on yellows Wales and Noone need to do some chopping. Then all 4 defenders can share fouls on Bruno. Once we've kicked them off the park Susaeta comes on to snare us a 1-0 win with our tally of 2 shots on goals and 9 yellow cards.
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    I think this whole victory being proactive and ruthless is a bullshit argument tbh. They've built their club on an ' intimidatory us against them' culture, full of bullies and arseholes. Now it's pretty hard to continue this behaviour when your all time grand chief prick leaves. So it's left to their board to pick up the slack and knt behaviour. The decision to get rid of kurz is pure scapegoat and to me, shows they are a rabble at the moment and continues their history of when shit goes wrong, just whinge and blame someone else. I see nothing positive in what they did today and we shouldn't look across at them in envy at all
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    Gaitan is pie in the sky of the highest order.
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    Fuck that bloke, beats up women he does. Perfect for the visitors (Assuming your comment isn't satirical lmao)
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    @kingofhearts@kingofhearts2@kingofhearts3 need to change the thread title to 'Welcome Marcos Rajos' IMO
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    Some interesting/pointless similarities between our two games against WU: City have won both games by a goal Maclaren has scored two goals in each of the two games Besart Berisha has scored a goal in each of the games Both of Berisha's goals were from penalties WU have not scored a goal from open play in either game (all goals being penalties) In all of WU's penalties Bouzanis went the wrong way None of WU's goals have been scored whilst Windbichler has been on the pitch All of WU's goals have been scored in the second half City have finished both games with 10 men Delbridge was the person sent off in both games In both games the total card count was city 4 v WU 3 (Delbridge's second yellow and red being treated as a single card in the first game) Delbridge gave away a penalty in both games Both of which were for a slide tackle resulting in handball. Both of Delbridge's penalties resulted from a sloppy pass to Curtis Good (Metcalfe to Good in the first game and Atkinson to Good in the second game) As mentioned above the same referee was in charge of both games
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    I think I went to a different game? At my game we played the opponents off the park until Bouzanzis had a brain snap, the ref went stupid (maybe a pen but never a red) and then we played out the game. We were by far the best team for 87 minutes. congratulations to Craig Noone on a fantastic game and deserved MoM award.
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    You're just a rude coward who as soon as you get picked up for speaking shit, you change your tune and go and run behind something else.
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    Yep that time of year again. Merry Christmas forumites. On field all in all pretty good with a team that’s a force to be reckoned with if frustratingly inconsistent. Off field well I guess it’s like normal, some Ok, a few sharing their pain & some others bottling in up. Can’t solve your problems but ultimately Christmas is about hope, so chin up and look forward to a better new year. Wishing everyone joy and goodwill.
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    I don't think that our derby performance was a tactical or team selection issue, it was a mentality issue
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    And that folks, is how you get climate deniers.
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    I absolutely love Bruno, he is still my favourite player in league. But he came here we got to say our goodbyes or whatever it was last time. This time he is just another player on the pitch we need to stop
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    John Aloisi has announced that he recently had open heart surgery to repair a leaking valve. The good news is that the recovery is going really well. i would like to wish JA and family the best and hope his good recovery continues. In an ironic twist in The interview on Optus he notes that his cardiologist told him he was “unlucky” (I’m not joking).
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    It would've been better if he was from a proper, well known club in Spain like Barcelona or real Madrid but I guess he's ok
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    this must be like sending a dick pic and waiting for a reply, but nothing ever comes. Just because you're proud of it doesn't mean anyone else is.
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    I never rated Kurtz. All the talk about his ability at Adelaide, they finished 4 points ahead of us with Joyce. When victory announced him I was more than happy. And he certainly delivered. The point isn't being like victory. I agree from that perspective with @rass @Embee @Shahanga. However, it feels like @Mr MO is coming from the point of view that the direct similarity between Kurtz and Joyce ball and how the club's respond is the sticking point. The Joyce tenure is still raw. And fans, it seems, haven't forgotten so easily how the club was almost brought to it's knees instead of acting earlier, in the same like as victory. Not all supporters feel as strongly about it. But after what we went through last season supporters can't be blamed for feeling a little envious that our club didn't act in a similar way in this. I certainly don't.
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    By the way, I never said we shouldn't be ruthless and accept mediocrity. My post was purely around victory and how they behave... But I apologise, I didn't mean to offend those of us who privately flog themselves over Muscat videos. Perhaps that's our problem, we have too many people who want us to be just like victory... Not for me sorry, I cannot entertain any connection to those pricks whatsoever.
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    Nah thats for Marcos. Different bloke. Italian.
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    Correct. Nothing signed and Cabrera is still training with the team until everything with Rojas is sorted. Club don't want to be caught out by selling one and missing out on the number 1 target.
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    I'm not upset if any of our visa players are moved on. Not one of them is irreplaceable.
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    Are people seriously suggesting Mombarets needs to be replaced after 11 League games? Sitting second on the ladder, and IMO playing a pretty attractive on the eye style. Okay we have had some really poor losses but did anyone expect to go undefeated and dominate the League. We have 2/3 of the season to go and I think we will resolve our problems, wheather new ones emerge who knows. Any talk of replacing Mombarets is just horeshit and extremely reactionary hyperbole, unless of course we lose on Friday.
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    We're still second, and had a large amount of guilt edged chances, so despite me feeling absolutely distraught atm it's hard to make the case it's quite as bad as I feel it is...HOWEVER....something within this club feels inherently broken at the moment. Change the manager, change the players, change whatever you like, there's just an inherent culture of failure and weakness that we seem absolutely unable to shake off. The Cup Final, the Derby and now this game are all further examples of this clubs inability to capitalize on opportunities or rise to the occasion, we could already have one trophy and be level on points with a team that is easily the best side in the country if we had at least the tiniest set of balls. The continuing refusal to use Florin lends some plausibility to the rumours he may be off in January. If he is this club absolutely needs to bring in a marquee level creative player, there is absolutely no excuse now. Despite crumbling at every hurdle so far, there is a very real possibility we can fall into the Asian places if we address that weakness.
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    I think this is a massive exaguration IMO. The kid is good but Riley McGree is by far the best young footballer based on actual output- goals and stats. And we should have kept him at City. Genreau has not scored a single goal and has one assist. How can he be the best?
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    So fitness for EBC wasn't an issue in the end and I was completely fine with the altitude. The cold was a bit nastier than expected (water bottles froze in our room over night a few times). It's actually an awesome trip to unwind as it becomes all consuming and you kind of forget about the outside world. Saw a fucking tonne of rescue choppers flying up during my 11 days though, so def some failures that I didn't get to witness.
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