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    Ill save you some time: Half the squad will be cut, followed by the resigning of the shitest cunts. A handful of mediocre players will tickle in, which will include a couple of recycled a-league hack defenders, a mid table South American winger with a hot mrs, a bloke from Northcote, Pasco Vale or Oakleigh Cannons will "get his chance" (4 minutes in 3 seasons), then comes the Eredivisie guy, followed by the completely unknown lower league youtube trekker without a wikipedia page, a wasted visa 35 year old dude from Northern Europe (who will never pay), all topped off with a shitty and seemingly random Marquee.... Oh and Vince Lia. ("experienced squaddie") They will be led by a retarded, stubborn manager with predictable stale tactics and a horrible coaching pedigree. Finished 4th coz someone has to, lose in a knock out or semi final, "unlucky", see you in another 6 months.
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    Well after long discussion with Mrs Johnno we have relented and will now sit in Blue, we have been members since the beginning and we were both not happy with opting out so there it is in Blue for next season.
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    I don't buy the shit football rhetoric. Last season was an actual fucking snorefest. I literally began screaming at the 70th minute point in matches where we were either behind or goalless, passing it around the box, never penetrating, eventually backpassing all the way to keeper and copping a counter goal 5 mins later. This season, at least we're creating clear cut chances. It's just the finishing that lets us down.
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    Perhaps this is just a projective psychological test, a football Rorscarch, but now that I've seen it I can't un-see the sign behind her on the wall that looks a lot like 'seco cunts'
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    We need this scarf but with a seagull instead of a pigeon
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    Sorry I'm just going to call this out for the absolute bullshit it is. Victory really had one good game all year, it was against Sydney last week. They were lucky to win to an offside goal last night. We lost to the best goal in the last 20 years last week. Whilst in the past we have been architects of our own demise, the set of probabilities that played out for us to miss ACL, only happened in this quantum universe. In all others we made the ACL. It's the unfortunate reality of finals which I think we all recognise as pot luck. Either way ACL might have been the dream but I prefer us to do a Sydney of last year and crush the league and win the toilet seat next season. Then I'd say we are ready for ACL.
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    Understand why we've released him, but still upset to see him go as I've always been a big fan of him. Thanks for everything Jako and all the best
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    I agree that certain memberships for certain people are getting expensive. But come on folks, this is 2018, and you don't get something for nothing. There are perfectly good seats in City Blue for $290 per season - and that's the full adult cost - just $180 for pensioners and a mere $65 for a junior. You don't even have to cough up the whole lot at one go; spread it over 11 monthly payments. As for transport, well, everyone has to pay for it whether you come by train or by car. Again concessions apply for quite a few people using public transport - which takes you almost to the turnstiles at the ground; there would be few venues around the world better situated in that regard. Sorry, I just see a whole lot of whinging going on.
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    Bit late with this one but cheers to Manny. Serviceable player and a ripping bloke by all reports. May have cost us a few points but gave us all three here.
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    I gave up reading midway through the fourth paragraph. I couldn't give a toss what they charge, l renew regardless and always will. Don't renew if you feel ripped off. Next.
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    There is an association between the disappearance of the sausage stand and the drop in attendances
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    Good luck to Corey, wish him all the best things because the guy is a very talented footballer who has just had a very hard time with injury. Hope everything works out for him.
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    He could score a perfect hat trick and you'd still find someone saying he was worst on ground.
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    Thankfully we have a full hour of air time.
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    IMO style is important in that it's linked to excitement, and I think you need excitement to bring the fans to the game. Excitement is important at both the club level and the overall league level. Even though 2017-18 was our best league finish, IMO our most exciting season was when we had Fornaroli, Mooy and Novillo all banging in the goals. You can take me to a concert featuring the most technically-accomplished singer in the world, but if he or she delivers a program of funeral dirges then I'm not going to go again. Similarly football. There's no question in my mind that the excitement level at City and throughout the league has gone down. To deliver excitement you need exciting players. That's why I think the FFA handbrake needs to come off in terms of squads and caps. Also why I'm waiting with interest to see who we sign during this off-season. It's not going to do anything positive for memberships and attendances if all we do is sign recycled A-League players. No offence to the players themselves, but we won't see growth if we sign the likes of La Rocca, Muscat, Bozanic, Vidosic, Malik etc. all over again. As @n i k o says, for City (and several other clubs such as Central Coast and Phoenix) when you also have a lack of success it really is inevitable that interest in the club will wane.
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    "I reckon we are going to get humiliated at this World Cup"
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    Not really injury prone, more that once injured the recovery gets harder with age. We've had a lot of those in our history. Well, there's one of our "problems" as alluded to in another thread. We don't keep even our captain for more than two seasons. How can you build a loyal fan-base with our turnover of players? Sad to see you go Michael. All the very best to you and your family.
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    Surely you're kidding? The kid was very good at RB this season and played at a high level over considerably more games than Pierias ever did. Not to mention the understanding him and Arzani seem to have on the field. For me Atkinson holds that spot round 1 next season with Pierias as the backup.
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    Will surely join Sydney under the cap...
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    There's been plenty of comments on here over the season about Joyce's inability to manage ego players, which probably has a fair bit of truth to it. But I think people need to understand why he was brought here in the first place, which was all because of our soft cocked playing culture, which caused one of the most pathetic endings to a season which started so promising. So we now have a coach who is hard arsed, no frills, builds a team from defence, expects every player to listen and do it his way. Probably why he was highly regarded as a youth coach. Now you can argue that this type of coach should also be good at managing ego players, but I don't think that's quite the case in reality. Well perhaps in Europe, but to bring a coach all the way to our backwater with all those qualities would be very difficult I imagine, especially when we're all screaming down here expecting to play the attacking way we did 2 seasons back. Very difficult to get someone who could do all of that to come down here... So especially in his first season, I could see he's not going to spend any time trying to get every ego on board. His way would be to stick with players who will do what they're told and try and build a cohesive and consistent structure and style around them, based on defensive strength foremost. The rapid development of Arzani was a bonus and gave us at least some sort of creativity. So for a first season, he's probably achieved what he's needed to. Yeah we bowed out in another SF, but it was vastly different to previous years. As ugly as it looked, we were well on the way of achieving it, in front of 20000 vocal opposing supporters, until a freak goal changed it all. Despite the disappointment, not sure anyone can say we didn't give it our all. Season 2 is going to be a completely different story, with a very aggressive set of goals. He's had a year now to understand the league and build his core and ideology. I'd expect a more attacking and creative mindset still built around a strong, consistent, defensive appoach. Yes there will be players going, that's normal for here, but I don't think his core will be touched. It needs to stay similar so he can build the bells and whistles onto it. I'd expect the club will aim to win everything next season. That's not an overestimation at all, but where we need to be. I'd see anything else a failure and would think that's what most of us should expect too.
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    Surely that's part of building a winning culture though. The biggest clubs don't allow individual players to force the club into corners regarding playing time or personnel decisions and are always willing to cut ties if necessary. Nobody's bigger than the club, even Tim Cahill.
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    Hi All, My partner is currently attempting to raise some money for the Bradley Lowery Foundation (in particular, a young girl named Ivy-Louise) and Aaron Mooy was kind enough to send her a match worn and signed jersey from the Confederations Cup game against Cameroon to auction off. If you'd like to bid for the jersey you can do so below, I've also chucked a link in for the charity page if you're interested in reading about the cause. Cheers! https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/263647535396?ul_noapp=true https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/thebradleyloweryfoundation/ivy-louise
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    These new Melbournian Youth are scum and a disgrace. "Hey bro, lets f***ing watch Green Street Hooligans and start ripping flares because flares are cool. Oh yeah bro, dont forget to buy me a cider. Ill pay you next week bro. Hey bro can you create a logo for us, (one week later...'its a guy with goggles as the logo'), thats sooo cool bro. Hey bro lets get as many 16 to 19 year olds as we can and we will start punch ons and rip flares in Richmond on the way to Aami park because thats cool bro. I joined the youth becuase i was bullied at school bro and now no one will touch me because im cool. Hey bro lets start wearing black balaclavas because thats cool and lets hold up signs saying 'Joyce out' because he is shit for making us finish third." These are the shit they say and do. I truly hope there are little shitty Youth kids on the forum so they know that they are a disgrace. YOU WILL BECOME LIKE VICTORYS SCUM ACTIVE IF YOU KEEP THIS US. AND IF YOU EVER PROTEST LIKE THEM...YOU ARE A DISGRACE AND SHOULD BE KICKED OUT.
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    Fuck Rojas, little weasel jumps here every second season after failing overseas then leaves again at first opportunity. No interest in helping him get another move out of the league, the mercenary can go back to the Tards.
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    I never got a green line in my life. Can I please get a green line.
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    Don't know how much more the Club can do TBH. They're all over the place at junior level, helping clubs and schools out. They have a coaching setup at my son's club and they're not even npl. OTOH, i haven't seen a single thing from victory promoting football from the grass roots level. Answer might sound petty and naive, but it's quite simple: get rid of that fukn clown Gallop. He has no interest in promoting the sport and hence there are no clear pathways for juniors - especially when the top league in our country has turned into a joke. The buck stops with him. He should just Fuk off because everything he touches turns to shit. Get someone in who cares about the above and you'll see the supporters start to flock back to the clubs.
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    I was a Heart supporter from its inception and a member from the 2nd year up until this season where I didn't attend a game, maybe watched 2-3 games on TV and overall barely even followed the club. I honestly just think I just couldn't justify the investment as the entertainment value wasn't really there and there were always better things for me to do instead of watching what has forever been an incredibly frustrating team. The matchday experience isn't what it used to be as active support has been completely nullified, VAR is fucking shit, the standard of players in the whole league has declined drastically (where are the genuine star marquees?), playing the same 9 teams is boring, there's hardly any reason to feel passionate about the players since half of them end up playing for other A-League clubs anyway, being a franchise under the CFG umbrella has pretty much destroyed the emotional attachment I had to when we were Heart, and the stakes just never really seem that high. I mean from what I did follow this season we played like shit for the most part and still managed to finish 3rd, but that meant nothing anyway because the league has a final series where 6 out of 10 teams still qualify lol. Realistically for attendances to rise again the league and its clubs have to invest in better players, the FFA need to sort out expansion asap, VAR needs some serious refining and the league has to be exciting again and generate buzz like it did during the Del Piero/Ono/Heskey days. The semi-finals were good in the sense that it brought back some of that hype with that McGree goal and the epic Sydney FC vs Victory game but then in true A-League fashion, completely shot itself in the foot and fucked it all up with the VAR catastrophe. As for the club, Melbourne City FC needs to establish some sort of identity and stand for something because at the moment it is literally just a generic franchise that doesn't really represent a specific geographical area so it really is just the inferior football club in Melbourne in the eyes of the general public. It will be especially interesting to see what happens if the Team 11 bid in Dandenong is successful.
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    Why not go back to the actual Heart away kit. White with red sash or with red and sky blue sash for something different.
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    @thisphantomfortress @[LIBBA] @GreenSeater @eric forman Loved your beautiful rendition of true until i die. I'd just like to congratulate all you boys on a great season. Looking forward to hearing you guys back on the pod for next season.
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    When this happens, do we have to make @jeffplz and @haz some kind of diety? I for one welcome our new turkish/nth qld via Germany overlords. I'd like to remind them as a trusted podcast personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their aami park sausage stand caves.
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    If they release Budzinski it shows that next season they mean business IMO
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    so Joyce has come in and achieved the following: •Highest ever League finish •Lowest goals conceded in a season •Improved the culture such that we now can comeback and win from behind. •Brought in 2 talented youth players •Turned around the career of Osama Malik It May come as some surprise (at risk of being dubbed “Cato the Elder”) to the reader that I say he still should be fired* Here’s a few reasons: •bench usage. The modern game is played by 14 players. Joyce seems unaware of this. Frankly no more reasons are required, but I’ll keep going for the laughs. •random blacklisting players. He’s not a man manager. Anyone comes close to annoying him he just kicks them out. Might work at Man U but in the a League we have a salary cap, how about working through situations for a resolution like a grownup? •Kilkenny. Enough said. •Brandon. Enough said. •Signing blokes then refusing to play them eg. Budzinski, Crowley, Carusca. •Thinking Jacobsen is a midfielder •ignoring in the run up to the finals that despite his defensive flaws a guy like Budzinski might needed to turn a game so he should be given some minutes, so he’d be confident •thinking that because Manny Muscat works and tries hard he is somehow a match changing substitution •Putting 2 defenders on a bench of 4 in a must win game •Ostracising Denis Genreau • crowd numbers. The elephant in the room is that our crowd is down because people got sick of watching shit football (or if you like watching shit, packaged as “football”) * not that I think he will be.
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    Had a patch of about 4-5 games through the middle of the season where he really helped keep our head above water, you expect that kind of impact from your George's and Adrian's of the world but not a 19 year old kid. Very excited to see what he can do next season with a full first-team pre-season under his belt
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    Young Footballer of the Year. Congratulations to the lad.
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    There's a MASSIVE amount of hindsight being utilized there. I remember there being more than a few shakes of the head and chuckles on this forum when Newy signed Merrick. If that had of been our coaching appointment I reckon this place would've imploded
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    This weekend really showed what a clusterfuck the VAR is Arzarni penalty and Thomas Deng trying to apply a rear naked choke on Matt Simon and they decide not to intervene. This is the worst thing to happen to the game since the Yanks had those ridiculous dribbling shootouts at the start of the MLS to decide draws.
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    Post-mortem: Malik was a rock in the first half but it is irrelevant when a mistake like that is made. Taking a touch in the six-yard box from a cross...bizarre decision. Clearly just doesn't think like a defender and doesn't make the kinds of decisions that need to be made in the big moments. Will haunt him for a while Bort is bort. Best defender in the league. Not sure why he plays at this level. Way too good for it Bouzanis was woeful tonight. So jittery with the ball at his feet, his passing was terrible and just seemed to be all over the place. Phresh cutz just doesn't like the big games Shaun Evans is perhaps one of the worst referees I've had the displeasure of watching. Routinely makes the wrong calls. It is astounding that he is one of our best refs. He seems to be very strict on things that I think are insignificant yet far too lenient on many fouls that are just dangerous. He is inconsistent in the worst way possible. Fucking hopeless Atkinson still too raw and not a convincing defender Jamieson doesn't give us enough drive from full-back and is a terrible captain Bozanic is the most vanilla footballer. Trucks around at what seems like 75 per cent pace, makes a few tackles, lays off a few sideways balls then offers us piss-all going forward Brattan just does what you expect, never surprises me. Good enough to be a starting mid in a league-winning midfield I reckon but needs to be a bit quicker when making decisions Vidosic is a wildcard. On his day he is pretty good but aside from the odd triangle or through-ball he floats around and goes missing a lot Arzani is a fucking wizard with the ball at his feet but he really needs to work on his final ball. Has everything he needs to get to a big European league but not enough impact yet Bruno spent more time trying to win fouls than he did moving into dangerous areas. Our best ever player, yes, but we need to set up the offence around him with smarter passing and movement off the ball Fitzgerald and Bud needed to come on earlier. They gave us some dynamism in the last 10 minutes but they needed more time. Stupid coaching. Fitzy's miss was criminal. What about that annoying squib J Hoffman. For a bloke who was a fucking dud for us he sure is arrogant. Suppose it is fitting that a useless spud like ol' Hoffy would finish us off Vargas and Georgevski are two prima donna hacks who snipe people. Gutless pricks Special mention to McGree. Who cares if he didn't 'mean' to do it? He had a split second to do something, so he threw his leg at it and caught it sweetly. One of the best goals I've ever seen and was clutch so hat's off
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    Sympathise Bela, but you're asking too much. No-one's going to sell you a 5-game reserved seat membership valid for whichever 5 games you decide to attend during the season. To do so would mean tying up that seat for the whole season and making it unavailable to anyone else. That's why the club restricts that sort of membership to GA. Yes, later in the season they may make 5- and 3-game reserved seat memberships available, because very few full reserved seat memberships (if any) are being sold at that time, but they won't do so at the start of the season.