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  2. Work permits for Australians in the UK isn’t an issue, we have plenty of Australians in the lower English leagues. The stricter permit ruling only applies to the Premier league. Having said that when I mean development clubs I wasn’t talking about the UK.
  3. You're forgetting that Arzani does not have an EU passport, making a direct switch to an English club difficult. However, the Scottish Football Association has more-relaxed work permit conditions, making a loan to Celtic much easier to achieve.
  4. Seems like we have 2 discussions going right past each other. The Manchester signing and loan move. Anyhow, for his development regardless of the injury going to Celtic was a bad move. Once signed by Manchester they should have kept and condition him at their own academy teams or loaned him to better development clubs. It seems like Manchester loaned him just out to the highest bidder, greedy really and perhaps short term thinking. What we tend to overlook when talking about Arzani is that he never played a full senior season or full 90 minutes, physically he wasn’t ready.
  5. My understanding was that Arzani was contracted with Melbourne City until 31st May 2018. There was considerable speculation as to what would happen thereafter. His signing with Manchester City was not announced until 9th August 1918. Realistically, after his rise to stardom in season 2017-18, and his performance at the World Cup Finals, there was no way he was going to remain in Melbourne, whatever his contract may or may not have said.
  6. Very true in hindsight but Wazza knew how to manage youth, I will give him that much. He was contacted so he couldn't play with another team.
  7. Here we go again... As said many times when this went down back then; perhaps, just perhaps he wanted to go and if CFG didn't grant his wish to go overseas, then one of those other clubs knocking at his door back then would've snapped him up and he would have been lost to them altogether. I don't understand why you just need to keep dragging shit up...
  8. Maybe, under Le Patrone, I can't see how playing under Wazza for another season would be good for any attacking player's career
  9. For what purpose? To increase his value right. CFG is just speculating at the detriment of the player and more importantly the detriment of the success of our team. As I said, he peaked interest at the WCF and CFG went back on their word for the sake of $$$$ which again displays the real purpose of their acquisition of Heart. If they really wanted to do the best thing of our team they would have triggered the contract extension clause in his contract and had him play for another season. Obviously you can't see the forest from the trees.
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  11. I've been taking mine since he was 1yrs old. He's definitely coming with me this season as a 2yr old. Happy to say the family will have another City supporter arriving in December 👶 Due to re-sign as well as 3 others.
  12. Yes, there's clearly a lot of skill there. 41, Jordi Valadon scored a cracking third for us, and Ramy looked the class of our side. Speaking to some of the Manningham people after the match, their tactic in the second half was to put the big number 8 up front (he's literally seven foot tall and nicknamed Gigantor, and he made some of our lads look like 12 year olds) and punt the ball forward towards him. In foul pissing rain our lads got bossed out of it as they ran out of legs in the last ten. Ps, we live in Lara, so it feels about halfway to Sydney for us as well...
  13. @fensaddler You have to look at a previous team sheet to get them. The club web-site is rather deficient in this respect. This is the team sheet for the previous match. You deserve a medal going out to that place and for your reports. I went there once about 8 years ago to see a Heart pre-season match. Never again. It feels like half-way to Sydney from my place. I have no idea why anyone would schedule a match there in the evening at this time of the year. Apparently we're fielding a very young team indeed, and they are physically not quite able to last the distance. But they always give it a good shot.
  14. Must be. The home team is F.C. St. Pauli who are 0-1 down to the "Gaste" (guests, visitors). But this must be some junior team playing, because St. Pauli have a great stadium, holding some 32,000 spectators.
  15. And now 5-4 to Manningham. Bulleen at night in the rain. The Veneto looks like an iron castings factory. Delightful. Anf now 6-4 to Bulleen. We travelled 70km to watch this... 6-4 final score.
  16. And 4-3. Missed ball in defence put it on a plate for Manningham. Filthy night. And now 4-4.... Penalty to Manningham.
  17. 4-2 City. I guess I am the Twitter feed... Are there any squad numbers anywhere jw?
  18. That's odd. There is usually a Twitter feed for youth matches here https://twitter.com/MelbCityYouth but nothing there for this match.
  19. Manningham have pulled it back to 3-2 early in the second and are on top. They have a number 8 who is enormous.
  20. 3-0 up at half time. Manningham keeper turned white hot and exploded into small pieces. Pissing with rain.
  21. The npl side are up 2-0 so far against Manningham. Cracking second goal from Ramy. First was a calamitous own goal. Manningham keeper has completely lost his nut.
  22. Celtic is the great club but he isn't made for Scotish league. He isn't Viduka. Even Rogic hasn't improved mush. Celtic doesn't have a serious competition, that's the trouble. Besides, our guys are not really up to UEFA competition.
  23. Time will tell but you could be right. One loss that we will regret
  24. Definitely improved as City. Hard to acknowledge, though. If anyone remember our first game and a fistfull of supporters, well, our last game was very similar. Some things are the same.
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