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  2. Almost had Cavani as well...
  3. Alot of people to this day vastly prefer the shootout to the regular old PKs.... https://youtu.be/RRITqS6WEn0
  4. First home game in ages! Keen to watch a win by Erick and the boys.
  5. Today
  6. This thread must have more pages per year of club existence than any other A-League club. FMD we've gone through so many players.
  7. Chapman looks really good, went forward a bit as well.
  8. Decent turnout for first game 6888.http://www.ultimatealeague.com/records.php?type=att&season=2019-20 I'm looking forward to next week.
  9. He really has barely played for 2 seasons, it'll take time to get match sharp. It'll happen against us
  10. Well they were very solid that half but came out all guns blazing in the 2nd. Pieras should have won it for them
  11. Last night match result devalued our score. Not sure what to expect tomorrow . On the records, Cup final is to be remembered. All guns , full speed ahead.!
  12. better fucking play our strongest team tomorrow, treat every game like a cup final
  13. Chapman won the challenge against Fornaroli.
  14. only watched 1st half, they looked fucking shit parking the bus
  15. Perth vs Geelong looked at least 1 league higher standard than last weeks Derby. Classy football, great to watch.
  16. Based on that game any team that leaves Geelong with 3 points is going to be over the moon. They look a very good side.
  17. Yet the bloke is known apparently as a youth coach.
  18. Nothing to wonder about, the English Aloisi set us back 2 years in development and drove many top and promising players from the team
  19. Dylan Pieras subbed on as forward for the gypsy Brenton Speed quote after coming on "didn't get much of a chance under Warren Joyce..... Where have we seen that before?" Pieras was subsequently through on goal moments later as the lead striker, beat the keeper via a chip one on one only to hit the bar Makes you wonder
  20. I would have been a very good chance the following Sunday being cup weekend, surely this time of year in Geelong they could play earlier in the day.
  21. be good if they had some unique chants.
  22. They have sausages 😢
  23. I’m thinking old mate Archie might have a happy grin but he lacks the intellect to be even an average commentator.
  24. Class special goal there from Kone
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