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  2. Memberships

    Just like killing a hooker
  3. Memberships

    Just like being married
  4. *NEW SIGNING* Duracell Bunny

  5. Memberships

    Only renewing cause I can't be bothered figuring out how to cancel it
  6. *NEW SIGNING* Duracell Bunny

    If CFG could work out a way to make money out of it, believe me the duracell bunny would be added to the other potential cashcow bunnies that we have signed.
  7. Memberships

    Our memberships are now 5,670. A gain of just 14 on a week ago. Victory: 13,950. WSW: 13,607. Sydney: 8, 127. City: 5,670. Brisbane: 5,326. Adelaide: 3,187. Perth: 2,614. Central Coast: 2,274. Wellington and Newcastle not on the board yet.
  8. Removing already uploded photos


    I just want a pattern of some sort; stripes, hoops, checkers anything!
  10. Removing already uploded photos

    Using PC: 1. Sidebar Dropdown > Account > My Attachments 2. Sort By > Size 3. Click Thread name (not image) 4. Edit post, delete attachment from the window under the text box

    Does the FFA still police the whole "two years, one kit" rule?

    Well if I am honest I dont think we will be getting a new one this season. So we will be different by default

    I bet it will be a clone of Manchester City's.

    This IMO or at least white shorts and white socks

    I liked last seasons kit, still, blue and white stripes (Argies/Coventry style) would be magic IMO.

    Ditto. Tbh last seasons kit was sexy af.
  17. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Wonder if we have ever been in the vicinity of Signing GULUM
  18. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Perth will be better this year. That's good for the A League. Victory have got to recruit because their squad has been eviscerated.

    No thanks.
  20. Vi5it0rs

    This forum is going nowhere when you have to explain your jokes. Jovan out. Drain the Swamp
  21. Removing already uploded photos

    I know we have a limit and probably a dumb question, but is there a way of removing old photos from my upload allocation to free up space? I have been looking around for ages and cant work it out Cheers
  22. Womens - Where are they now?

    Chidiac signed for Athleti. Great move for the kid. Was disopointed she left us but got a bit home sick And Luik signed for Levante

    This is what we want please CFG
  24. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    I reckon our team is looking pretty good, certainly a contender. The German bloke has hardly played in the last two years, the Spanish bloke has mostly played second tier and who knows how he will turn out, these players are usually a bit hit or miss.
  25. WNPL

    I know we were in negs to get a team into the comp but just hoping there is an ITK around that has some more information. I think this is a crucial step that needs to be taken ASAP
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