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  2. But are Atkinson and Fornaroli fit enough to start? Whats the temp going to be in Perth? Have to laugh though that Perth probaly terminated Warren's contract quickly before he came up agaisnt Arzani. Remember how much our White Pastey Saviour made him look like a fool?
  3. Talking City Fan Channel

    Id love to hear Waz, I bet hes a sort of radio person.... an 'Internet Podcast' might be a bit alien to him though.
  4. A-league expansion

    Don't forget MONA's famous poo making machine!
  5. ACL

    So we can finally sign Ronaldinho?
  6. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    Politely, i strongly disagree with this statement.
  7. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    Totally pointless having both Kamau and Fitzgerald on the bench in the same squad. Perhaps the thing that annoys me most of all about Warren Joyce is his support for Kamau - the guy wouldn't make the match-day squad for any other team in the League.
  8. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    Bozanic is unlikely to start. Fitzy and Kamau are same profile on the bench. Bouzanis should be replaced, but change only happens due to injury or suspension.
  9. The 3peat Granny.

    Yeah ok I would take a family member account very lightly. She has been released by two clubs, so it can’t be an issue in one club that is a problem
  10. Today
  11. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    I can't say ive ever watched him closely enough to have a firm opinion personally, but i have heard from a lot of Victory fans that think he was a bit unfairly maligned due to the fact he was a marquee. In other words that he was ok for them, but was made out to be a lot worse than he was because he wasnt delivering marquee worthy performances. I'll take your word as far as you think him being a winger goes, although i do note he played predominately as a DM for Victory in his two seasons, and varied between DM and LM for most of his others. I suppose the next most likely options are that Jakobsen moves to DM with Delbridge at CB, Mauk fills the DM role, or Genreau is given the chance. For me i think Bozanic will be given first crack as the others, Genreau aside have had plenty.
  12. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    Good team on paper but we all know that this in itself means nothing. Bozanic has had some time to work with his new teammates however nothing compares to match experience so I expect that we'll leave some space in midfield. OTOH we'll have Jakobsen back in the back four where he belongs. Kilkenny, of course, will be motivated to show Wazza what an idiot he was for freezing him out. Bruno will still take some time to reach match fitness and the Glory thugs will kick the shit out of Arzani. On paper, it should be straightforward given Perth's form and our previous rare win there, however...
  13. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    Bozanic in midfield with Brattan concerns me. I don't see a point of difference there between the two. Essentially Bozanic is a winger and I don't see either one of those guys as effective screeners of our backline.
  14. A-league expansion

    Lets be serious here guys, think of the possibilities of creating group photos with pyro on the Spirit of Tasmania and be featured on multiple Ultras Facebook Pages
  15. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    Bouzanis Atkinson Schenkeveld Jakobsen Jamieson Bozanic Brattan Budzinski Arzani Fornaroli Vidosic SUBS Galekovic, Delbridge, Fitzgerald, Kamau, Mauk Atkinson straight back in for mine, Delbridge provides cover across both FB and CB. Genreau stiff. Should be able to roll these blokes comfortably, but being in Perth does make me cautious. 2-1 win, Bruno and Arzani to score.
  16. A-league expansion

    Not that I do Away Trips anymore... but cost and fun wise Tasmania would be a great place for Away Trips for fans of other clubs - in particular those in Melbourne.
  17. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    Perth Glory v Melbourne City FC nib Stadium, Perth Kick-Off: 7:00 PM (Local) (10:00 PM AEDT) Referee: Shaun Evans Assistant Referee 1: Arvin Shanmuganathan Assistant Referee 2: Wilson Brown Fourth Official: Adam Fielding Video Assistant Referee: Eddie Lennie TV Broadcast: Live coverage on FOX SPORTS 501 from 7.00pm (AEDT) and Sky Sport 2 (New Zealand) Radio Broadcast: myfootballnation.com (1116SEN & 6PR Perth). ABC News on Radio, Grandstand Digital, Online & via the ABC Listen App – A-League Live. PERTH GLORY Ins: 24.Callum Timmins (promoted), 25.Daniel STYNES (promoted), 27.Riley WARLAND (promoted), 29.Jeremy WALKER (promoted) Outs: 4.Shane LOWRY (suspended – 1 week), 6.Mitch NICHOLS (released) Unavailable: 14.Chris HAROLD (quad – 1-2 weeks), 15.Brandon WILSON (hip/groin – 1-2 weeks), 22.Adam TAGGART (hamstring – 1-2 weeks) MELBOURNE CITY Ins: 8.Oliver BOZANIC (promoted), 37. Nathaniel ATKINSON (returns from injury) Outs: Nil Unavailable: 6.Osama MALIK (quad), 19.Christian CAVALLO (quad) Perth Glory squad: 2.Alex GRANT, 7.Joel CHIANESE, 8.Xavi TORRES, 9.Andy KEOGH (c), 13.Nick FEELY (Gk), 16.Joseph MILLS, 17.Diego CASTRO, 18.Andreu GUERAO, 20.Jake BRIMMER, 23.Scott NEVILLE, 24.Callum Timmins, 25.Daniel STYNES, 26.Jacob ITALIANO, 27.Riley WARLAND, 29.Jeremy WALKER, 33.Liam REDDY (Gk), 66.Dino DJULBIC, 88.Neil KILKENNY **two to be omitted** Melbourne City FC squad: 1.Dean BOUZANIS (Gk), 2.Manny MUSCAT, 3.Scott JAMIESON, 4.Harrison DELBRIDGE, 5.Bart SCHENKEVELD, 7.Nick FITZGERALD, 8.Oliver BOZANIC, 10.Dario VIDOSIC, 11.Bruce KAMAU, 13.Stefan MAUK, 14.Daniel ARZANI, 15.Denis GENREAU, 18.Eugene GALEKOVIC (Gk), 22.Michael JAKOBSEN, 23.Bruno FORNAROLI, 26.Luke BRATTAN, 27.Marcin BUDZINSKI, 37.Nathaniel ATKINSON **two to be omitted**
  18. The 3peat Granny.

    Can conform 100 % Larissa won't be at the club next season. Spoke to a member of her family that confirmed this, said there was "a case of bullying". Mentioned the coach. Didn't go into it any further than that.
  19. Talking City Fan Channel

    Great get guys. Wazza is next. Maybe try and get him post season. That would be fascinating listening. Really good pod and some decent questions and candid responses. Made my day.
  20. Talking City Fan Channel

    Great job guys. When I was head of the FRG, I personally enjoyed grilling Scott, and found him to be honest, and straight down the line. He really does put in his best effort for City. Honestly, if he was no good for the job of CEO, he'd be long gone as CFG only employ high quality operators in their top level administrative roles.
  21. Why City/Heart?

    I just kept letting it roll on from Hearts First Season until this Season... and I then had to answer three phone calls about I wanted out. A lot of my mates got the same follow up calls... PPL can have their own opinion about if its still the same club (I am find with that) however it was pretty irritating when the same bloke rang me each time saying why do I want out when I have been a Member since Season One? The worst was I had to explain each time that was Season One of Melbourne Heart and not City, and I had only let the roll on occur for drink deals at The Gimp and because it covered probably the same amount of games I went each Season but now being married that at most I am an Armchair Fan. Also TBH from S2 onwards Heart was my main Football side... but the last two years or so I have returned to having Celtic as my main Football side as the kids Rodgers has signed (loaned) are far more attractive side to watch play on TV than City in RL/TV.
  22. Why City/Heart?

    I wonder what the numbers actually are - Heart members (at any stage) in Seasons 1-4 who are no longer City members.
  23. Why City/Heart?

    LOL - Gol Gol was signed by Heart as half the nails were already in the coffin @Bellos23 TBH I supported MHFC for something to do in Summer when my Ex was doing Summer School, I was also always put of by the Continental Style of support that MVFC had and I thought that MHFC therefore might be different plus as they were the new club that they needed supporters and had a nice kit. The best thing about being a MHFC fan was ultimately also the worse thing for the club which was being a small club that had barely any fans meant that you could make some good mates with some other fans along the way but at the end of the day that is what saw the club die - Next to no fans. I tried to support City as a New Team mainly as a social thing with my mates from the Heart Days but as time as gone by I find less and less of a connection between City and Heart over each Season, and I also could accept rat shit results from a club like Heart but not Mediocre Results from a club like City. These days I would say I am an Anti-MV fan more than anything else, and seeing as City being seen as out doing MV is what annoys them most that loosely makes me a City fan however I cancelled my membership this season because I CBF going to games. I also like to see to WSW lose due to the crap they use to say about Yarraside back in the day and for that reason if City dont win things then I dont mind SFC winning it cos it pisses of those idiots.
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  25. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    Good Matchup for Bozanic to play in, really wanna see if he's as good as Wazza's awkwardness
  26. ACL

    I've always been surprised at how little love it gets. It such a good competition. I suspect interest would increase a fair bit if/when we get rid of the cap.
  27. Talking City Fan Channel

    Don't use it but feel free to share in there.
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