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  2. a lot of ratings under 4, season was typical
  3. I'd also like one for $55.
  4. I'd say it's real. There's no A-League badge because the badge is being redesigned for next season, so unlikely to be ready to go on the kit. I'd say it's just a prototype to show Munn and Co but apparently it was found in Malaysia . I don't quite get that part. Either way it's fucking rubbish. But better than the two away kits we've masqueraded as home kits over the last few seasons.
  5. the spanish ramsay
  6. Jesus Navas is a free agent
  7. I was going to comment but wanted to give HeartFc the honour of posting his thoughts first .
  8. And what? Decisions are made in Manchester, no one in Melbourne has any information on happenings other than the times when buisnessmen leave for England, the time they return from it, and who they bring with them.
  9. I can't believe the reaction to some cheap, shitty knock off of our kit lol
  10. I am excite. Please be someone good.
  11. Anyone know if these are still available at south wharf?
  12. Jokes on the 2 blokes dating those women. Think about it, no bitching and crying, no responsibility or walking on eggshells. Saving your cash and you can fart and shit your pants without a worry in the world. Of course, no regular sex, but regular girlfriend sex gets boring fast, better off rooting once every couples months and actually enjoying it or finding a friendly chick who doesnt want anything serious. Dating woman is for phaggots anyway.
  13. Can confirm SST's tweet. Final round of interviews were conducted this week and last week.
  14. David Moyes won't be under consideration by CFG. The reason is that his teams don't play the style that the owners want. His style is more like Perth play.
  15. Typical journo's never let the truth get in the way of a good story .
  16. At least he can get that European Kontiki tour cheap now, without having to pay the fare from Australia. Seriously though his attitude (as it appeared in that interview) to being told where he needed to improve was terrible. There I was thinking he was going to Europe to get better as a player, but apparently he was going over there to show them how good he already was. I must say I'm not shocked by his attitude, but its still frustrating to see a young player squander their opportunity due to their arrogance and sense of entitlement.
  17. As FFA stands at the moment, it probably fits quite well into FIFA. What reforms and progress are we seeing out of FFA? I can name the FFA Cup, but elsewhere all I see out of FFA is talk and glossy brochures, backflips and missed target dates. Where are the reforms to the FFA Board? Where is the new funding model for the A-League? Where are the quantitative criteria for expansion? Where are the NYL and WWL going? And so on and so forth.
  18. Oh yeah. Because he was apperently shit when he left us. Bunch of morons
  19. Appalling article about Mooy on the world game site (please don't click it, you'll reward crap). Apparently Mooy was a "project" of his coach, apparently that's why he's so good, the coach "improved" him. Give me a break.
  20. Excellent article by Les Murray about where reform at FIFA is heading. In case you thought it was safe to go back to the boardroom, it looks like the "open and transparent" days of Blatter are a thing of the past. Really, should Australia be a member of this organisation?
  21. Sydney looking disturbingly ominous for next season already. Looks like they will have 19 of the 2016/17 squad. Other clubs - including us - are going to have to pull their socks up to get close to them.
  22. The point of the headline is to show that he was seemingly an everyday English person that cherished the same thing that other people in the country also love, but still decided to do what he did. Save your outage for something else.
  23. Harsh Yeah I've gone with the unfollow but keep as friends route. Now for the easy part: photoshopping pictures of models into my pictures to show how well I'm coping emotionally
  24. 3 goals up on 70 minutes that's a massive choke.
  25. Manchester bomber was a "soccer fan". That explains his violence....
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