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  2. Daniel Arzani

    You're entertaining the idea he won't even be picked? Based off his last 4 months on the pitch he shouldn't even be near this training camp. Yet he's there. I'd have more chance of lighting come out of my arsehole than Timmy not get selected in the final 23.
  3. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Which Adelaide players are we targeting (or perhaps to spare your keyboard, which ones are we not targeting?)
  4. What needs to be done to grow the support and attendance

    Main thing is just the prices. If any a-league club can afford to slash the prices for tickets & memberships, it's us. This needs to be a point of difference between us and victory and any other expansion sides. I believe lots of the other problems like the player merry-go-round, and boredom of playing the same 9 teams will sort itself out as the league expands.
  5. Haz's Dank Meme Thread

    Some of these might have been around for a while but still makes me smile
  6. Calcio

    Yes but when 2 teams have same total points (hence equal consistency) they are separated by their head to head result. Just seems fairer to me.
  7. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    TBH I don't know why the club just doesn't terminate Petrillo and give our Manager the full reins in terms of signings. It's not as if the Manager has a 50+ matches season to contend with - there's plenty of time for him to assess who's available. If we need someone above the Manager to hold the Football Department together, then make that person purely admin. There have been too many poor signings during Petrillo's incumbency.
  8. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    If this is bloke is all we can muster up with our "world wide scouting network" then just fuckin fold the club
  9. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Yes definitely meant in the works, just autocorrect being a cunt on my phone. Joyce has also been told that if the team does not make the finals this season that he will be given the boot. The only reason he was given leniency this season was because the people higher up did not see this list as his own. Now that he will have a full pre season with the team their are no excuses.
  10. World Cup 2018 - Russia

    Getting close now, predictions?
  11. Calcio

    why finish lower from possibly 1 game when you've been more consistent through the rest of the season
  12. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    He was pretty piss poor when the pressure was on during his last season at the Tards IMO. He's talented but I think he's more than a bit of a weak cunt and I'd rather not have him in the squad.
  13. I just want to win the league
  14. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Fuck Rojas, little weasel jumps here every second season after failing overseas then leaves again at first opportunity. No interest in helping him get another move out of the league, the mercenary can go back to the Tards.
  15. Would take Rojas. Arzani------------Bruno------------Rojas ---------------Marquee CAM-------------------- MOIST
  16. Daniel Arzani

    I hope he doesn't. I don't want there to be any 'excuses' as to why Cahill didn't make it.
  17. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Doubt that if George stays at Victory they'd be able to accommodate him
  18. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Very interested!!
  19. TPO Rankings

  20. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Marcos Rojas? Seen that he is in melbourne, rumour going around that he wants to move back here
  21. The FFA Management thread

    I dunno i think you could look at someone like Arzani in the opening month, or even last season. He was still highly rated, but I would have struggled to make a case for him in the match day squad when you looked at the players he was up against. These kids don't have the benefit of exposed form at the level that more senior players do, so they often dont get the opportunity until injuries strike. Last season would have been a good example where we could have perhaps farmed him out to CCM for six weeks at the end of the season, giving him a chance to play at the level, boosting the CCM side and us ensuring our 'asset' remained ours, and got a bit of valuable experience in the mean time. I appreciate the argument re releasing players to other clubs, but i kinda feel that's not necessarily optimal, and doesnt encapsulate the youth with more ability either. For example, John Roberts wasn't able to break in as striker when we didnt have one and played Bud there, nor was he able to at WSW whereas Arzani would have almost certainly have played at other clubs last season had he been allowed, but we were never going to let him go for nothing unless he was absolutely demanding to, and even then, he's risking his future by leaving the club that can get him the best pathway to Europe.
  22. The FFA Management thread

    Look at us FIFA look at all the good stuff we are doing
  23. The FFA Management thread

    I must be dumb, but I can't see what this achieves that isn't possible now. Players of any age can be and are released all the time from A-League clubs and then sign for another. Our John Roberts for example. Releasing him meant we could sign another and presumably more promising replacement to a Scholarship contract - Najjar. If a club values a player so highly that it wishes to loan him rather than release him, then perhaps he ought to be getting more game time anyway?
  24. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    I kind of like the idea of Mubarak doing that, but the reality is that he can't. Gallop and Lowy have repeatedly shown that their skins are as thick as those of a rhinoceros and are prepared to tough it out whatever is thrown at them either from above (FIFA) or below from football in Australia. More jibes at the way football is administered in this country will simply make them dig in deeper. CFG's position is that it either has to stay with Melbourne City and make the situation work by better management all round, or it has to quit. And pride says there's no way it will quit as a loser.
  25. The FFA Management thread

    https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/ffa-set-to-permit-loan-moves-between-a-league-clubs-20180522-p4zgvt.html IMO this is a tiny step in the right direction but in typical FFA fashion there are a layer of restrictions. Only Australian players, only A-league players, only those aged under 23 and only for a season. There are still no loan/transfer fees. As Didulica (PFA) says, this is a zero-sum game because a young player moving to another club just blocks another young player at that destination club. Repealing one stupid rule, every ten years seems to be the FFA's method. Maybe in 2050 we will have the salary cap abolished.
  26. Calcio

    Why? I prefer head to head results.
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