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  2. The VAR

    Exactly, only 1 person must be in charge. Having some dude watching a telly in the back room and ordering the ref to stop the game is blurring the responsibility.
  3. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    Yes, but do we really need to play with so many defenders. If anything we proved that no matter how good we are defending somebody will screw things over. We need to start scoring and not rely on Ross only. Brattan can play deeper, provide the cover and occasionally move forward to increase the presence.
  4. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    I'm still unclear what's Budzinski's natural position? I thought l read somewhere where he said he's not a natural #10?
  5. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    Last chance saloon for Budzinski
  6. Today
  7. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    Budzinski to score before half time....I called it, and Killa will be on the big screen in a suit
  8. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Has John Roberts left the club or something?
  9. Lydia Williams

    2 more today. maybe time to be dropped.
  10. Melburnians (Melbourne City Active Support)

    times have changed which imo is shit the derby cause use some more spice.
  11. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    And Malik.
  12. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    At least we won't have Muscat to pick up a red card, only LaRocca
  13. The VAR

    The League is going to persist with use of a VAR. https://www.a-league.com.au/news/statement-head-hyundai-a-league-and-westfield-w-league-greg-orourke-relation-video-assistant IMO the obvious change that should be made for the rest of the trial is to use the Video Assistant Referee only at the request of the On-Field Referee - this at least would be transparent to the fans watching the match. I think what's pissing everyone off at the moment is that the VAR (who is unknown and unseen by everyone in the stadium including coaches and players) is suggesting reviews to the On-Field Referee via their intercom, so no-one knows who is actually refereeing the match. Also I don't believe that the VAR should be called on to review off-side decisions - that's what the linesmen are there for.
  14. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    They're vsing Brisbane....
  15. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    Fucking hell, victory are actually looking fantastic today. Not as confident as I was 20 minutes ago haha. Absolutely terrified about what George is going to do to our fullbacks
  16. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    This is disgraceful imo. Probably the biggest derby (and game) of the season proper.
  17. 2 days on and I'm still disappointed. Not with the way we played (particularly after the Muscat red) but that the result flattered Sydney and once again the VAR process has been shown to be flawed. 2 seasons in a row, same round even, that dog Bono sinks the boots in, fails to get sent off and then goes on to score a penalty (he went studs up to Franjics knee last IIRC) That said, we can't afford to bury our heads in sand and sit behind a cop out; our lack of finishing touch in the penalty area didn't help. all in all, still think we are very capable. Top spot is out now (tbf Sydneys still bloody good with or without VAR help) but second is definitely in reach
  18. Ross McCormack

    No doubt Ross hasn’t lived up to expectations as yet but he’s showing glimpses. Just looks a bit rusty & given his lack of football early this year, it’s understandable. I heard we are/were pretty close to making his deal permanent, so I assume it’ll all depend on the scans now. With him out, I’d play Fitzgerald up front with Arzani on the flank. For the brief spell against Sydney, I thought this is when we looked most threatening.
  19. Ross McCormack

    http://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/melbourne-city/melbourne-citys-ross-mccormack-cleared-of-acl-injury-20171217-h063mh.html Same basic source but this is pretty definitive. Also the news that Bruno could be another 6 weeks. Don't think we're going to see much of the latter this season.
  20. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    Line up going to be very interesting for this one. I wonder what tricks Wazza will have up his sleeve? For mine tards have too much wing pace to play Malik at RB. Atkinson must be in with a real chance, but other than that he could put Jako in the back 4 and do some of shuffle I guess. At the other end I’m assuming that Ross can’t go from “out for the season” to “playing next Saturday” so some sort of shuffle required. Not clear if Brucey will be available either. All and all it’s looking like a quite different line up, so we’ll see Wazza does with it.
  21. Spud of the Match RD11 vs Sydney FC

    Nine, but meh. Still went to every game back then.
  22. Spud of the Match RD11 vs Sydney FC

    He was literally playing when Hellenic was 8 years old
  23. Ross McCormack

    And I'd rather have him than Cahill any day. He hasn't had his humility chip surgically removed.
  24. Fernando Brandán

    He may just be going home for Christmas, but yes, it could be a lot more. If he is going, we'll miss him and he leaves some fabulous memories. And taking the positive, we have some very promising wide players coming through the youth ranks.
  25. Ross McCormack

    Good news for him personally and for our club. He’s come across as genuinely trying to make a difference on the pitch even if some our lads aren’t quite on his wavelength.
  26. Ross McCormack

    If that's true I'm genuinely delighted. Ross may not be perfect, but there's something about him I like, and he really is due a break. I was really hopeful he'd turned a corner scoring from open play, and we had a couple of free kicks against Sydney that I swear he would have buried. He's a player who can make a difference, he's kept us in it this season, and I suspect we might have only begun to see what he could do when fit and with his head in the right place.
  27. Fernando Brandán

    In a Facebook group someone close with Fernando has said he's going back to Argentina this week (Wednesday), so maybe expect an announcement by the club this week.
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