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  2. Please lock or merge if there's a similar thread already
  3. Link to Joyce's interview from earlier today.. interesting he didn't deny Troisi talks. Really like what Warren has said, confident in him.
  4. Greek and reliable the ultimate oxymoron.
  5. Pass mark in his first season? I'd take a convincing top 4 finish, by convincing I mean most of the things bela mentioned. He's got to make the squad mentally strong. If he can cut out all the soft shit and win a few games I'll be happy. So none of these options. I'm thinking less arbitrary than a certain trophy.
  6. Not a reliable source. Must be full blooded and works in construction
  7. A-League clubs have just rejected a $3.55m deal each from the FFA (don't know how much of that is salary cap). Either way its looking like the salary cap will surely rise next season.
  8. A-League club owners set to reject FFA funding model Dominic Bossi CONTACT VIA EMAIL FOLLOW ON TWITTER A-League clubs are set to enter the new financial year not knowing the size of their grant for next season after rejecting Football Federation Australia's latest funding offer. The rift between club chairmen and the FFA deepened on Tuesday when several clubs rejected the governing body's latest proposal, some labelling it "a slap in the face". SHARE SHARE ON FACEBOOKSHARE SHARE ON TWITTERTWEET LINK 81% of original size (was 620x348) - Click to enlarge FFA CEO David Gallop has rejected the clubs' claim they were being undervalued. Photo: Getty Images After all 10 club owners stormed out of a meeting with the FFA in early May in response to the initial offer of $3.25 million, an improved offer of $3.55 million with several conditions failed to appease the clubs, who are demanding a significant improvement in their share of broadcast, merchandising, sponsorship and ticketing revenue after years of incurring significant losses. Despite signing a record broadcast deal with Fox Sports in December worth $56 million per season, the FFA is yet to reach an agreement with the clubs on their share of the windfall. The clubs are suggesting the A-League is responsible for 85 per cent of the value of the broadcast deal as well as other revenue streams received by the FFA, such as its sponsorship deal with Hyundai. However, the clubs were frustrated after an improved offer worked out at around 61 per cent of the value of the broadcast deal alone, which – while an improvement on previous grants – is proportionately less as a percentage share of the previous TV rights deal. The previous deal provided the clubs with $2.6 million each, the same figure as the previous salary cap. Fairfax Media understands several clubs rejected the FFA's proposed grant on Tuesday. Their initial asking price was $6 million per season, but sources suggest the clubs would accept a lower amount of no less than $4 million in cash. One club chairman warned of an impending stand-off akin to the one playing out in rugby league, which pitted the majority of NRL clubs against Australian Rugby League Commission chairman John Grant, who recently resigned from his post. Adelaide United chairman Greg Griffin was one who rejected the FFA's proposal on Tuesday. The proposal came with significant conditions on how an additional $300,000 could be spent. It's understood the governing body was willing to grant the clubs extra funding for the purpose of marketing, but only with the agreement of head office on how the clubs intended to use the additional money.
  9. Yeah but if he didn't have that "pregnant photo" the other day it would have denied me the opportunity for an off season rant.
  10. You won't hear about it again when it's worth making the trip
  11. I like everything I am hearing so far and he certainly has the attitude we need. Mind you most people said the same thing when they first heard Rob Wielaert interviewed so let's wait and see
  12. I expect him to reduce the length of Bela's trip to games so I don't have to read about it on the forum anymore
  13. He needs to improve the team: no more soft cock performances where the team just doesn't turn up no more crumbling when the run of the game turns against us no more goals conceded in the first and last minutes of a half because the team are still mentally in the dressing room no more timid displays against physical teams like Perth No more poor discipline on the field some steel and desire when playing away from AAMI Park players that know their roles and understand the team philosophy no crumbling when the team is doing well and there's some expectation of success I expect performances and consistency that compel me to renew my season ticket and want to drive 700km round trip to a home game I expect a Premiership and ACL qualification, otherwise send him home on the boat
  14. TM was always gunna be gone by seasons end, surprised he made it to this season tbh there was a player revolt last year. They're signing players and the owners have been unequivocal in their stance.
  15. Wouldn't know tbh, but as shit as the rebels do, they still pull alright crowds. Like i think the rebels average 8-12k depending on who they are playing I heard they were winding down, and the fact that their not re-signing their coach is a sign to it. He also quite crap atm too so it could be that lol, @thisphantomfortress would know more about this then myself.
  16. Unfortunately that means he will be on with Finey, good luck to him
  17. Alert: lighting and clothing changes body shape. Big deal
  18. The hair or the gut?
  19. Another pic of Brattan at training. Looks a little bit better in this one!
  20. I heard he will be on sen tonight from 8pm.
  21. He will be a one club man
  22. Hopefully he walks the walk too.
  23. Sounds like a psycho
  24. Hes saying things but at least he sounds like he knows what hes tslking about.
  25. Yep. He's achieved nothing whatsoever just yet, but i certainly like what im seeing and hearing so far, even if i dont buy into words that much.
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