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    you boys have the mozz on us. And so does wembely..
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    DM @Embee or @Hackett they run the Melburnians
  4. 8 players for young socceroos

    I don't want to be a downer, but i can't see any of theses boys getting much game time this year under Joyce. I get the feeling that he is going to park a lot of CB's in front of goal and stop last years leaks. No youth player will have that sort of an effect. I wish them luck in the tournament. good that they got selected and man do we need at least one NY male team to do well and even make a world cup. I support the government embargo BTW.
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    @mjake1234 Wanderers have their number on their web-site.
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      Hellenic Hero

      Having a few down the pub with Gaffy

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      With big brownie as well

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      Hellenic Hero

      He's taking selfies for his tinder

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    Bahaha I was singing this in my head before
  7. R3 vs Wellington Phoenix AAMI Park Saturday 21/10 5:35pm

    The side that we field has to be the best 11 players who can play the tactical game plan. I suspect that Wazza will be keener on a more possession-based game against Nix who doesn't keep the ball as well as the visit0rs. He's said that the team have trained to play a variety of formations that presumably reflect a variety of styles so I wouldn't be surprised if the formation, tactics and lineup were all different

    Will be an absolute pleasure handing you your heads in the next round
  9. New City dads revel in fatherhood AAP 18 OCT 2017 - 3:58 PM If you're looking for secrets behind Melbourne City's sharp start to the A-League season, June 5 is a good place to start. The otherwise inauspicious date - four weeks after the grand final, and two weeks before Warren Joyce was appointed coach - holds special meaning for two City midfielders. It's the day Nick Fitzgerald and Luke Brattan became fathers for the first time. And both believe it's sparked an upturn in their own form. "I've been really happy away from the pitch and that's carried onto the pitch," Fitzgerald said on Wednesday. "There's definitely a link." Fitzgerald, with son Harrison at Etihad Stadium, laid off both assists in last Saturday's 2-1 Melbourne derby win. Brattan missed the match after a training incident last week, but impressed in City's opening night victory over Brisbane Roar. The two-time Roar grand final winner said his baby girl, Amaya, brought balance. "It's a fantastic distraction away from football," he said. "We get caught up in football a lot. Thinking about it all the time. Everyone tells you your life is going to change and it does but it's very rewarding. "The sleepless nights are tough (as are) sicknesses. Your priorities change but I think it makes you a better person. It makes you a better footballer." Brattan says he's available for City's round three date with Wellington Phoenix on Saturday night. "I hate missing any game. I hate missing training so to miss that game was tough," he said. "It was the coach's decision. I got kicked in training but I said I was fine. It is what it is." At AAMI Park, City will gun for three straight wins to start the campaign for the first time in their eight-season history. They blew a similar opportunity last year when nemesis club Perth Glory completed a smash-and-grab 3-2 win. Brattan said the club had a chance to show improved maturity against the Nix. "We've got to learn from last year," he said. "We had a couple of good games last year at the start and it went to our heads a little bit. "We've got our fair share of critics and being at a big club they're going to continue to hang around until something goes wrong. "We've got to keep the momentum going ... (and) work extremely hard. "That's shown in the first two games it's going to pay off." http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/article/2017/10/18/new-city-dads-revel-fatherhood
  10. Domestic Politics

    I don't think of "user pays" as a tax as such, because there is (usually) an alternative to paying. A casual search seems to indicate that the U.K. initiative has had good success. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/jul/30/england-plastic-bag-usage-drops-85-per-cent-since-5p-charged-introduced https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/aug/07/tesco-to-end-sales-of-5p-carrier-bags
  11. ill second that.
  12. Keep the same 11, Sydney last year had the same team every week and their success showed
  13. Fitzy's kid is my favorite, especially with a name like Harrison..
  14. 2017/18 Melbourne City Media

    Mauk and Galekovic post-game presser (video starts around 1.20): Kamau interview (~Monday) about the derby win: http://20313.mc.tritondigital.com/WHOOSHKAA_1709/media-session/e2d3e620-91d4-4255-854e-a0cfdb824f68/podcasts/podcast_1709/podcast_media/4d350c-bruce-kamau.mp3 Jess Fishlock interview this week on re-signing:
  15. Details here: https://www.melbournecityfc.com.au/news/how-claim-your-kids-go-free-tickets
  16. TBH im enjoying the back 5 with the jak moving into DM when needed. Found it interesting that mauk said he preferred playing as a box to box mid. Always thought he preferred no.10 role. Guess we might see ourselves playing a lot without a CAM this season. Bart was huge as a CB so dont really want to push him to RB, leaving muscat as the RB. That being said, the likes of muscat keeping a kilkenny or brattan out im not a fan of.. but if the system works the system works.
  17. I agree with the unchanged side, so Malik - Brattan - Mauk in midfield. The last game's bench was Bouzanis, Cahill, Budzinski, Carrusca, Tongyik. So the likes of Kilkenny will need to fight to make the bench, or miss out. Also if the captain Jakobsen isn't needed in midfield (and presumably gets moved back into defence), then someone of Jamieson, La Rocca, Schenkeveld, Muscat needs to be dropped. La Rocca and Schenkeveld have been a super solid pairing throughout all our 2 season games, so I don't like the idea of splitting up that pairing. Jamieson provided a team high 41 passes last game (more than twice as many as Mucat and with good passing accuracy). However Muscat was strong in defence, with 2 good tackles (other defenders only registered 1 each) and 5 interceptions (La Rocca had the high of 7, the other defenders had 1 each). The defence is arguably the toughest to pick (how to change something that's been working so well?). There are probably a few very good possible lineups, but I'd like to see: Jamieson - Jakobsen, La Rocca, Schenkeveld We'll learn a bit about Wazza with how he solves this selection headache.
  18. R3 vs Wellington Phoenix AAMI Park Saturday 21/10 5:35pm

    When has any side in this league. It's a nice problem to have
  19. When was the last time we had 15 players fighting for a starting 11 spot where you wouldn’t mind if any of them were to start?
  20. I'm fully entrenched in the unchanged camp. So how we started last week would continue this week. Which will leave some quality not even making the squad. Times are a changin.
  21. Domestic Politics

    Plastic bags have been priced in the UK for years. 5p when i left (years ago). Gives consumers the choice, pay a minimal amount which covers the manufacturing, environmental and disposal costs or bring your own. I dislike new taxes as much as the next person, but at the very least i prefer having the choice to avoid them. ^ as @Tesla had said above.
  22. NZ v Peru WC playoff: 25,000 tickets sold today

    Very good points, all. Yes, as a longstanding fan who first saw the All Whites v Hungary in Christchurch in 1982, I have to agree, I find the Oceania qualifying group to be comparatively worthless in terms of opposition since Australia when to Asia. Oddly, when we are forced to bite the bullet and play strong opponents, we are rarely disgraced now. Remember this, Trivial Pursuit fans, NZ was the ONLY unbeaten team at the 2010 World Cup. And we have had excellent results on European ''friendlys'' tours in recent years. I too would prefer us to be playing Australia, Japan, etc in an attempt to qualify. (We only lost to Japan 2-1 very recently in a friendly). Look at Iceland, which has in total 8 per cent of the Kiwi population. And already in Russia. Like them, we need to match it with the big kids, regularly. Peru will be a fierce opponent. But I've got my ticket and flights booked and I'm going with a very good mate who lives in Wellington, and we will be screaming our lungs out. Interestingly, with a 38,000 sellout definite tomorrow for the Nov 11 Peru game (Peruvian expats bought their entire Active allocation in 7 minutes on Tuesday!) those who attend All Blacks rugby tests and All Whites matches regularly have mentioned this week that the All Whites crowd atmosphere in critical World Cup home games (v Bahrain 2010, v Mexico 2013) absolutely blitzes what the rugby crowds offer in terms of volume. It is going to be some event, whatever the score.
  23. Domestic Politics

    The best bit is that the two major supermarkets already decided to get rid of them. The state government is literally just trying to look like they're doing something. Fwiw, they should have just put a tax on them rather than banning them.
  24. I think that will depend on his fitness. I agree with an unchanged lineup. If malik is fit malik plays. Loving his form this season, hes a completely different player.
  25. I sense that Wazza will keep an unchanged side if he can, and make minimal changes if he has to make any at all. Winning is going to be the priority this season, not pretty football or "giving someone an opportunity because they've trained well" a la JvS.
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