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  2. Is Kamau's goal against Victory really the last time we scored from open play? Feels like that happened a year ago. I just don't get this team at all. Unlike last year, our corners have actually gone into dangerous areas, only for the ball to bounce with no-one near it then get cleared by a defender. We don't even look like getting a head on the ball, let alone scoring, from that situation. After a perplexing 4-0 start, we've reverted to the mean. You know it's time to start thinking about your Christmas shopping when City has secured 0-2 points in a four game stretch and the season is rapidly going down the toilet. The most dangerous thing is we'll somehow still be third after a month of rubbish. It would just be classic City for us to go out and belt Newcastle next week, just to rope us all back in. In fact, I'm expecting it.
  3. Stick around. With these performances attendances will only get worse. Not only only are we now not attracting new members but the rusted on brigade is flaking off.
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  5. Talking City Fan Channel

    Killkenny would be and has shown time and time again he is a better option to Malik.
  6. Haz's Dank Meme Thread

    Dont know why I laughed at this so much.
  7. Talking City Fan Channel

    Tbf until the VARs insane red he was neither here nor there
  8. Wazza Watch: The second coming of Aloisi

    Wazza can coach our yoof team
  10. Wazza Watch: The second coming of Aloisi

  11. Bruce Kamau

    does this flog know what a deadlift is? fuck off already you sub human tit
  12. For this league he is a certain winner, capable of taking a team to a championship winning season. For that reason it's shits me to no end for not only our sake but also his that we are performing and getting results like the last 4 games.
  13. Try Leeds I've been dead since 2002
  14. Seriously reckon this guy is the best player in the league. He's strong, quick, skilful and reads the play so well. He also never gives up and plays to the very end. Just an absolute gun.
  15. He made changes after some shit performances, but they weren't the right ones. He needs to get the structure right asap as he has the cattle. We've got away with a makeshift midfield but it's time he sorts this out now. We have no creativity in linking forward, our only idea seems to be to push wide slowly and then come back in. Malik and Mauk need to be replaced with Brattan and Kilkenny and Budzinski needs to be more involved or give it to Carrusca when/if he's fit. He also needs to work out his defence. It was terrific early but not now. He needs to work out the best 4 out of Jamo, Jako, Roc, Bart and Muscat. Either Roc is the unlucky one or Muscat goes and Bart moves right. Credit for trying something this week but unfortunately, Fitzy wasn't the answer. Up forward, get Kamau off and try an Arzani or Crowley (this kid is seriously quick) for a week or two or until Brandan is back. It's like a jigsaw, just need to put the pieces in their right place. We also have a few missing pieces that will help once they're back. Despite the doom and gloom on here from watching the shit tonight, we actually aren't that far away. Hopefully the players can continue to believe in him.
  16. Feel sorry for Bart, only player that seems to give it all on the pitch. Was sad to see him drop to the ground in tears after the game, but then he still went to the fans after the match for photos. Quality individual.
  17. Rd. 8 vs Perth, Friday 24/11, AAMI Park, 7.50 pm

    Terrible game to experience. Very disappointing crowd, scared off by our form, the drama around Timmy and the threat of stormy weather. Wazza has learnt tonight that Fitzy is no RB and that Malik cannot play as our only DM. Perfect game for Lowe, he set up to give us no freedom out wide, exploited Fitzy and exposed Malik, then parked the bus and broke up the play, frustrating our guys. None of this was helped by amateur level refereeing, but that’s still no excuse. I do think our guys tried hard to break down Perth after we went to 10 men but the odds were against us. Ultimately we have the midfield depth and talent to create a winning formation, it just hasn’t clicked yet. I still feel confident that a cohesive set up will eventuate, and that we’ll be there abouts come the end of the season. Put tonight behind us and bounce back strong next week against the mighty Hoff’s Jets.
  18. Bruce Kamau

    Start Arzani please Wazza. Kamau surely has lost his spot.
  19. Talking City Fan Channel

    He usually only plays 2-3 good games a season. He has already used them up.
  20. Spud of the Match - R8 vs Glory

    I don't think I can nominate a spud who stood out from the numerous others around him.
  21. Rd. 8 vs Perth, Friday 24/11, AAMI Park, 7.50 pm

    When you've not only laughed when your team has conceded but also when they've scored. When the best chant of the night has been 'We're shit, and we know we are' and everybody joined in. Even the players. When your best football story, which actually got you published, is about barking at police dogs. When you've been away to York in sub zero temperatures and watched your team lose 3-0. When you've lost to Accrington, away, in the pissing rain. Then and only then, have you truly become a football supporter.
  22. Thrillhouse's Tightarse Thread

    Sitting here starving, wondering if I'm ever going to get my free Big Mac
  23. It's all going to be said by others so there's not much point in me launching into a diatribe. For me the overwhelming defect in the way we play is that it's all done at a snail's pace - and getting slower with every match. At times this evening it looked like Over-50's Walking Football. So many backwards and sideways passes, so many misplaced passes, players requiring 4-5 touches of the ball before passing, and so it goes on and on. Do players really have to look up ten times before they work out where they're going to pass the ball? How can a team come out at home and play like we did in the first 15 minutes? - we were unbelievably lethargic. Other than the disappointments of being a City supporter, the match was a terrible advertisement for football. The refereeing was appalling, and the VAR is a blight on the game. Really pissed off with City at this juncture. So much smug bullshit coming out of the club, but nothing being delivered on the field. The fans are voting with their feet.
  24. Spud of the Match - R8 vs Glory

    Really considering giving this one to Wazza. For all the reasons that the players are to blame for us playing poorly I feel Wazza is to blame for not setting us up to play brilliantly.
  25. Numbers dropping every game. Not even free Big Mac's can make people come. Then again, we have to friggen win to get the Big Mac's!
  26. Rd. 8 vs Perth, Friday 24/11, AAMI Park, 7.50 pm

    And whilst also being a Liverpool fan since the early 00s hasn't been easy, I do understand it could be a lot worse too.
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