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  2. Riots in full swing when troisi scores a 90th minute winner and celebrates in front of them
  3. Its even better when you know it was not yours to begin with.
  4. Just reminded me of
  5. Liked today. Just thought with all these rumours floating about that this doesn't do it any harm at all.
  6. How long ago did he like it? They are socceroos teammates aswell. I just put it down to it being a ripping goal that went viral around the world and he liked it.
  7. Come on mate, I understand that they are close to each other, but let's be honest, if he was staying at MV would he like that post?
  8. TTDIM: finding cash in your pocket from your last night out. Best day of my entire life.
  9. nah brah, its been confirmed
  10. You really want to read something into that? These two guys are so far up themselves that liking each other, whether for real or on-line, is par for the course.
  11. Almost up there with the Helga's Quality bread saga.
  12. That Insta post I put in the other thread certainly makes that very believable. For those who haven't seen it, Troisi clicked 'like' on a vid that Cahill put up of his cracking goal v Victory at Etihad last season.
  13. we are shit, were up 2-1 in the 80's recently and lost 3-2 today were up 3-2 after being down 2-0 to go and lose 4-3 always start the season well and completely fall apart later on
  14. Troisi sighted at Melbourne City
  15. It takes a bit of time to recover from the combined tutelage of JD (Joey) JA and JVS
  16. That's what I thought first too. The Tards fan's heads are going to be exploding at the Derbies lol
  17. Redders was also trash at WSW so it wasn't all Didulica's doing. Getting the best GK coach in the country working with him at Sydney FC may have helped a bit, but he's hardly the bloke you'd want between the sticks if you're planning on being a contender.
  18. we wont win the league with troisi he will want more money than fornaroli and ninkovic. is he worth more than fornaroli? is he worth more than ninkovic? is he as good as fornaroli? is he as good as ninkovic?.
  19. remember when last week he was in israel swinging around a club scarf... this is far from done. i doubt we will offer the money he is asking.
  20. Showed this thread to some Victard supporters and they are not happy, at all. They were pretty pissed with the Timmy announcement last season, but the hate is at another level with Troisi. The rivalry has just stepped up a notch, fun times ahead.
  21. He's coming y'all!!
  22. Happens every season. Just a usual part of the A-League.
  23. I'm not dumb enough to let one off (and I hate when our terrace do it, but credit to them I don't think there was one ripped at a game this season) but I think they look pretty cool. I believe the argument that, done safely, they're a pretty cool element to football, but I would never do one myself UOTYH perhaps?
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