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  2. The name on the back is a hell of a lot more important than the one on the front.
  3. Their number 9 had his shirt on backwards during extra time. Made no sense.
  4. good on ya mooy. Even now he's not being big headed and sticking to the side line for the celebration.
  5. players that wear their shirt back to front after winning something
  7. Mooy you fucking legend! I'm gonna go smash 10 weet-bix to celebrate.
  8. Legitimately good penalty shootout.
  10. In there!!!
  11. Moody buries his pen. That's all I care about Terriers make it fcukenhell!!!!!
  12. Cool as a cucumber there mooy.
  13. We're off to penalties Bloody hell that was hard to watch at times
  14. FFS, Nux vs CCM would have been more entertaining.
  15. Been an absolutely torturously dull match to watch. Reading's slow sideways-passing walking style of possession football without penetration is strangely familiar.
  16. Reading will win on penalties
  17. Brown's miss came straight out of Mifsud's coaching manual
  18. Yeah, the FFA said it couldn't happen (at least any imminent expansion), but clubs are still pushing for it. This is very much shaping up as a winter of discontent.
  19. 0-0 at half time, Huddersfield should definitely be 1 up possibly 2. Brown missed an absolute sitter on about 10 minutes Mooy has been tidy but hasn't got on ball as much as other games, Evans and Williams for them are keeping him close and not allowing him to get the ball facing goal Huddersfield the better side of the 2 so far
  20. I'm probably behind the times, but I thought that the A-League suspended all talk of adding teams a few weeks after suggesting they were looking for bids?
  21. Commentators gave Manchester City and us a shoutout re Mooy's background, the marketing dept will be pleased.
  22. Score a cracker tonight Mooysieee!!!
  23. Most exciting game since our FFA Cup final
  24. more pumped and nervous for this than any city/liverpool game this season
  25. Just finished Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey. I only started it last night and it had me so hooked that despite getting a full nights sleep and working today I still managed to finish it in one day. Absolutely brilliant piece of Australian literature, highly recommend.
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