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  2. Hes actually fairly funny on Have You Been Paying Attention, outside of that I agree.
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  4. TTIM: Justice Kaye. The number of light sentences he hands out and the extent to which they are light sentences is ridiculous. Any criticism of Kaye is highly deserved.
  5. Tbh this is a widely held opinion. I used to do some work for one of the three MPs so I'm bias in this instance. I see it as a freedom of speech issue more than anything else
  6. But if true we get our own Albanian, let me think of some gypsy chants we can sing for him.
  7. ok Kilkenny Brattan if some form of previous self, when at Brisbane was the best # 6 in the A league Malik ( Backup) Tongyik , IMO this is where he should play CB is where we need the quality Visa, plus a real # 10
  8. Spot on JW, that's what I was hinting at.
  9. Fair Enough, SMH Article said hes likely to spend 12 months on the sidelines and return in latter part of 17/18 season while A league article says the severity of his injury is unknown. Just hope he isn't rushed backed too early and re-injuries it.
  10. I thought Genreau was an AM? And he's only just turned 18 anyway. And I rate Malik as just about the weakest link in our entire squad. Kilkenny is our only quality DM. The club has never disclosed just how serious the injury was or the nature of the surgery that he had. It may not have been a full rupture.
  11. Few People saying he will be ready for start of the season based on something that was on his Instagram apparently. I thought ACLs usually take 12 months to recover.
  12. Yeah that's only one player, who else?
  13. As long as the sausage stand is running at full productivity levels at round 1, im there.
  14. Our last Ian Ramsay player of the year medal winner
  15. Who are our other defensive midfielders? Brattan doesn't defend and hasn't been signed. And we do need to bolster and harden up defensively.
  16. Ergys Ka├že ???? as if we need another defensive midfielder
  17. One positive from this is that all you lads now have my twitter, so follow me if you want
  18. The double handed backhand was a dead giveaway.
  19. A full red kit is sheer fantasy. Wont happen. It's like getting a balanced squad before round 1.
  20. Something like this would be decent I think. Mind my average Photoshop skills
  21. UOTYH: Ministers of the Commonwealth Government being criticised for voicing their opinions on sentences being given in our courts. At least these Ministers have been elected by the voters of their electorates as members of the Commonwealth Parliament. Judges haven't been elected by anyone - just appointed. If they don't like the heat then they should get out of the kitchen. It's becoming impossible for anyone in this country to voice an opinion on anything without being taken to task. Ridiculous.
  22. In for test cricket tours to Dublin! Not quite so sure about Kabul...
  23. Probably has more credibility than SBS.
  24. Fuck. Well played. How did you know it was me?
  25. Dude sharing your own tweet doesn't make it any more credible
  26. our listen count can confirm this.
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