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  2. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    TTDIM : feeling like a really top bloke when you give your Uber driver a 5 star rating.
  3. Stefan Mauk

    Relax guys Mauk is making way for our world wide scouting teams latest discovery... Jeremy Brockie.
  4. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Make sense. He's got far more loyalty to Adelaide than he ever did with us. Not surprised and especially when we have Jamo.
  5. Memberships

    Stevo gave me 20% discount. So ours has gone up by $5? Pretty sure my bro paid $60 and the season before was a bargain at $40.
  6. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Shame we've lost the bit for Goodwin to Adelaide
  7. The FFA Management thread

    Just wait until they introduce transfer fees.... imagine the rules!
  8. The FFA Management thread

    But surely it makes more sense to just allow any sort of loan! This restricted format is simply retarded. let the market function for FFS. That alone will create opportunities.
  9. Stefan Mauk

    Bloody well hope so. All we're seeing so far is departures. But then, City keep everything well under wraps unless and until it has actually happened.
  10. Stefan Mauk

  11. Stefan Mauk

    Let's just say I know the answer to that question as well as imtellingyou knows whether there are better players of his age group within the aleague.
  12. Stefan Mauk

    Article said the Dutch team gave us the first offer but we declined to take him. Tells me that though he did a job for us, we have something better in the works.
  13. Stefan Mauk

    Is there anyone else in the A League born on that day?
  14. Stefan Mauk

    @bt50 @Embee @Imtellingyou is right. I could not find a player that was born on the 12th of October 1995 that is better than him in the aleague. Should do everything to keep.
  15. Memberships

    Adelaide have announced cheaper memberships. For example, their Adult GA is now $258 per season (next season 14 matches). Ours is $290 per season (next season 13 matches). Not much in it, but I guess every little helps. On the other hand their Child GA is $70 and ours $65. Swings and roundabouts.
  16. Stefan Mauk

  17. Stefan Mauk

  18. Stefan Mauk

    There are no better players of his age available in the league. The fact is no one likes to play for the currently managed team.
  19. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Goodwin back to Adelaide. $1m over 3 years
  20. Daniel Arzani

    Lol yeah
  21. Daniel Arzani

    You touch on a very good point. If you or anyone else is interested, have a listen to this recent FNR podcast where Branko Culinary touches on this very thing about players playing with freedom, bravery and how football society holds them back. https://soundcloud.com/fnr_footballnationradio/fnr_football-the-pioneers-with-branko-culina-24-may-2018
  22. Daniel Arzani

    I couldn't get over people bashing the kid for saying he wanted to nutmeg paul pogba. Sums up everything that is wrong with football support in Australia. Anyone, let alone a 19 year old kid, is jumped on if they take a risk or show some ambition or excitement. We are so negative to watch in the national team, this kid is the only interesting thing about our team (obviously besides seeing Mooy destroy everyone).
  23. Daniel Arzani

  24. Daniel Arzani

    Just watched it. Classic Arzani - once he's running at them no-one can touch him. Just has to play.
  25. Daniel Arzani

    The going down easy stuff that makes him harshly judged in the A League by refs will be nothing at the WC. I'm convinced he goes tbh, he has a couple of weapons that no other player in the Aus squad has. IMO he'll feature in all three games.
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