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  2. I still think joyce will remain at City next season but not as first team coach
  3. sent one to the membership department 2 weeks ago and no response
  4. UEFA Champions League

    pep's a fraud
  5. Talking City Fan Channel

    Quality banter re Croydon.
  6. Talking City Fan Channel

    You bastards crack me up! Who would have thought a podcast about a batshit boring club could be so funny! ps Croydon is definitely not on the moon and the sledging was very much deserved.
  7. RD 26. V Welly Away Sun 21st Apr 5pm (AEST)

    So if we play well any chance that some nutter on the board of Wellington will come in for a big dollar offer for Wazza?
  8. No idea but if Joffa is out get Bon Jovi to hand back his number 1 ticket
  9. We need Mark Rudan

    A very cleverly written article, that. Approved by lawyers for sure. Subtle genius. Join the dots and you may find that the word ''unrelated'' is misplaced. As you are meant to
  10. Does he still come to games? Haven't seen him for a very long time.
  11. You know what will really make the club take notice? If Joffa publicly quits active
  12. Personally I'd offer Dario a new contract as long as it was sub 100k. I think he's useful, and versatile enough to have as a squaddie that can cover any position in the front four if injuries strike. That's probably a 150k paycut though, so whether or not he'd accept it is another thing entirely. For me I'd like to see us stock up on 7-8 guns, then fill the rest of the squad with talented youth, peppered with a couple of cheapish squaddies. I reckon the uncertainty around what the cap is going to do next season might be playing a part in contract negotiations too fwiw.
  13. If they did, they are dumber than I thought not to know what the reaction would be. 'Step right up! Step right up! The circus is in town.' Gold. Can the actives make this into a banner.
  14. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    If one watches other A-league matches then can see that none of NPL strikers can score. Gap is too big. Give it a break, as club do.
  15. Just saving on flight tickets, hence the early omitters.
  16. I hope not too. But if Dario goes, doesn't Rado throw a tanty and leave as well? Collectively I see these fringe journeyman A-League players as contributing not very much and I guess that they aren't on the minimum wage either. We pour a lot of money into an Academy and I think that's where we should source the additional players for the seniors. They at least have a chance of improving. They're willing to try things out and provide a bit of excitement for us.
  17. Have unleashed in an email to the club. Hope they get the picture.
  18. RD 26. V Welly Away Sun 21st Apr 5pm (AEST)

    Agree. I know Vidosic has an option on a third year, so hopefully that isn’t triggered. La Rocca has done his job but for that 4th spot, we might as well throw Portelli or Graham in there.
  19. Would need a huge upgrade to meet FFA requirements on below-decks facilities. Why should FFA/A-League/A-League clubs subsidise such an upgrade when they can rent one down in Geelong for two seasons?
  20. IMO fringe players no longer required. I'd rather see youth than this sort of player. Bye-bye at the end of the season.
  21. Knights stadium would be to have upgraded and up for use. The infrastructure is already there. Having played there myself it could work well with an upgrade
  22. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Reno Piscopo (20 yr old) could be good, play's in Serie C in Italy as a number 10. Panos Armenakas, Panathiniakos in the Greek league. RW.
  23. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    rather give liam boland a go. hes actually a great striker at avondale, proven in the ffa cup (socred two against sydney). Would join Kaine sheppard and Elvis Kamsoba that have gone from avo in the past two seasons. Big guy, great with his feet why not.
  24. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Brown studies at latrobe and does work with City in the Community still. If he was going to be signed up it would've happened already.
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